Saturday, October 31, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 18 Live Blog

Game 3: Yankees @ Phillies 7:57 (Pettitte, 14-8 vs. Hamels, 10-11) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

And Now A Message From My New Sponsor

Yes, there will be a live blog tonight, but before we get things started, I would like to am contractually obliged to pass on this brief word from my new sponsor. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this Public Service Announcement from my new sponsor, FAGS.

The good news: despite being pulverized, the FAGS have been able to revive Cole Hamels and he is still a go for tonight's World Series Game 3 to be played in the rain at Citizens Bank Park. Despite the percicitation in Philly, there is one glaring difference between tonight's Game 3 and the World Series games last year in Philly: it's 20 degrees warmer. Autumn in eastern Pennsylvania.....there's nothing like it.

And remember, avoid random grenades. They're for pussies!

Jimmy Rollins Has Some Choice Words For Yankee "Fans"

The series may be 1-1, but after last night's game, Jimmy Rollins PWN3D every Yankee fan there was. Via Fanhouse

"I was expecting some of that [Philadelphia rowdiness] here," Rollins said early Friday morning, after a 3-1 Yankees victory tied the series 1-1, "but it was very tame and civilized, really.

"You only had one big cheer, and that was on home runs."

"I was expecting some of that [Philadelphia rowdiness] here, but it was very tame and civilized, really."
-- Jimmy Rollins on the Yankee Stadium crowd Rollins was asked if this feels "more like a World Series" than last year's Series with Tampa Bay.

"When we get to Philly, it will," he said.

Because the atmosphere will be so different?

Jimmy Rollins 1, Yankee fans 0.

While you never know with Fox's audio, that crowd in games 1 and 2 did seem more like a regular season crowd than a World Series crowd. And while I hate to make a sweeping generalization by saying that the Steinbrenners outpriced the screaming diehards, that seems to me exactly what happened. Nonetheless, if the Yankees want to get mad at Rollins for this, they can, but he is right, when this thing goes to Philly the atmosphere will be at an entirely different level regardless of the weather conditions, and Yankee fans have no one to blame but themselves for, regardless of the outcome of the series, being shown off and outclassed by Phillies fans.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Empire State Of Mind

Seeing as it's a Friday night and I'm bored with nothing to do, I figured I would tell a story or 2 from my New York trip. The relevence to sports, you ask, one of my mentees thinks there is a chance she is related to Chad Henne.

It started with a horrible night sleep last night. Everything possible woke me up and got no more than 2 hours of straight sleep. Ultimately, I was up at 5:45 for the bus to leave at 6:30 dark and early in the morning.

On the bus, I was really zoned out and day dreaming. Not sleeping, not watching the movie just zoned out. So zoned out that I did not hear, see, or smell the mentee 3 rows behind me throwing up in the aisle way. The funnier part: the guy across from me, who albeit had headphones on and was listening to music, also did not hear, see, or smell this when it happened. Very odd.

After 3 hours in a bus, we eventually get to the concrete jungles of New York City. Our first stop: the United Nations. We are there early and have some time to chill so we chill. Then the tour starts. And as the tour goes on, the mentee who was sick on the bus gets even sicker. So much so that she ended up in a chair passing out.

They took her to the UN emergency room (they have a UN emergency room; who knew) and the rest of us were just forced to wait. Now we had this day all planned out with everything scheduled at specific times. Not only was the health of one of our mentees in jeopardy, but now our schedule, including a non-changable reservable dinner at 4:00 PM was also in deep doo-doo. After an extended period of waiting, we eventually end up deciding to leave the sick mentee with the professor (he shall be referred to as Luke from here on out in this story) in charge of the trip so that we can continue. One of the co-mentors tracked down Luke in the emergency room, got the tickets, and off we went to Ellis Island.

We get there, pick up our pre-paid tickets and are about to get in line for the ferry when all of a sudden we see Luke.

"Luke!!! How did you get here??"

In retrospect, that's about as dumb a question as asking a woman how old she is or how much she weighs. It's New York, how else would he get from point A to point B so quick. But I was thinking if we were lucky, we would catch up with Luke and the sick mentee at dinner. Instead, we run into them both at Ellis Island. Apparently they left 20 minutes after we did, but we have a really slow bus or something so they were able to catch up. And yes, she was feeling better. I don't know what they gave to her, but it worked.

Regardless, this did throw us off. Our ferry was scheduled to leave Ellis Island at 1:00 but we missed that one by a half hour. Instead we waited for seemingly forever for the next ferry. This took so long that right away, we realized that our dinner reservation at 4:00 was fucked up. I'm not even sure if we could have not gotten off the ferry period at Ellis Island and just took a round boat trip and still gotten back on the bus and back to the city in time for NYC. The program coordinator of the group (he who shall be known as Jesus from here on out; English pronounciation) called them several times and they could not move our reservation later to 4:30. Eventually it had just gotten to the point where we decided to cancel. Keep in mind, all this is on the ferry to Ellis Island. We were at the Liberty Island stop forever as 3,000 people got on and off the ferry, respectively.

Jesus calls the place we were supposed to be eating and decide to cancel, thus ensuring that we will be billed a $100 cancellation fee. And then, out of nowhere, Jesus announces that they can fit us in at 5:00! Amazing.

So we get to Ellis Island and go see if we can locate our ancestors. Sadly, I did not know enough to weed out everyone else with the same name as my relatives so I was unsuccessful. We meet back at 4:00 to catch a 4:20 ferry. We wait.....we wait......and we wait. No ferry. The ferry eventually comes at 4:25, but that's just it. We were told it would leave 5 minutes before that. Problem with the restaurant! We know there is no way we can get to that restaurant in time.

We get on the ferry, call them, tell them we are going to be late, they give poor Jesus hell (not that I blame them, mind you). We get there at around 5:30 and procede to enjoy more food than most of us have ever seen in our entire lives. And we were all starving as well seeing as our food had thus far consisted of donuts and a couple snacks.

Afterwards, we got back on the bus and headed know. Yep, that's my day in New York City. I hope I did not bore you too much, but I figured that those that like stories of strange days would enjoy it.

I'll have some pictures eventually if you care to see them.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Series Is Tied

Pedro Martinez was good. A.J. Burnett, Mariano Rivera, and the New York Yankees were better.

In a game that starred the outside strike zone as much as the actual players themselves, the Yankees were able to beat the Phillies in a similar fashion to what the Phillies did to the Yankees in Game 1. After Matt Stairs got the go-ahead RBI, A.J. Burnett clamped down and did not allow the Phillies to come close to scoring again. Of the 22 batters he faced tonight, he threw 21 first pitch strikes. Credit to Burnett, a lot of people doubted him in this game and his past against the Phillies, but he was aggressive and came through big time for him. Shockingly, Tim McCarver just summed this game up best. Just like CC Sabathia was just not as good as Cliff Lee was, Pedro Martinez was just not as good as A.J. Burnett was. Do not look past the fact that the Phillies got the split in New York. They need that. That was absolutely vital. But it's on to Philly now.

Enough about Game 2 and moving on to Game 3. This is now the big game. Cole Hamels has struggled mightily this post-season. Andy Pettitte is Andy Pettitte. If Cole Hamels cannot get his act together, the Phillies are in deep shit as there is little doubt that Pettitte will be on top of his. In order for the Phillies to win, they are going to have to jack up Pettitte's pitch count, hope Hamels can miraculously channel his inner 2008-self, and then let it become a battle of the bull pens and hope that they can win that. The good news is that Rivera just had a 6-out save where he threw quite a number of pitches so it is unlikely, although not impossible, that he will make a game 3 appearance. The Phillies need to use that to their advantage. Rivera is nearly impossible to get to so any game they are going to have to win will be in a game that he does not pitch. They need to get the edge. Pettitte is on the mound, it is unlikely it will be a dominant offensive performance. Hamels is pitching for the Phillies. It is unlikely that we'll get a dominant pitching performance. Thus it is vital the Phillies get to the Yankees pen and win it late otherwise this series is in big trouble. Never in his career has Cliff Lee pitched on short rest. Always in his career Joe Blanton facing the Yankees does not end well for one Mr. Blanton.

The bottom line is if that the Phillies can't win Game 3, and I do have my doubts whether or not they can win this game, it is big time advantage and momentum for the Yankees. My thought process was if the Phillies are to win this series in 5 games, the game they would concede to the Yankees would be the Pettitte-Hamels Game 3 matchup. I thought for sure the Phils could rough up Burnett. They did not. They need to rough up Pettitte and it is 10 times harder to rough up Pettitte than Burnett.

Phils need to do their best against Pettitte, hope Hamels pitch the game of their life, and hope that that is good enough to get to a winnable bullpen battle. If that does not happen, then I do not see how this series does not end up being 2-1 New York.

MLB Playoffs Day 17 Live Blog

If last night's game was the showdown, this game is the unpredictable drama. This game could end 1-0 or 11-10. While theoretically that applies to all games, this game will truly be unpredictable. The way I see it, with the exception of the clinching game, I don't see a scenario where this is not the most memorable game of this series. It's Pedro Martinez's return to Yankee Stadium as he takes on the only pitcher who can pitch an 8-walk no-hitter, A.J. Burnett. Once again, I ask, are you ready?

Game 2: Phillies @ Yankees 7:57 (Martinez, 5-1 vs. Burnett, 13-9) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Enjoy the game and leave comments!

The Book Of AA

Sorry for the dearth of posts over the past couple days, but I'm knee deep in perhaps the biggest and hardest paper I have ever written and I'll probably be that way over the next week and a half.

Anyway, I was not going to do a post other than the live blog today, but when I went to Keith's Sports Journal, I stumbled upon something so awesome, that it just has to be on here. I'm not a huge NBA fan, so I probably won't read Bill Simmons new book, The Book of Basketball, but anytime one of my favorite bloggers is mentioned in a footnote in the book, you know it's going to get posted here. From Keith's Sports Journal.

So last night after the Sharks shootout win against the Kings, I decided to do some reading before I went to bed. I picked up Simmons book and continued to read about how the NBA go to this point. At this point of the book Simmons starts talking about how former NBA legends became broadcasters and how horrible they were.

Simmons was talking about Oscar Robertson in particular. At the end of the paragraph about Robertson's broadcasting career, there is a number to one of Simmons' footnotes. So I look down to read the footnote and it said this.......

57"It's really a shame that dude who runs "Awful Announcing" blog wasn't around back then."

This footnote appears on page 117, chapter 3 of Simmons book.

Yep, Brian and his blog Awful Announcing makes an appearance in Simmons new book. Have to love how Simmons called Brian that dude, like he's a character from The Big Lebowski.
Now that's just awesome!

The funny part is that I'm not even fully sure if AA is aware of it. He's yet to put a post up.

Too funny!

Well, seeing as my bus is leaving at 6:30 tomorrow morning, I will hit the shower now and I'll have all the stuff for the live blog after I'm all nice and clean.

I know.....I know....way TMI.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cliff Lee Cracks Up Tim McCarver

What a dominating performance by Cliff Lee and the Phillies.

He may have lost the shutout in the 9th, but that does not change the fact that he is the fucking man! And he also knows how to make Tim McCarver laugh like a girl.

6-1 Phils win Game 1. They lead the World Series 1 games to 0. They have at the very least achieved the much needed split in the Bronx. What will happen next is anybody's guess, but the drama will be in town tomorrow night as Pedro Martinez makes will once again pitch in Yankee Stadium against his former team's biggest rival.

Tonight was fun, join us once again for the live blog tomorrow night. Unlike today, the weather is supposed to be clear through the day and night. And as we all know, weather people never lie!

MLB Playoffs Day 16 Live Blog

It's finally time to start the World Series!!! Who will take Round 1 of what is sure to be a battle at New Yankee Stadium? Join us for the live blog and help control my nervous energy.

Game 1: Phillies @ Yankees 7:57 (Lee, 14-13 vs. Sabathia, 19-8) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Enjoy the game and leave comments!

Weather Forecast For Game 1

Much is being made about the weather forecast today in New York and the fact that it is raining all day. The keyword there, being day. The forecast, believe it or not, is looking fine for tonight (as we all know, weather people never lie) and fine in time for a 7:57 PM first pitch. Of course, things can change, but here is a screenshot of the hourly in NYC courtesy of taken at 1:43 PM ET today.

It's not exactly a perfect summer night, but hey, it's the World Series in New York, I'm pretty sure dry weather at night time is all MLB wants.

We are approaching 6 hours away from the first pitch, but for now, here's a FARN! exclusive. What I have uncovered is never before seen footage of Susan Finkelstein hours before she posted her prostitution ad on Craigslist for World Series tickets. The first 2 minutes are the part that is relevent for this.

As If Some Of Today's World Series Coverage Could Not Get Any Worse.... just has. From prostitutes to Dennis Werth to what Phillie females find most attractive on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News to Shane Victorino in a badly photoshopped skirt on the New York Post, we've seen it all today. And now, we're about to see some more. I present to you, a Canadian newspaper showing off it's vast knowledge of the Phillies and a Fox Sports poll that you will never believe!

Do I really need to comment on this?

Surprising roster moves and more (The Fightins)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Want World Series Tickets? Then Become A Prostitute!

Over the course of history, there have been many interesting stories of people getting tickets to the World Series. Some of them have been successful. Others have failed, epicly. This story falls into the latter category. After all, what can possibly go wrong by literally selling yourself on Craigslist for World Series tickets? Well, this can. From

According to investigators, [Susan] Finkelstein posted an ad on the website Craigslist that read:

"Diehard Phillies fan--gorgeous tall buxom blonde-- in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable--- I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!"

After that ad was posted an undercover officer from Bensalem, Pa. responded and, police say, Finkelstein offered to perform various sex acts in exchange for World Series tickets.

Finkelstein wouldn''t come to her door on Tuesday, but she was on her computer. She posted a message saying she's, quote: "wondering about the integrity of our police."

Action News has learned that she's also on the internet with her husband, offering to have sex with strangers. Finkelstein has posted on websites for swingers offering "anything goes for fun and sex."

That's not illegal, but police say she crossed the line when she offered sex in return for something of value. about desperation. Nonetheless, quite hilarious. I know people are very anxious to see the Phillies bang some in the World Series agianst the Yankees, but offering yourself to get banged is not quite the way to do it.

Wow......the irony in the last part of the last sentence was totally coincidental that I only realized after I typed it.

Your 2009 World Series Schedule

I meant to mention this right after the Yankees won the ALCS, but forgot about it for the time. Remember Jim Karol the Psychic Madman, the guy whose show I saw in the middle of September and I told you he predicted the World Series and the Super Bowl. I already told you his NL East pick was the Phillies. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his pick to be the AL representative was in fact the New York Yankees. I shit you not. Karol hit the nail right on the head, especially during a time in September when the Phillies were slumping and it looked like would be unlikely to get to this point. As far as his Super Bowl pick, that is not looking as well, especially seeing as one of his picks was on the bad end of one of Sunday's big blowouts. The other was a victor in one of the (relatively) close games of the week.


We are practically 25 hours away from the start of the World Series in the Bronx. With that and the announcement from Charlie Manual that Pedro Martinez will be starting Game 2, here is the schedule for the 2009 World Series. (all times eastern)

Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Game 1: Phillies 6-1
Game 2: Yankees 3-1
Game 3: Yankees 8-5
Game 4: Yankees 7-4
Game 5: Phillies 8-6
Game 6: Yankees 7-3
New York wins the series 4-2.

Some notable roster changes from the LCS series. The Phillies are taking out a bat and and adding an arm by dropping Miguel Cairo and adding the classiest Phillie of them all, Brett Myers to the roster. The Yankees on the other hand, are thinking ahead to the NL rules games played in Philly by dropping Freddy Guzman, mainly a pinch runner, and adding Eric Hinske, who was on the receiving end of this strikeout, the last of the 2008 World Series.

The weather in New York tomorrow is looking rainy during the day, but as of now (and we all know that weather people never lie!), it's going clear up over the course of the night so while it looks like there could be a possible delay, with the forecast that I am looking at, I would be shocked if we don't have baseball tomorrow. Then again, I would not be shocked if for better or for worse, this forecast changed.

Unless there is a postponement in game 1 or 2 and a game is scheduled for Friday, I will be live blogging every game of this series. And hell, I may still be around on Friday, that will depend on what time I get back from my own trip to NYC.

Phillies, Yankees, are you ready?

Who Is This Dennis Werth Fellow That You Speak So Fondly Of, Keith Olbermann?

You would think that a self-professed baseball historian and someone who is currently writing a blog for would be very familiar with the names of the key players for the teams in the World Series, especially if said Phillie was the key player in Game 5 of the NLCS and an all-star this year. Even if their step-father was a former major leaguer in the late 70s and early 80s, partly with the New York Yankees. Easy to tell apart, right? Not for Keith Olbermann, who somehow managed to confuse the two in a blog entry for, not once but twice. Here's the screenshot. (click for larger)

Sheer idiocy.

And it hardly seems likely that he just accidentally typed "Dennis" instead of "Jayson" because he was identifying his father, look down at the tags. He tagged "Dennis Werth" instead of "Jayson Werth". What a moron.

It truly is amazing at how someone can fuck up something that's as basic as the name of one of the star players in the World Series, and confusing him with his father WHO ONLY PLAYED FOR 4 YEARS, THE LAST OF THOSE BEING IN THE EARLY '80S!!! But it's Keith Olbermann, the master of the on-air fuck ups, so I guess I really should not be as surprised as I am.

Although kudos to him, as I'm pretty sure he is the only person alive that remembers the playing days of Dennis Werth. Then again, there's a good chance that someone from Media Matters handed Keith that info ahead of time.....

Big Mac, big mistake (The Baseball Nerd)
Keith Olbermann thinks the key to a Phillies upset is Dennis Werth (The Fightins)

Are The Yankees And Their Fans Underestimating The Phillies?

If you are a fan of the New York Post, you would probably think that the series was already over. Yankee fans have a reputation for being cocky and confident and boy oh boy, do they ever ooze that in this New York Post article.

"The Yankees are going to make Philly cream cheese out of them," a confident Tommy Bayiokos, 44, predicted yesterday in Midtown.

"Philly fans are a bunch of whiners and should learn how to dress. They should try reading GQ."

Living up to their second-class billing going into the start of the Fall Classic tomorrow, the Phils arrived in New York yesterday -- by train.

The less-than-grand entrance triggered a flood of invective from the Yankee faithful.

"Bleacher Bums get a bad rap," said Tanner McLoud, 42, of Long Island. "But if you've ever been to the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, you'd realize just how much worse Phillies fans are.

"You can't go to a game without getting booze thrown at you!"

"I don't have hate for Philly exactly -- they are like our redheaded stepchild," he said.

"It's like a nothing city. It's just insignificant in comparison to New York."

Another Yankee fan, Laura Nidelle, 24, insists the Yuengling-slinging rubes in Philly are uncultured and uninteresting -- and go to bed too early.

"I briefly lived in Philadelphia and I couldn't wait to get out," the Brooklyn writer said. "Their fans are whiners, the food is lousy and there is nothing to do.

"New York is all about being on top, with no excuses -- just like the Yankees."
I can hear in the back of my mind now all of the pathetic excuses made if the Yankees had to pitch CC Sabathia in Game 7, won that one, and then lost the World Series. Don't get me wrong, though, how it is now is exactly how I want this series.

I definitley think it would be a mistake to underestimate the Phillies. Just look at the Phillies last year. Everyone in Philly did not think they had a prayer and look at how it ended up. I can't say for sure that the Phillies will or won't win this series; the Yankees are a formidable opponent, who, unlike the Yankees of earlier this decade, have geled together and are playing as a cohesive team unit. My prediction is that this thing will go a minimum if 6, and frankly, I'm not going to even venture a guess as to who will win. One thing is for sure, though. The Phillies and the Yankees will be a World Series that you will never forget.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Your NFL Week 8 Schedule

That may have been one of the ugliest Eagles wins I have ever seen in my life. JeMarcus Campbell and Brady McNabb put up an award winning performance of suckitude that should make Seth Rogen feel good about himself.

Moving on....this may very well be one of the most exciting and intriguing Sundays I have seen in quite some time. Basically, except to check out some FNIA highlights or if I feel like killing downtime during halftime of a select couple of football games, my TV will be on Fox from 12 noon to 12 midnight and who knows, maybe beyond. Fox has the NFL doubleheader, which for me includes at 1 PM ET, the Eagles taking on the New York Giants. Then at 4:15, it's Brett Favre's return to Lambeau for the first time since leaving the Pack in the what will be billed here (and most likely elsewhere in the blogosphere) as Favre Bowl II. Thom Brennaman is doing this game. If I were Fox, I would have medics in the booth stat for chances are, he'll have popped 2-hours before the game even starts. In other words, an emergency trip to the hospital will be needed for Mr. Brennaman once the 3rd quarter starts. Oh yeah, Game 4 of the World Series is this Sunday. You know, with the Phillies!

So, without further ado, here is your Week 8 NFL schedule! Are you ready? Here we go!

Map of who gets what CBS game.

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets 1:00 (CBS - Jim Nantz and Phil Simms)
Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens 1:00 (CBS - Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf)
Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears 1:00 (CBS - Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots)
Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills 1:00 (CBS - Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon)

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers 4:05 (CBS - Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans 4:05 (CBS- Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker)

Map of who gets what Fox early game.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 (Fox - Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa)
Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys 1:00 (Fox - Dick Stockton and Charles Davis)
San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts 1:00 (Fox - Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan)
St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions 1:00 (Fox - Ron Pitts and John Lynch)

Map of who gets what Fox late game.

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers 4:15 (Fox - Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman)
Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals 4:15 (Fox - Chris Myers and Brian Billick)

Monday Night Football
Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints 8:30 (ESPN - Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden)

Wow. I just realized that all of our teams are playing at 1:00 ET this Sunday. 49er16's Niners, Mookie's Seahawks, kt's Ravens, and my Eagles. And I'm sure Al's Deadskins would be playing at 1 as well if they did not have a bye and were not on the west coast.

This Sunday should be one fun weekend all culminating with the aforementioned Game 4 of the World Series, so I hope you will join us all as the live blog will be back with a vengeance!

Monday Night Football LIve Blog

Is right over here, and here, and even here.

So join myself, an Eagles fan, 12StepDrop and AA, 2 Redskins fans, and the rest of the usual gang for the live blog. See you there!

Bob Griese Likes Stereotyping!

If you have not seen this video by now or at the very least heard about this story, then I'm pretty sure you have been living under a rock the past few days. I bring this up now for the actual video and itself and my opinion of it, and because someone completely unrelated to sports said something just like Griese did. Anyway, here is the video in case you have not seen it.

"Where is Juan Pablo Montoya?" - Spielman
"Is he out having a taco?" - Griese

Good times!

Bob Griese did apologize twice for this remark, once at the end of the football game, the other later in the afternoon before the primetime games.

There are some people out there calling for Griese's firing and/or suspension. I will make my view right here and now clear and perfectly stated with no uncertain terms. That is complete, and utter bullshit. The worse part about what he said is that Montoya is Columbian, not Mexican.

Other than that he made a bad stereotypical joke, his first offense from what we know, and that's that. If he was suspended or fired, then to avoid a double standard, for every bad slightly stereotypical joke that an announcer made, they would have to be treated at the same. And if this happened, frankly, there would be no one left in the business. He apologized twice on the air and this belongs in the exact same category as Tony Kornheiser's laundry joke from 2 years ago, the incident most related to this kind. Bad Mexican stereotype over ESPN's airwaves. Was he fired? Was he suspended? The answer: no.

It was a bad joke, yes, and something worthy of an apology, yes. It's not like Griese has a prior record of saying things like that, it's just one of those instances where you say something you don't mean to say or it just comes out the wrong way. Sometimes people say things that they regret as soon as they say it and they know it was bad right when they say it. I've done it 1,000 times in my life and will probably do it 10,000 more times before I am laid to rest. Griese apologized, and that should be the end of the story. It's not like he said the "s" word that demeans Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Just a stereotype based on food. He apologized twice. That's enough for me and I am slightly disheartened that some people that are not even of Mexican decent have taken this thing way too far.

Now the reason I bring this up, my professor today was showing us how to use Windows Movie Maker and he was demonstrating by using pictures from his recent trip to Mexico. He finished things off my adding some Mexican music and after we viewed his demo right as class was over, he made the off the cuff remark of "all of a sudden I'm in the mood for a taco." Everyone laughed, I don't think anyone was offended, and that was that. Regardless it made me think of Griese and how people have unrightfully called for his firing or suspension over something like this.

And I'll just say this, you better learn to be angry about this forever or completely forget about it because Griese will not be suspended and he damn sure won't be fired. You got your apology, now move on with your life.

Update: Oof. It appears as if I have been slightly misguised. Bob Griese has been suspended.......(are you ready for this whopper? I'm about to be shown the error of my horribly misguide ways; heck for this misguidance, you'll probably think I deserve to be suspended from blogging) for 1 WHOLE GAME!. That's it. Personally, I think that that's too much, but with a lot of unwarranted backlash toward the comment, I guess I can see why ESPN would make such a move. But like I said above, not only did Griese apologize twice, but now he has been suspended for 1 game. If any one is still angry over this, then I'm sorry, but you need to settle down and think about how you would feel if you were in the booth and you let something like that slip. I highly doubt you'll feel that it is justified for you to be fired over one slip of the tongue that to some was probably innocuous.

Griese suspended 1 game for Montoya remark (


That's because it's official, the Phillies will play the Yankees in the 2009 World Series!


They got it done in 6. They did not need to waste Sabathia. No excuses. It will be the Phillies best versus the Yankees best in what has the possibilty of being a legendary World Series, certainly the biggest, most star-studded World Series that I can ever recall. Just listen to these names: Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Pedro Martinez, the 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, A-Rod, Texiera, Sabathia, Pettitte.

I'm ready. I'm pumped. PHILLIES!!! YANKEES!!!

If the Phillies can somehow pull this one off and win it, regardless of how it goes down, it will be a part of Philadelphia sports lore forever. If you thought last year's World Series was big, believe me, this one is bigger. The last one broke the curse. This one will leave an unfathomable imprint on Philadelphia forever.

We are 68 hours away from the first pitch. Are you ready?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 15 Open Thread

Game on tonight! Will the Phillies be playing the Yankees or will there be a Game 7? Here's your vitals and yes, the weather is nice in New York today. Just ask Joe Buck.

Game 6: Angels @ Yankees 7:57 (Saunders, 16-7 vs. Pettitte, 14-8) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Enjoy the game and leave comments!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 14 Open Thread

I would live blog this game if it was not for the fact that I am currently in the school's library working on a project where I need software only available on the university computers. Oh well, this is the small price I pay for staying up last night to watch and celebrate your 2009 NL champion Philadelphia Phillies. And if there is one sentiment about baseball here in Philly other than "WOOT!!! WE'RE NL CHAMPIONS FOR THE 2ND STRAIGHT YEAR!" it's "BRING ON THE YANKEES!!!"

Yankees @ Angels 7:57 (Burnett, 13-9 vs. Lackey, 11-8) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Chris Myers and Ken Rosenthal)

Epic Fail Rioting: 2009 NLCS Championship Edition

I never understood the fun of a shitload of drunks going out in the street after a championship and rioting and doing supremely stupid stuff that could get them arrested and/or them or somebody else killed, but that happens all the time in every city after a championship and when it fails, it's a riot in it of itself. For example, these 2 videos from last night. There's something to be said about the idiocy of a guy who humps a tree, a guy who pole dances on a traffic light, and the uber-moron who thinks that it is a good idea to jump on a taxi cab as it is stopped at a red light. Check out these two videos from The Fightins.

Too funny! If ever the tag "stupid things stupid people do when they are stupidly drunk" applied directly to a situation, it's here and now.

If I come across any more, I'll be sure to add them in this post.

Buck Martinez Greatly Enjoyed This Year's Yankees-Red Sox NLCS

As if the idiocy in the booth was not great enough on TBS this year, Buck Martinez had this whopper during the post game celebration. You would think that after a 5-game series is over, that an announcer, no matter how bad of an announcer they are, doing commentary for all 5 games would at least know what 2 teams are playing in the NLCS. Better yet, you would think that minutes after calling the game, that he would at leasdt know which team won the NLCS. Well apparently that does not apply to TBS analyst Buck Martinez. Via The Fightins.

Supreme idiocy. Seriously, Buck? The mother fucking Yankees and the Red Sox? They're not even in the NLCS!!! Heck, they're not even in the NL!!!! And the Red Sox are not even in the playoffs! I understand brain farts happen but good grief, that's about as dumb of a slip up as you will ever hear in all of sports. Now I know working with Chip Caray and Ron Darling can make you dumber, but that is no excuse for forgetting which team won during your monologue of which Chip and Ron were not a part and naming the 2 biggest names in the AL instead! Talk about your biased AL East hacks.

Final words to all 3 of our boys in the booth:

Buck, you are an AL East biased hack with the most irritating announcing voice I have ever heard in my life. Get off my TV now and never come back.

Darling, you're a complete ass. And a Mets broadcaster during the regular season. Get off my TV now and never come back.

Chip, you're clueless about life. Get off my TV now and never come back.


The Phillies made no doubt about this one as they defeated the Dodgers 10-4 in Game 5 of the NLCS to advance to the World Series (thus confirming the NL participant predicted by Jim Karol the Psychic Mad Man over a month ago; yes, he said Phillies).

Okay, enough jibber-jabber, WE'RE GOING BACK TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!! I'll have video and all sorts of goodies in a bit underneath here as sites begin posting.

First Update: Here's the video with the call by Chip Caray. For as much flack as we've given Chip Caray (and rightfully so), he actually had a decent end of NLCS call.

Second update: Here's the Scott Franzke call!

I like Tom McCarthy and all, but if there is such a possibility in this day and age, Scott Franzke has to be considered the next great Philly broadcaster. Another great call.

Third Update: I'm pretty sure that Brett Myers had a little too much to drink during the celebration.....

Why do I see that video being posted on Keith's Sports Journal in the morning? In a group of legitimately classy athletes (when their random f-bombs are not being picked up by overly sensitive TV microphones), Brett Myers is certainly the one sore thumb in that department. His free agency will be a good riddance.

Fourth Update: This was mentioned in the live blog. Don't get me wrong, I think Ernie Johnson is one of the best studio hosts in the business, but when you work for a cable channel that had a horrible set of playoff broadcasts and you proudly announce that you are with said channel, TBS, well, this is going to happen (thanks to Awful Announcing for pulling this video).

Great reaction too by EJ. He's a professional with a sense of humor. Too bad you can't say that with the rest of the TBS folks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 13 Live Blog

Here we go! The Phillies have a chance today to win the NLCS 4-1 against the Dodgers for the 2nd year in a row? Will the Dodgers come out as deflated as they were after Game 4 and play like they did last year in Game 4 or will there be a renewed sense of urgency among Joe Torre's crew? Game 5, Citizens Bank Park, a potential spot for the World Series. It's all on the line, tonight!

Game 5: Dodgers @ Phillies 8:07 (Padilla, 12-6 vs. Hamels, 10-11) (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, and Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

Mike Jerrick Wants You To Ride The What Train???

Oh man....if there is anything funnier than a live on air slip up, it is making the same mistake again and then realizing it.

Everyone, say hello to Fox 29's Mike Jerrick. Mike Jerrick was on the streets of Philly this morning interviewing some ex-members of the Padilla Flotilla. For those that do not know, Vincente Padilla is a former Phillie and this apparently was one of his fan groups. Anyway, young Mike was curious as to if there was any Phillie that they could get behind now now that Padilla is with the enemy. The first thought that came to Mike's mind was Carlos Ruiz and the "Chooch Train". I say that that is the first thought that came to his mind because that is not exactly what Mike Jerrick called it....

"There's a new group called The Cooch Train. Could you ride The Cooch Train?"

OOH!!! OOH!!!! I DO!!! I DO!!!! PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!

Too funny!!! In defense of Mike Jerrick, though, he is not a regular sports reporter, but at the same time, surely you've seen a Phillies game or 2 and know that Ruiz's nickname is "Chooch", especially if you were going into town to do an interview and you knew that you were going to bring him up. You gotta love his attitude, though when he realized his slip-up. Yeah, just call the guys, it was one innocent slip-up, what are they gonna do? You gotta love it. Good times.....goooooooood times!

Fox 29's Mike Jerrick would like you to ride the Cooch Train (The Fightins)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your Week 7 NFL Schedule

Wow. I can't believe it's finally Week 7. Increcible how fast time flies.

Anyways, I will NOT be around for the big live blog this Sunday. There's a slim chance I might be back before the late game ends, but other than that, I won't be around much this weekend until Sunday Night Football. I'll be home with the family this weekend where I get my precious DirecTV, NFL Sunday Ticket, and RedZone Channel and I'll be comically laughing as my brother cheers for Brett Favre and his Vikings. Yes, this is the same kid who 6 months ago despised Favre more than any other player in the NFL. Now he loves him. Go figure.

Regardless, here are your maps and schedule. Are you ready? Here we go!!! (all times eastern)

Map of who gets what CBS game.

New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ London) 1:00 (CBS - Jim Nantz and Phil Simms)
San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 (CBS - Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts)
Indianapolis Colts @ St. Louis Rams 1:00 (CBS - Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots)

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders 4:05 (CBS - Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf)
Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers 4:05 (CBS - Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker)

Map of who gets what Fox early game.

Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 (Fox - Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa)
San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans 1:00 (Fox - Chirs Myers and Brian Billick)
Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns 1:00 (Fox - Ron Pitts and John Lynch)

Map of who gets what Fox late game.

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys 4:15 (Fox - Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman)
New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins 4:15 (Fox - Dick Stockton and Charles Davis)
Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals 4:15 (Fox - Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan)

Sunday Night Football
Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants 8:20 (NBC - Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth)

Monday Night Football
Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins 8:30 (ESPN - Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden)

For those with an odd sense of morbid curiousity, if I were here doing the live blog, the games that I would get would be New England-Tampa Bay, New York Jets-Oakland (yes, this is a week where KYW and WYOU are showing 2 different games, although some may not consider the latter of the 2 an actual game), Minnesota-Pittsburgh, and Atlanta-Dallas.

Like I said, I should be back for the start of the SNF game, and I will be chatting with the usual gang over at 12StepDrop/Awful Announcing.

Another announcement along that lines. Tomorrow's game will be the last day of the NLCS live blogs, win or lose for the Phillies. If a Game 6 or 7 is needed, I will be watching the game with my family. I can set a blog up if you want me to, and I might even utter a blurb or 2 in the open thread/live blog during the commercials, but that would be it. And I guess theoretically, the same might be said if you guys decide to put up a live blog on Sunday (didn't someone else mention taking the week off next Sunday as well?).

The Eagles Make One Of The Few Big Trade Deadline Moves Of The Year; Trade For LB Will Witherspoon

Lost in the fold of last night's dramatic Phillies victory (aspeaking of baseball, there is an ALCS open thread below), is the fact that today was the NFL's trade deadline. And while nothing completely earth-shattering occured, there was one move of note on the Eagles part, and that was trading WR Brandon Gibson and a 5th round draft pick for linebacker Will Witherspoon. Via Yahoo! Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have acquired linebacker Will Witherspoon(notes) from the St. Louis Rams for rookie wide receiver Brandon Gibson(notes) and a fifth-round pick in 2010.

The Eagles made the trade Tuesday to get Witherspoon, an eight-year veteran who spent his first four seasons with Carolina. He was the Rams’ starter at the weakside spot and had 36 tackles and one forced fumble this season.

Witherspoon has recorded more than 100 tackles three times in his career and has missed only two games to injury.
Not the most earth-shattering move in Eagles history, but a good one nonetheless and an ultimate bang for the buck deal. While the draft pick can be anyone (you can't get this kind of analysis just anywhere, you know!), Brandon Gibson is a wide receiver who I liked in training camp and has shown a lot of potential, but due to the great depth of the Eagles at WR, was inactive every week this season. And while the kid could definitley be a really good wide receiver, Jeremiah Trotter was not the solution at middle linebacker. Ever since Stewart Bradley got hurt, it's been a carousel starting in the pre-season with Joe Mays, then Omar Gaither, then the Ax-Man, and now Will Witherspoon.

Witherspoon is a vet that has been around the block before so he should be well equipped to come into Philly and make a positive difference for the Eagles defensively.

Did I mention that there is an ALCS open thread below?

MLB Playoffs Day 12 Open Thread

Today's game.....

Game 4: Yankees @ Angels 7:57 (Sabathia, 19-8 vs. Kazmir, 10-9) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Chris Myers and Ken Rosenthal)

Enjoy the game and leave comments!

Chip Caray, Scott Franzke, And Vin Scully Call The Last Out

The Caray video below has been deleted, as hard as it is to believe, Franzke's call got even better after The Fightins video cut off, and I htink Vin Scully had a sudden surge of depression overwhelm him in the booth.

Click on the link and enjoy!

MLB Typos Rule!

Great find last night by Awful Announcing on We've seen this before and we'll see it again in the future no doubt, but whenever a major website has a pre-made graphic to go up immediately following the game and then something like last night's bottom of the 9th happens, hilarity ensues. Take for instance, this graphic that was posted on right after the Phillies won.

Too funny!

It's amazing, even when the Dodgers win NLCS games they still lose! Oh, wait....


Author's note: If you checked earlier today and saw a short post with a few snipets and maybe one video (i.e. before 2 AM ET), scroll down as I think this has easily become one of my longest post-game posts I've ever done, excluding my special comments/rants.

UN-FUCKING-BELIEVEABLE!!!!!!! Bottom of the 9th with Broxton on the mound, Ibanez strikes out. 1 down. On comes Stairs. A re-match of Game 4 of the 08 NLCS in Game 4 of the 09 NLCs. Stairs walks on 4-pitches, perhaps with the aid of Broxton, who may have been consciously or subconsciously pitching around him. Then on comes Señor Octubre himself, Carlos Ruiz. First pitch BANG! Off the elbow. Runners at 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Greg Dobbs comes on to pinch hit in the pitcher's spot. He's inept. Then it's J-Roll who launches a double in the gap that scores Bruntless from second, and somehow, someway Mr. Choochtober SCORES EASILY FROM 1ST TO WIN THE GAME!!!! UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE!!!! Surely that's the fastest he's ever ran in his life. After all, it's not like he's a Jimmy Rollins or Shane Victorino type on the base path.

But before the Dodgers fans start digging a grave for Broxton, they should think about crucifying another member of their pitching staff. His name: George Sherill. For all the hype surrounding him and the news of that acquisition, he has been the worst for the Dodgers this post-season and if I were a Dodgers fan, I'd blame him before I blamed Broxton for this one. It's simple. Sherill may not have given up any runs this game, but his mismanagement and allowing runners on base on the 8th inning forced Torre to go to Broxton long before he wanted to. And yes, Broxton got out of that inning, but he needed a decent number of pitches to do so (decent number for a closer at least in the 8th inning). And then by the grace of the NLCS, the top of the 9th inning lasted 20 minutes! Broxton is a closer. He is not built to wait 20 minutes for a long offensive inning like starters are. And don't forget about the cold weather doing no favors to help keep him loose and warmed up. So naturally Broxton struggled in that 9th inning. While he may have pitched around Stairs, how else can you explain the dinging of Señor Octubre followed shortly thereafter by the game-winning walk-off double of Rollins.

And this is not the 1st time Sherill cost his team the game. Take game 1 of the NLCS this year. Ibanez's 3-run shot was the last time the Phillies scored in a game that they would end up winning by 2. For those that can't do math? George Sherill gave up the game-clinching homerun. Twice Sherill has appeared in the game. And twice he has had a big hand in helping his team lose the game.

Nice one Dodgers. Your prized mid-season acquisition is a complete ass.

Here's the first of 3 epic videos. This is the ending with Chip Caray's TBS call and an anonymous "FUCK YEAH, MUTHAFUCKER!" at the very end.

Chip Caray can see invisible throws to the plate! Oh, the things this man can do!

For a real game-ending call and a call that is worthy of being the call to a finish of this game, I turn the honors over to Phillies radio announcer, Scott Franzke.

I don't know about you, but as a Phillies fan, I got chills after listening to that.

Another great video thanks to The Fightins. This one is of the hosts of Phillies Post Game Live watching the Rollins walkoff double.


To me, this game really felt like a classic WWE match, at least from the stand point of the Phillies fans. The good guys babyfaces, the Phillies, jumped off to a strong start and had the upperhand early. Then things started to settle down and the bad guys, the Dodgers, took control of the game and even the lead. Things were looking pretty bleak, they tried to battle back in the 7th but were unable to take the lead despite having 2 on with 2 out. Most faces in WWE can sympathize. It seemed like the heals had put the nail in the coffin when, at the last moment, out of nowhere, the Phillies came back with a sudden tombstone piledriver in the form of a Rollins double to centerfield that all ended the game once and for all.

And I still can't believe that Carlos fricken Ruiz (a.k.a. Mr. Choochtober and Señor Octubre) was able to score from 1st with no throw to the plate on a hard hit double to centerfield. Bottom line is this, though, the Phillies lead the series 3 games to 1 with Game 5 being played on Wednesday. If they can win that, then you don't need me to tell you that they will be heading back to the World Series.

Update: Just for comedic effect seeing as notchipcaray did not tweet during the game, here are some of his hilarious tweets after the game.

"Great game, great call by us up in the booth. Phabulous Phillies win!"

"Seeing Jimmy Rollins covered in gooey white stuff reminded me of prom night. I fell into a cake. Why do you ask?"

"My only regret about the great job we did tonight. Not enough fisting."


Update 2: I went over at McCover Chronicles Carlton Chronicles to look for some laughter at the Dodgers from Giants fans for the sake of hilarity. However, in the process, one of the posters there, jcb9, found a rant from a Dodgers fan that is filled with so much epic hilarity, it deserves as space on here. Here ya go, with the quote in it's entirety!

There are no words
But I will try anyway.

I don’t think i have ever been more depressed when it comes to sports, or maybe at all, then I am right now. Broxton was dealing, he was just straight throwing fire. He seemed to pull a Lidge and couldn’t stop thinking about the 08 NLCS homerun given up to Stairs and didn’t throw a single pitch near the plate. Then he beans Ruiz. He pitched well to the next batter, and then to the start of Rollins’ at bat.

One fucking heart-breaking, smashing it on the floor and stomping on it pitch put the Dodgers chances to go to the World Series the same as the Clippers chances to make the Western Conference Finals.

I’ll still watch on Wednesday, but as a baseball fan I almost feel dead inside right now. Also, my hate for the Phillies has climbed to new levels I never dreamed possible…I hope for them to burn in Hades for all eternity.

I think that covers it for now.
Too funny! If that does not make you want to jump up and scream "LOL DODGERS", then I'm not sure what does.

Monday, October 19, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 11 Open Thread/Live Blog

Today's games....

Game 3: Yankees @ Angels 4:13 (Pettitte, 14-8 vs. Weaver, 16-8) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Game 4: Dodgers @ Phillies 8:07 (Wolf, 11-7 vs. Blanton, 12-8) (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, and Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

I'll have the CiL live blog up later for Dodgers-Phillies. Enjoy the games and leave comments!

A Pair Of World Cup Tidbits For The Day

A couple of World Cup announcements, one of them all but a formality, the other an ESPN bombshell.

THe first one (the formality) is your UEFA playoff match-ups. Remember, each match-up will be a home-and-home series with the team with the best aggregate score advancing to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Without further ado, here are your match-ups (these additions have also been noted in my FIFA World Cup Qualification post).

Republic of Ireland vs. France
Portugal vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Greece vs. Ukraine
Russia vs. Slovenia

Okay, so what happens if there is a tie? Instead of me explaining it and getting even more of a headache, I'll quote from

The team scoring more goals on aggregate wins the play-off. If the scores are level on aggregate, away goals count double. If the teams are level on away goals, or if both matches end goalless, extra-time of two periods of 15 minutes each will be played at the end of the second match. If the score is level after extra time, penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner.
Well then! That's certainly one way to complicate matters.

But on to the ESPN bombshell. It looks like the WWL has found their lead PbP guy anbd it's not JP Dellacamera. Mercifully, it's not the 2nd coming of Dave O'Brien. Instead, ESPN has decided to foolishly give the job to the person they claim is their biggest soccer enthusiast, Rob Stone! They have all but hired Sky Sports' own Martin Tyler to work the World Cup for them! From SI's Richard Deitsch. has learned that Martin Tyler, the venerable British announcer who was voted the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade, has been hired by ESPN to be the lead play-by-play voice for the network's English-language coverage of next summer's tournament in South Africa. The formal announcement is expected this week.

"They made an approach and I was delighted to accept," Tyler said by phone from his home outside of Surrey, England. "The World Cup is a real challenge for any broadcaster because of the games every day. It's a test of stamina and skills. You expect the very high standards of the players at the World Cup, and I expect to be judged by the very high standards of the American audience."

Tyler has worked for the London-based Sky Sports network since its launch in 1991 and has called many of the Premier League's biggest matches. Since Sky does not own broadcast rights to the World Cup, Tyler has often contacted with other networks, including calling the last five World Cups for SBS Australia. He is also the voice (along with longtime Sky Sports partner Andy Gray) for EA Sports' FIFA video-game series.

Tyler said he does not plan to change his style for an American audience.

"I think I've been acquired for what I am and not what I might become," Tyler said. "The thing that I'd liken it to is what we have in reverse over here. We wouldn't put U.K.-based commentary on the NBA or NFL. The description of an American sport comes from American voices and I think maybe those who have made the decision about me would like to get, if you like, a more global feel to what is a global game. Of course the words are only incidental to the pictures in television. But you can help by pushing the odd phrase in the right direction."
For those that don't know, Tyler is widely considered as one of the best PbP guys in all of soccer, and even though I have never heard him do a live broadcast, I have just watched several clips on YouTube, and I like what I hear. Here are some videos of some of his best work.

Great stuff! Now, can you imagine the uproar if ESPN re-hired Marcelo Balboa to work with Tyler???

Martin Tyler to call World Cup games for ESPN! (Stupid Sideline Reporters)

Meet The Pigeon

The pigeon in the Eagles-Raiders game had many fine moments for them, including getting in the way of Brent Celek on a completion, but this one on a kickoff return has to be the most bizarrre. Watch as the pigeon lines up with the Raiders and then flies down the field with the Raiders! I'm serious.

Seeing as I could not strangle that damned pigeon during the game, I'll settle for laughing and watching as his Australain friend learns a lesson or 2 about being on the field during a cricket match.

You know, one day I'm going to look back at this game and laugh my ass off, because I'm sure truly to the casual fan, the pigeon is really funny, but for now, I just want to strangle that thing and/or fire a football right at it and send the damn thing into another universe. And this is coming from someone who, to a certain extent, cares about animals! But if you do me wrong, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be pissed off at you. Case and point, the Raiders Pigeon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eagles 9, Raiders, Pigeon, And Refs 13

That. Was. Embarrassing.

Several things. First of all, what the hell kind of performance was that? You come into Oakland and you lay that kind of a turd??? Seriously? Where was the effort? Where was the passion? Where was the heart? The answer: there was none. The Eagles showed up expecting to walk all over the Raiders and that's the kind of team that showed up. They expected to win without trying. JaMarcus Russell even threw them 2 INTs and they still could not win.

Where was the wildcat this game? The Eagles' wildcat offense, when used, has been semi-effective and I have a feeling it would have worked in this game. McNabb had an off game and threw it on practically every play and even when it had gotten to the point that it was clearly visible that McNabb was struggling, Reid kept having him throw the ball. No wildcat, no change of pace, no Micheal Vick. I'm not saying it would have changed anything, but with the Raider D-line dominating like they were, it damn sure would not have hurt to try to change things up a bit.

But through it all, the Eagles really should have won that game. Even though Russell did make some plays (more so than normal at least) and Fargas was decently effective, the Raiders are a horrible football team and played like that horrible football team. David Akers missed 2 40+ yard field goals. That should have been a gimme. Make those 2 FGs then bam, the Eagles win.

And then there were the officials. Look, I can't blame the pigeon for one, that was just a freak occurance which would have been a little more mildly amusing had the game not been what it was, but the officials were in the back pocket of the Raiders or something because that was an abortion. Take for instance one of Akers' 5 FGs attempted. HE WAS BODYSLAMMED INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!! People have gotten penalized for innocently pushing the kicker. Akers gets bodyslammed, and there was NO FLAG! And maybe there was a running into the kicker, I did not see that, but the bottom line is is that when your kicker is fucking bodyslammed, that's a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down!!!!!!!! And chances are, a few plays later, your game-tying touchdown is scored and it's a brand new ball game. Complete incompetence on the part of Morelli and I would not mind the Eagles saying a few things that get themselves a $25,000 fine.

However, it should not have come to that. The Eagles should not have been so overly confident, Reid should not have gotten all pass heavy, and despite the injury to Peters, the Eagles should not have allowed 6 sacks to the Raiders. If the Eagles play like they can play, they win that game and they win it big. The defense was not great, but the bottom line is is that they held them to 13 points. If you can't score 13 points on the Raiders, then I guess despite all of the missed calls, you deserve to lose.

Update: To add salt to the wounds of the Eagles, the Phillies actually managed to outscore them tonight. Yep, the Phillies outscored a football team playing the Oakland Raiders. Phillies 11, Eagles 9.

And thanks to the Phillies, this night has been salvaged after all. What a win and what a performance by Clifton Phifer Lee on the mound. 11-0 Phillies won Game 2 and they now lead the NLCS 2-1.

NFL Week 6 And MLB Playoffs Day 10 Live Blog

It's my week to host the live blog and seeing as the Phillies also play tonight, I'm combining both events into one live blog just for the sake of laziness in not wanting to create 2 live blogs.

I've got Vikings-Ravens, Browns-Steelers, Bills-Jets, and Raiders-Eagles, with my attention being focused on the obvious 2, Vikings-Ravens and Raiders-Eagles. Here are is your information for Game 3 of the NLCS. Enjoy the games and leave comments!

Game 3: Dodgers @ Phillies 8:07 (Kuroda, 8-7 vs. Lee, 14-13) (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, and Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glee Is Coming To The World Series

All through last year, we constantly chastised MLB for the potpourri of butchered renditions of the national anthem. The only one that was remotely good enough was Taylor Swift's rendition before Game 3. This year, it looks like Game 3 will once again be a good one as Fox, with MLB approval, have tabbed the cast of the hit Fox show, Glee, to sing the National Anthem at Game 3 of this year's World Series, to be played either in Philadelphia or Los Angeles. Via the Los Angeles Times

Fox has confirmed that cast members from its new hit musical comedy "Glee" will sing the national anthem during Game 3 of the World Series, currently scheduled for Oct. 31. That game will be either in Los Angeles or Philadephia, depending on which team ends up in the series against either the Yankees or the Angels.

Fox had to get a green light from Major League Baseball to have the cast sing at the game. Networks often use the World Series and other big sporting events to promote their own entertainment shows, but it is unusual to actually have a cast of a show perform during the game. Of course, few probably have the chops to do it. At least we know they'll do better than Roseanne Barr did when she butchered the anthem during a San Diego Padres ballgame.
Awesome!!! There are only two scripted shows that I am watching this season, one of them is Lie To Me, and the other one, as you've probably figured out by now, is Glee. Personally, I find the show hysterical and their song covers are really good. Then again, having just graduated high school, I can relate and easily get a lot of the humor in the show.

Aspeaking of Glee, if the Phillies can't turn things around in Game 3 of the NLCS, they might need to bring Sue Sylvester in to give them a pep talk.

Back to the music, though, here is a sample from the end of last week's episode where they sing "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne.

Personally, I think it's a really good show and they will present a really good rendition of the national anthem. I can't wait!

MLB Playoffs Day 9 Open Thread

Sorry for the lateness of this....I got distracted with doing work.

Game 2: Angels @ Yankees 7:57 (Saunders, 16-7 vs. Burnett, 13-9) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal)

Week 6 NFL Picks

The Phillies game must have unconsciously knocked me into a state of senility as I have resorted to basically screaming my NFL picks in a vlog. Enjoy!

For those too lazy to view the video, here are the picks written down.

Cincinnati over Houston
Green Bay over Detroit
Jacksonville over St. Louis
Minnesota over Baltimore
New York Giants over New Orleans
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Carolina over Tampa Bay
Kansas City over Washington
Philadelphia over Oakland
Arizona over Seattle
New England over Tennessee
New York Jets over Buffalo
Atlanta over Chicago
Denver over San Diego

Friday, October 16, 2009

If You Can't Win Game 2, You Might As Well Make Fun Of A Dodgers Fan From Game 1

As you all know from my vlogs, I have glasses. I've had them since I was in elementary school. And as you can imagine, I have had more than my fair share of embarassing instances with them falling off, getting lost, and so on and so forth. But lucky for me, at least none of that occured on national TV like it did for this Dodgers fan. Thanks to The Fightins for finding this hilarious video.


Then again, I imagine that that was a good thing for him as I presume he would have rather NOT seen that Ibanez 3-run homerun off of George Sherill.

MLB Playoffs Day 8 Live Blog/Open Thread

Today's games:

Game 2: Phillies @ Dodgers 4:07 (Martinez, 5-1 vs. Padilla, 12-6) (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

Game 1: Angels @ Yankees 7:57 (Lackey, 11-8 vs. Sabathia, 19-8) (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal and Chris Myers)

Enjoy the games and leave comments! The live blog for the Phillies-Dodgers game is right below here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MLB Playoffs Day 7 Live Blog

The rematch is upon us! For the 2nd straight year, the Phillies are taking on the Dodgers in the NLCS, only this time, it is the Dodgers with homefield advantage. Game 1 is tonight and the live blog is below. Enjoy the game and leave comments!

Phillies @ Dodgers 8:07 (Hamels, 10-11 vs. Kershaw, 8-8) (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, and Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

Kevin From The Office Goes Mono e Bobblehead With The Phillie Phanatic

I've seen some pretty crazy trash talking videos from celebrities before a big game/series, although in terms of bizarreness, this one may just take the cake. Sorry, I could not find it on YouTube, but if you click on the link below, it will direct you right to the video at where you can see Brian Baumgartner take on the greatest mascot in all of sports, the Phillie Phanatic.

Yeah, and what exactly is Manny Ramirez other than the 2nd person ever (and the first by injection of women's fertility drugs) to voluntarily give themselves a mangina? (I think we all know who number one was). I'll just leave that one at that and claim victory on behalf of Phillies fans everywhere.

Oh, and unrelated, BUT IT'S OCTOBER 15 AND IT'S FUCKING SNOWING IN PENNSYLVANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing The Phillies Radio Booth For The NLCS!

The Phillies always find a way to complicate what really should be a simple matter.
For those that do not know, the Phillies like shuffling announcers in the middle of the game. For instance, when Harry Kalas (may he Rest In Peace) was doing games on TV, he would call the 1st-3rd innings and 7th-9th innings with Chris Wheeler while Tom McCarthy and Gary "Sarge" Matthews did the middle innings. When Harry the K tragically passed, McCarthy did full time PbP while Wheeler and Sarge carried the same workload. That's just how it is in Philly, and frankly, I'm not a fan of it because I feel like it disrupts the rhythm of the broadcast, especially when you have a complete overhaul between innings. Last year, the World Series and NLCS was done on radio with Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson calling the 1st-3rd and 8th-9th innings and Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler doing the 4th-7th innings, with the exception of Game 5 where Harry and Wheels obviously also did the 9th inning.

So you would think that with the tragic passing of Harry the K that the roster would be smaller and that just Franzke and Anderson would be doing the radio for NLCS and potential World Series, right? Wrong. That playoff radio booth has actually grown from last year's playoffs. Here's your line-up and it consists of every Phillies broadcaster both on TV and radio:

Tom McCarthy, Scott Franzke, Chris Wheeler, Gary Matthews, and Larry Anderson.

Ugh. That's way too much. Awful or really great, I am not a fan of switching announcers during the broadcast and probably never will be, but holy hell, how on earth is this going to work? The answer: I have no earthly idea. Franzke/Anderson get the beginning and the end and T-Mac/Wheels and/or Sarge get the middle? That's my only guess.

Actually, I might be missing the biggest story of this. SARGE IS COMING TO PLAYOFF RADIO!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Game 5 Of The 2008 World Series Has Nothing On This Soccer Game

I'll post an updated version of my World Cup Qualification post either later tonight or tomorrow, but for now, just sit back, relax, and watch this own goal by Poland that ultimately wound up sending Slovakia to their first World Cup since the break of Czechoslovakia. Oh, yeah, one more thing, this goal took place in the snow!


Good times! And congrats to Slovakia on advancing to the World Cup!

And aspeaking of snow in October, Bloomsburg is currently under a winter storm watch from tomorrow morning through Friday morning! I have seen many odd weather happenings in my life, but not once have I ever lived somewhere where snow fell in the month of freakin' October!

A Nathan Brice Pwning To Begin Your Night

I've been running around like a crazy madman for most of the day, so I have not really had time to put much up (not an uncommon occurance on a Wednesday). However, I have been perusing the blogs, and guess who showed up at AA today! Yes, it is indeed our good, good friend, Nathan Brice! The following is the conversation that took place today (as the conversation builds, I'll add to it).

Nathan Brice: I am going to say several things here.

1. If Thom Brennaman is filling in for Joe Buck this week, then those Dick Stockton to ESPN rumors must be true.

2. They obviously don't want to separate Kenny, Moose, and Goose because they might eventually overtake Joe, Troy, and Pam.

3. No Gus Johnson and no Bill Macatee is always a good thing.

4. They might have Chris Myers and Chris Rose confused because I really don't think that Myers can report from the dugout on Saturday in New York and then fly all the way across the country to Seattle in one night. Look into that.

5. Don Criqui needs to show improvement to keep doing games.

JFein: There is a reason why Kenny Albert does not work with Troy Aikman during the LCS and World Series and it is not because they don't want to separate Kenny, Moose, and Goose. They had Kenny Albert work with Troy Aikman before and the chemistry between the two was not good at all. Therefore, seeing as the 2nd announcer, Albert, can't fill in for Buck, Fox goes to their 3rd announcer, Thom Brennaman (not Dick Stockton). The way Fox does it is that their so-called 3rd, 4th, and 5th teams (Brennaman/Billick, Stockton/Davis, Rosen/Ryan), are all essentially equal, and seeing as Fox is phasing out Dick Stockton (or he is phasing himself out), Brennaman becomes the #1 guy while Buck is away.

And while I'm not sure about Chris Myers this year, last year he sideline reported a Falcons-Eagles game during the day and sideline reported a Rays-Phillies game during the night so it is certainly not out of the question that he does a Yankee game in New York on Saturday, flies out to Seattle afterward to do that game on Sunday, and then go down to Anaheim for Game 3 of the ALCS on Monday. It's Chris Myers, we're talking about, Fox works him like he's Superman (even though Myers is horrible). They always have and will probably continue to do so this week.

Nathan: The decisions that FOX makes with its "talent" continue to puzzle me. Chris Myers should be banned from television. Thom Brennaman should only broadcast Reds games. He should never do any national baseball games. He should never do another football game as long as he lives. Why he continues to do NFL games is puzzling. FOX will hopefully hire people like Dave Pasch and Bob Wischusen to replace the idiot announcers that are on there. I would not mind Chris Rose getting a full slate of NFL games. Ron Pitts should never do another NFL game on TV. Sam Rosen is not that bad, but Tim Ryan is a disaster. I hope that Trent Green and John Lynch move up quickly so that they can get rid of Tim and Charles Davis. I would also like them to hire Bob Papa from the NFL Network. Josh Lewin would also be another guy to potentially hire to work Cowboys games since Joe Buck cannot objectively call the games with the Cowboys. Kenny, Moose, and Goose could be the number one team in a couple of years because they are so good. As far as CBS teams go, the first two teams are good. Jim and Phil are great. Greg and Dan are pretty good, but they are a good number two team. Dick Enberg is still great but they cannot seem to give him a good analyst. Dan Fouts is a disaster. The other teams on CBS are catastrophic.

JFein: I would not mind Chris Rose getting a full slate of NFL games

Congratulations! You're a fan of one of the worst PbP guys in all of football!

/Bob Wischusen??? Seriously??? He's just as awful as Rose.
//I could go on, but I'll let the idiocy of what your 2 comments demomstrate for themselves how little you know and understand this business.


As I said above, if he responds, I'll be sure to put it on here. His aura of great, in-depth knowlege of a business that in actuality he knows very little about is a constant source of great hilarity for me.

Your week 6 NFL and announcing schedule and broadcasting maps (Awful Announcing)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Week 6 NFL Schedule

Holy Hell! It's Week 6 already! I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that I will in fact be around this week for the live blog. The bad news is I will NOT be around next week (for at least the first part of it; I'll probably make the tail-end of the late games and SNF). That week that I won't be around does fall at a good time, though, because the Eagles have an MNF showdown with the Redskins that week, so fear not, my fellow friends, you won't miss any of my inane cheering for my beloved Eagles!

With that being said, here is the maps and list of announcers for this week's games and for the first time this year, I get 2 CBS games at once! It's CBS with the doubleheadr this week, so without further ado, are you ready? Here is your Week 6 broadcasting schedule! (games I get are in bold; all times eastern)

Map of who gets what Fox games.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints 1:00 (Fox - Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman)
Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers 1:00 (Fox - Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa)
Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 (Fox - Dick Stockton and Charles Davis)
St. Louis Rams @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 (Fox - Ron Pitts and John Lynch)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders 4:05 (Fox - Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan)
Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks 4:05 (Fox - Chris Myers and Brian Billick)

Map of who gets what CBS early game.

Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings 1:00 (CBS - Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf)
Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 (CBS - Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins 1:00 (CBS - Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon)
Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 (CBS - Don Criqui and Randy Cross)

Map of who gets what CBS late game

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots 4:15 (CBS - Jim Nantz and Phil Simms)
Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets 4:15 (CBS - Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts)

Sunday Night Football
Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons 8:20 (NBC - Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth)

Monday Night Football
Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers 8:30 (ESPN - Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers)

Too bad the Eagles don't have a Fox early game because that would mean that I get 3 games at the same time, something that did happen a few times last year. Oh well. I know I'm about to re-go over something I've explained over 1,000 times, but it seems like everytime something like this comes up that they don't get how this is possible or they are unsure of what's going on. I am in a college in a small town not near any big city, therefore, I pick up 2 different CBS affiliates, KYW Philadelphia and WYOU Scranton. This week, those affiliates are not airing the same game at 1:00 ET, therefore, I get both games. However, for some strange reason, when it comes to Fox, I only get WOLF Wilkes-Barre (sometimes listed as WOLF Scranton or WOLF Wilkes-Barre Scranton) and I do not get WTXF Philadelphia, thus the occasional discrepencies there, although not once in my time here as that station not shown an Eagles game when they are on.

Your 2009 LCS Schedule

All righty then! Switching gears back to baseball, the 2009 NLCS and ALCS schedules have been officially released by, and if there is one word to describe it, it would be bizarre. Call me Mr. Bad Memory, but never do I recall so many day games for the LCS. Sure there was always 1 or 2, but this just feels not right. And also, I cannot figure out for the life of me, why on earth MLB thinks it is a good idea to put a game in Los Angeles during the day on the same day that a late game is being played in Philadelphia or New York. This happens multiple times here and I it just boggles my mind that a). why on earth does Bud Selig think it is a good idea to start an LCS game at 1:00 local time and b). weren's we down this road before with the colder city having the latest time slot? Yeah, Bud, how exactly did that turn out this weekend? You had a snowout and either the coldest or tied for the coldest game in post-season history, depending on who you ask. Well I guess I should stop bantering mindlessly about the schedule and actually show you guys the schedule. That's a good idea, don't you think? (all times eastern)

NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (TBS - Chip Caray, Ron Darling, and Buck Martinez, SR: Craig Sager)

Game 1: Phillies 8-6
Game 2: Dodgers 2-1
Game 3: Phillies 11-0
Game 4: Phillies 5-4
Game 5: Phillies 10-4
Philadelphia wins the series 4-1.

ALCS: Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees (Fox - Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, SR: Ken Rosenthal and Chris Myers)

Game 1: Yankees 4-1
Game 2: Yankees 4-3 F/13
Game 3: Angels 5-4 F/11
Game 4: Yankees 10-1
Game 5: Angels 7-6
Game 6: Yankees 5-2
New York wins the series 4-2.

Like I said, it's mysitfying how MLB can schedule all these day games, but alas, that is what is going down this year. I'll be updating this thread with scores and starting pitchers as they become announced.

Is This The Best The Eagles Wide Receivers Have Been For Quite Some Time?

Obviously, statistically, it is way too early in the season and in the careers of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to answer that question with a sure-fire yes, but things certainly seem to be looking that way. With Kevin Curtis on the injury, Jeremy Maclin got his chance to shine, and boy did he shine, with 6 receptions for over 100 yeards. Which does beg the question, is this the best looking group of wide receivers the Eagles ever had? From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said Maclin's emergence resulted from Tampa Bay's coverage on Jackson.

"They rolled the coverage a lot to his side, and you want to get your weapons going," McNabb said. "Teams are going to try to take someone in this offense out of it. They're trying to take DeSean out, and when you give [other] guys an opportunity to make plays for you, I have full confidence that they will."

Jackson may still end up being the featured weapon in the Eagles' offense, but this is the first time in recent years that we've been this far into the season without knowing exactly who will be McNabb's go-to guy.

During the Eagles' 2004 run to the Super Bowl, Owens was the main man, and ever since then it has been running back Brian Westbrook. Teams tried to stop both men, but usually couldn't.

Now, the Eagles have Jackson, Maclin, Westbrook, and tight end Brent Celek, not to mention Michael Vick, rookie LeSean McCoy, and this thing called a Wildcat offense.

Although the Eagles have averaged 31.8 points per game - second best in the NFL - every aspect of the offense hasn't always worked. Sunday, for instance, the Eagles averaged only 2.4 yards per carry on 19 designed rushing plays.

"We need to be more efficient when we do run the football," Reid said.

Westbrook, at least through four games, doesn't appear to be the same force he has been the previous five seasons. He had just eight touches against the Bucs, and it's strange not to see his name among the league leaders in rushing yards and yards from scrimmage. McCoy actually had one more touch than Westbrook.
Long gone are the days of Andy Reid settling for mediocrity at that position by starting guys like Hank Baskett, Greg Lewis, and Reggie Brown who all were a sure fire bet to drop half the balls thrown their way. And even though Jackson and Maclin are doomed to make some mistakes and have some bad plays just because of their age, for once we can say that the potential at the wide out position is there and we may be looking at a couple of Pro Bowlers, a term that has not even come close to describing an Eagles wide receiver since Terrell Owens was here. And while Maclin only got the start because Kevin Curtis was injured, you can bet that if he keeps playing like this, he will be starting on a regular basis soon enough. Also, while Curtis has proven that he is a decent, not great, starting wide receiver, I think he is most dangerous as a 3rd guy, when teams are not paying him much attention. And don't forget about Jason Avant. McNabb likes throwing to him in clutch situations and more often than not, Avant can make the play.

It took him awhile, but Andy Reid has woken up and has finally figured out how to draft offensive players, just look at the running back position as well. Sure, the Eagles have Brian Westbrook, but in the past the Eagles relied on him way too much, and the result is the beaten and broken down man that you see now. This is not the same Westbrook that we saw a 2, 3 years ago, and if I'm a betting man, I don't think that he will ever regain that form. He is not a 30 carry-a-game back, he never was, and the Eagles trying to make him that all but ruined his career. Sure, he'll come in and make a big play every once in awhile, and while I see him as a great change of pace back, I think that in little time, we will be seeing more and more of Shady McCoy, another great find and great draft pick by Andy Reid. Sure he is a little Westbrook-esque, but unlike Brian, Shady is more groomed to be an actual running back, instead of some random dude like Westbrook who lines up out of the backfield, but if more effective catching the ball and bouncing it to the outside rather than running the ball.

And forgotten in all of this is perhaps one of the most underrated tight ends in the NFL, Brent Celek. Eagles tight ends have never gotten any national credit or spotlight, but perhaps if Celek keeps making plays like the one in the video below, he is surely going to get the national recognition he deserves real soon.

It's not everyday that you see someone leapfrog Ronde Barber. And speaking as an Eagles fan, that was just so sweet to watch as countless times in the past, when the Bucs played the Eagles, Ronde Barber has made a big, ginormous play against us that kills our momentum.

Bottom line, regardless of who the quarterback is, if the Eagles can play defense like they know how to play defense, and if Maclin, Jackson, and Celek really emerge as the big go-to targets and stay free of injury, this Eagle team will be in the hunt for the Super Bowl for many years looking down the road. And now just ask yourself, were we really ever saying this about the Eagles during the era of Lewis, Baskett, and Reggie Brown?