Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 MLS Cup Wild Card Schedule

This is the first year I am going to try this, but I will be live blogging the entire MLS Cup this year, although given I do not get FSC and will probably be relying on some pirated online streams, I can't guarantee how much success I will have.  Announcers will be added to the schedule once I receive confirmation official confirmation from somewhere (looking ahead, I can confirm that working Leg 1 of the Philadelphia Union-Houston Dynamo Conference semifinal series will be Rob Stone and Taylor Twellman).  The format for this unfamiliar is needlessly complex.  The below wild card teams are ranked 1-4 in the order they finished (1 being best, 4 the worst). The wild card round is one game single elimination.  The highest seeded winner will move to the Eastern Conference and face Sporting Kansas City in the Eastern Conference Semifinal (yes, Western Conference teams such as Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas can play in the Eastern Conference playoffs, same with Eastern Conference teams New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew playing in the Western Conference playoffs; don't ask why).  The lowest seeded wild card winner will move to the Western Conference Semifinals and face Los Angeles Galaxy.  I think at this point, it is for the best to just leave you with the wild card schedule.  I will explain how the Conference Semifinals work once we get there.  This is MLS we are talking about.  Nothing can be simple.  (all times ET)

October 26
#4 New York Red Bulls vs. #1 FC Dallas  9:00 (FSC) (TSN2)

October 27
#3 Columbus Crew vs. #2 Colorado Rapids  10:00 (TSN2)

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