Friday, November 28, 2008

Week 13 Eagles Recap

The game was a blowout. The crowd left early. Donovan McNabb was benched. There was only one difference between this game and the clusterfuck last Sunday........It was the Eagles blowing out the Cardinals.

As far as excitement for the neutral fan, this game lacked it except for early in the 4th quarter when the Cards looked like they might make a comeback. However, an Anquan Boldin fumble followed up by a McNabb TD pass to DeSean Jackson quickly ended that.

For Eagles fans, this game was everything we wanted. Donovan McNabb wasn't the gunslinger QB he sometimes wants to be. Instead, he was the efficient QB who didn't make mistakes, completed short and underneath routes with high accuracy, and we even saw some old-school Donny Mac with his ability to use his legs to make plays.

So why were the Eagles so successful today yet so hideously atrocious in their past two games? They ran the football! And not only did they run the football, they ran the football successfully and Brian Westbrook was back on top of his game. In fact, Westbrook became the first player since Lydell Mitchell of the Baltimore Colts in 1975 to run for 100+ yards and score two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns.

And while Anquan Boldin had a bad case of the drops for the Cards and that hindered them heavily, credit must not be taken away from the Eagles-D that forced Warner into 2 early interceptions and never allowing the dangerous QB to get into a rhythm.

The Eagles have salvaged their season......for now. The future is not pretty for the Eagles. If they make the playoffs this year, they will have indeed earned it as their last 4 games in order are at the New York Football Giants, home vs. Cleveland on Monday Night Football, at Washington, and finally home vs. those pesky Cowboys (a game which could end up either meaning everything or nothing, depending on how things go for both teams). It won't be an easy road. The Eagles will in all likelihood have to win out. But if they somehow, someway overcome the odds and make the playoffs, any sportswriter or skeptic that says that they did not deserve it is one that is surely high on crack.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eagles Week 13 Preview

What: Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles
When: 8:30 on Turkey Day
Where: Lincoln Financial Field
Channel: NFL Network (6ABC in Philly if you don't get NFL-N, not sure about the Arizona station)
Announcers: Bob Papa and Cris Collinsworth
Talking Points of the Game: Is this the end of McNabb as an Eagle?

I have stuff to do so this will be quick and to the point. I look at the Cards as one of the best teams in the league and if the Eagles can't produce against the Ravens and Bengles, I do not see how we stand a shot against Arizona.
27-10 Cardinals over the Eagles.

Sadly, I read today that the Eagles organization still sees Reid as a quality coach. I think not. I wonder who will get more boos tomorrow night, McNabb or Reid?

There will be no live blog for tomorrow's game. Nobody wants to spend Thanksgiving with a computer on, do they?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Night Football Live Blog Green Bay @ New Orleans, 2nd Half

Well, the shootout and on this one could get crazy.

Crosby kicks it off and we are underway in the 2nd half. Brees launches one for Miller who drops it but who can blame him for dropping that bullet. 3rd and 8 and Brees connects to Shockey for a Saints first down. 1st and 10 and Brees is SACKED! Loss of 5. 2nd and 15 and Brees' pass is deflected and incomplete. Timeout Saints.

3rd and 15 and Brees finds Moore for 15 yards and a generous spot gives them a first down! Packers are challenging.

My apologies for not having any picture up but outside of last Monday Night, whenever I've tried to post a picture, Blogger has fucked up my spacing.

"He goes five-hole on the official to the side." - Mike Tirico on Mike McCarthy's challenge.

The refs do in fact overturn the call but it looks like they moved him back too much!

"Can I challenge the challenge?" - Mike Tirico

I never knew announcers could challenge. Must be a new rule implemented today by the NFL's newest employee, Bud Selig. Yes, that was a joke. Feel free to laugh at anytime.

4th and 1 and the Saints are taking a big gamble here. Stupid move but IT WORKS! Pierre Thomas squeezes through the middle for a 1st down. Billy Miller makes the catch for a gain of 7. 2nd and 3 and Thomas takes the carry all the way to the GB 35! 1st and 10 and Thomas picks up a yard. Brees airs it out deep incomplete but an illegal contact penalty on the Pack will give the Saints an automatic first down.

Thomas takes another carry and he picks up 8. Who would have thought Pierre Thomas would have a better year this year than Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister. 2nd and 2 and Thomas picks up 4 and a first down.

Brees on first down FIRES TO A WIDE OPEN BILLY MILLER WHO MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS! Hartley's extra point is good and the Saints now lead by 10. 31-21 over the Pack.

Blackmon from the kick from the 6 takes it to the 27.

"A lot of cheese heads down here. A lot of Packers fans made the trip." - Mike Tirico
"And a lot of Brees-heads." - Dr. Kornheiser

May your chair explode and you get shot a mile into the air and land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, completely lost and stuck there for the rest of your life.


1st and goal and Brees throws it to Moore but Moore slipped and it's incomplete. 2nd and goal and MCALLISTER POUNDS HIS WAY INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! The extra point from Hartley is good and the Saints now lead the Packers 38-21.

Congratulations to the Saints new leading touchdown leader, Deuce McAllister. Blackmon takes the kickoff to the 20. 1st and 10 and Rodgers from the shotgun passes to Jennings for a gain of 4 yards. 2nd and 6 and Rodgers from the shotgun avoids the rush, scrambles to the sideline, and gets a few yards. 3rd and 3 for the Pack and they need this. Rodgers fires and IT'S PICKED OFF AGAIN BY JASON DAVID! And this one's beginning to get ugly.

Brees to Miller and he gets 4. 2nd down and Brees laterals it Lance Moore who throws it deep....PICKED OFF BY AARON ROUSE! ROUSE HAS ROOM TO RUN AND HE TAKES IT TO THE 43! A 37 yard return and the Pack are not dead.

And this is getting as ugly as lipstick on a Rotweiler! (Via JamesCraven)

No more J.R. for you young man. Grant on the 1st down carry and he loses a couple. Rodgers to Nelson on 2nd down and he gets 7. 3rd and 5 and Rodgers rolls out and it's nearly intercepted again! The Pack just cannot find a 2nd half rhythm. Frost to punt it away and Lance Moore jukes and jives to the NO 27.

"The Saints have never won consecutive games. They've won 5 games, but never followed any win up with another win." - Dr. Kornheiser

Attenton Department of Redundancy Department! McCallister takes the 1st down carry for a yard. 2nd down and McCallister takes it for a couple. 3rd down and 7 and Oh, MY! BREES AIRS IT OUT DEEP FOR COLSTON WHO MAKES THE CATCH AND THE PACK ARE NOT.....GONNA.....GET HIM! INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! The extra point is good and our shoot out has turned into a blowout. 45-21 Saints.

Whoa! Colston nearly had a DeSean Jackson moment. I'm surprised the Pack didn't challenge that. That would have been a touchback and Green Bay ball! Blackmon takes the kickoff only to the 14. 1st and 10 for Green Bay and Jordy Nelson makes the catch to the 20. 2nd and 4 and Rodgers is a couple yards shy of a first. 3rd and 2 and how in the blue fucking hell are the Saints 5-5? This team looks like the' 07 Patriots tonight.

Rodgers connects with Driver and the Pack finally have a first down this quarter. 1st and 10 and Rodgers is incomplete. 2nd and 10 and it's nearly picked off again.

"Meanwhile the Lions season continues." - Mike Tirico

"A tradition unlike any other." - Mike Tirico on the Lions losing. Or the Masters. Wouldn't surprise me if they talk about that here.

3rd down and Rodgers finds Humphrey for a gain of 31 and a big third down. Rodgers to Nelson and he gets 8.

That's the end of the third quarter. The Saints have blown this one open, leading the Pack 45-21.

2nd and 2 and Rodgers pass is knocked down at the line and it's 3rd and 2 for Green Bay. 3rd and 2, Rodgersfrom the gun goes deep for Ruvell Martin but it's incomplete. 4th and 2 and the Pack will go for it. Rodgers from the gun, they hand it off to Jackson whose forward progress gets them a first down. Timeout New Orleans. 1st and 10 from the NO 33 and Rodgers is SACKED! Loss of 8.

"Cedrick Ellis, who is auditioning for Warren Sapp's role on Dancing with the Stars." - Mike Tirico

2nd and 18 and Rodgers throws a strike to Jackson for a first down WHO GETS HIS CLOCK CLEANED AND SOMEHOW MANAGES TO HANG ON TO THE BALL!

"I don't think I would have hung on to catch." - Dr. Kornheiser

1st and 10 from the NO 17 and Rodgers slides at the 11 for a gain of about 6. 2nd and 5 for the Pack and Rodgers will scramble again and pick up a first down at the 5.

"This is the Packers' version of the wildcat." - Ron Jaworski

So QB draws = wildcat? Rodgers on 1st down connects with RUVELL MARTIN IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Pack going for 2 and Rodgers AGAIN PASSES IT TO MARTIN AND HE CATCHES IT AND THE CONVERSION IS GOOD! 45-29 Saints over the Packers.

"He's wearing a blue sharpie instead of a red one." - Dr. Kornheiser (Via SSR)

He's that desparate for talking points, eh? I knew we had a lot of points this week, but damn, more points this week than any other week in the NFL. Wow!

ONSIDE KICK IS RECOVERED BY THE SAINTS! Saints ball at the 42. Thomas on the carry takes it to the 35 for a gain of 7. 2nd and 3. Brees hands to Thomas who get a couple. 3rd and 1 now for Nawlins. Saints toss to Thomas and the Pack bring him dowin in the backfield and that's big. Let's see what the Saints do. They're going for it on 4th and 1. Handoff to Thomas and he gets the first down!

1st down and WATCH OUT! THOMAS BREAKS FREE AND HE'S GONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! They're going for 2 to try to completely cancel out the Pack score but McAllister is stuffed in the backfield. 51-29 Saints.

"Are they trying to get a higher rating on the BCS standings?" - Dr. Kornheiser

Will Blackmon takes the kickoff to the 29 and here comes Rodgers back on the field, down by 22. Rodgers over the middle and Jennings makes the catch 48. 1st and 15 after a false start penalty and Martin makes the catch for a gain of 10. 2nd and 5 and Rodgers throws to Jennings who dances along the sidelines for a big gain. Jackson takes it to the NO 24. Rodgers throws a bullet in the endzone that falls incomplete.

"Will you bite my head off, Jaws, if I mention Brett Favre one more time?" - Dr. Kornheiser
"Yes!" - Jaws


Rodgers overfires again and it's 3rd and 10. Rodgers under pressure and SACKED! 4th and 16 and the Pack are going for it. Rodgers with all day to throw and he heaves one to the endzone that's INTERCEPTED! And I think you can call this one a game. But alas, I'll continue!

"I hear we're inviting Jimmy Kimmel back. The ban has been lifted." - Mike Tirico

And that's when you know you have a blowout. 1st and 10 gets a yard. Bell again on the carry, gets a couple this time. 3rd and 6 and Bell takes the hand off and gets 3. Sheesh, how many running backs can one team have? Timeout New Orleans.

Anyone sensing a Monday Night miracle? It's the Saints defense, it can happen. Blackmon takes the punt to the GB 45. 1st and 10 and Rodgers pass for Driver is incomplete. Rodgers is SACKED on 2nd down and the miracle is looking more and more unlikely, especially as the Pack are just running the clock out. Rodgers on 3rd and 19 misses his target. 4th and 19 and I just want to see more points.

Damn, they punt. 1st and 10 from the NO 39 and here comes Mark Brunnel who backed up Brett Favre. The fun never ends! DRINK!

Good thing that I myself don't drink cause otherwise I'd be completely shitfaced right about now. 2-minute warning.

"Becuase you can't watch every single game, we'll show you highlights." - Stu Scott

Bell gets the carry for a yard. 3rd and 11 and Bell stumbles back to the line of scrimmage and we'll get one more chance to see some points as the Pack are gonna get the ball back.

Blackmon muffed the punt, got it back, and took it to the 24. And we have a Matt Flynn sighting. That play gets a yard.

And that's it. In the 5th highest scoring game in MNF history, the Saints beat the Packers 51-29. Thank you for sticking this one out with me, SSR will be live blogging MNF next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all, good night and good luck!

Ugh, Stu Scott just said "Nawlins"...

Monday Night Football Live Blog Green Bay @ New Orleans, 1st Half

Are you ready for some football? Some Monday Night Football? Well I certainly am and this one should be a dandy.

My prediction: Packers 38, Saints 35. Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments section.

The fun gets underway at 8:30. See you then!

Steve: Green Bay
Emmitt: Green Bay
Stuart: New Orleans
Coach: Green Bay
Key: New Orleans
Cris: Green Bay
TJ: Green Bay
Boomer: Green Bay

Tony with a lot of hyperbole already. (Via 49er16)

That surprises you somehow? Hyperbole is the Doc's speciality.

"Feels a little different than last week in open-air Buffalo where it was minus 45 degrees." - Dr. Kornheiser

More hyperbole!

The kickoff is taken to the 21 and here comes Aaron Rodgers. 1st and 10 and Rodgers throws to Jennings for 5.

"It's the Sarah Palin moment for John McCain." - Dr. Kornheiser on the Pack switching to Rodgers.

Methinks the Doc loves Sarah Palin. Grant takes the run for a couple on 2nd down and it's 3rd and short for the Pack. Timeout Green Bay. 3rd and short and Rodgers tries to get it to Driver but it's incomplete and on will come Frost to punt and it's downed at the 23.

Deuce McAllister takes the 1st down carry for a yard which he loses and then one more on 2nd down. 3rd and 11 for Nawlins and Brees will throw for the first time and it's incomplete for Pierre Thomas.

"This is what Green Bay will do to you, spread you out with 3 wide receivers."-Jaws Ummm, Jaws, doesn't every NFL team do that? (Via J)

Yeah, yeah they do. The punt by Pakulak is taken by Blackmon all the way into Saints territory at the 37! Rodgers throw is incomplete on 1st down. Screen to Ryan Grant on 2nd down puts the Packers a couple yards short of the marker.

Ryan Grant with a big run on 3rd down and they are at the NO 12! Grant takes the carry on 1st down for 6.

"It's kind of a prehistoric formation" - Jaws on the I-Formation

Yeah, when cavemen played football, they used the I. Grant picks up a 1st down and it's 1st and goal for the Pack at the 2.

Kuhn on the carry gets to the 1. They hand it off again to the full back and HE GETS IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY! Crosby connects with the extra point and it's 7-0 Packers.

Who knew Tony would know more about hockey than football? (Via 49er16)

Dr. Kornheiser knows more about quantum physics then football. Coby takes the kickoff to the his own 30 and Brees will come back on the field.

Does ground beef taste the same as beef on the ground? It's a question I ponder everyday.

On 1st down, Brees passes it to Lance Moore who MAKES THE CATCH AND RUNS AWAY FROM EVERYBODY INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! Hartley kicks the PAT and it's tied at 7.

"At least you know there's a crowd here." - Tony Kornheiser (Via SSR)

Oh yeah, so many empty seats. Kickoff is taken to the 30 and Grant is stuffed in the backfield on 1st down for a loss of 6! Rodgers pass is knocked down on 2nd down. 3rd and 16 for the Pack. Rodgers throws it down the seam on 3rd down and it's nearly picked off. Frost shanks one out of bounds and the Saints will have the ball at the Pack 41.

"Tonight Bobby McCrae is going to have to play well." - Jaws (Via SSR who wants to be killed.)

From the GB 41, Brees fires it to Pierre Thomas who gets to the outside Pierre Thomas who takes it to the GB 27. Jeremy Shockey sighting! He catches the 2nd down pass for 3 yards. Pierre Thomas catches one for the 1st down at the 13.

"That's a pretty graphic." - Dr. Kornheiser

No comment. Brees throws over the middle to Devry Henderson who takes it to the 4 and is a yard shy of the marker.

"He's completing passes to guys found on Bourbon Street." - Dr. Kornheiser
"Bourbon Street?" - Jaws
"Well maybe St. Louis Street" - Dr. Kornheiser

Pierre Thomas takes the handoff AND HE TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! The PAT is good and the Saints now lead 14-7.

"They rushed only 3. That means they dropped 8 into coverage." - Jaws...who think our football intelligence is no higher than a Turkey. (Via SSR)

Gobble Gobble. Blackmon takes the kickoff to the 28 and on 1st down Rodgers scrambles for 7. Grant and Rodgers each pick up 2 for a GB 1st down. Grant bounces one to the outside and he picks up 6. 2nd and 4 and Rodgers drops back and Jennings just dropped a touchdown pass!

3rd and 4 and Rodgers from the gun finds Driver who takes it all the way to the 30! 25 yards on that one and here come the Pack.

"McCarthy with a red pen today. I don't know if this a political statement." - Tony Kornheiser He is on fire tonight, and my TV could be the same if he keeps up with this. (Via SSR)

Grant gets a yard on 1st down. 2nd and 9 and a gain of 8 by Grant and it's 3rd and a yard. Timeout Nawlins.

"Gotta get a little rub element there." - Jaws (Via SSR)

"11 seconds left in the longest 1st quarter in the NFL. This game's been going on for an hour." - Dr. Kornheiser

Um, you hit the air at 8:30 ET. It's now 9:20 ET. You've been on the air for less than 50 minutes, and remember, the 10-minute open? Sigh.....3rd and one and Grant has the first down.

That's the end of the first quarter and the Saints lead the Packers 14-7.

"A shot of Brees. He may pass Dan Marino tonight." - Dr. Kornheiser

1st and 10 from the 21 and Rodgers completes it to Driver who seriously looked like he was being humped by Young on that tackle. 2nd and 1 and Rodgers hands it to Grant who takes it to the 7 and another Green Bay first down. Rodgers drops back on first down AND HE THROWS IT TO GREG JENNINGS IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! The extra point is good and we're now tied at 14.

Why is there a blimp for a dome game? Phone call, be back in a bit.

Sorry about that. The Saints have an impressive drive going and that carry by McAllister puts them at the GB 23. Thomas takes it to the outside and he'll pick up a first down at the 14! 1st and 10 and Brees drops back and connects with LANCE MOORE AT THE 3, TURNS AROUND AND GOES AIRBORNE INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS! The PAT is up and through and the Saints lead 21-14.

Well it took awhile, but these two, as expected are lighting it up now. Kickoff is taken by Blackmon to the 17. 1st down Grant picks up 4. 2nd down and Grant picks up another 4 and it's 3rd and 2. Rodgers rolls out and connects with Driver for a Packer first down. Rodgers airs it out way deep for Jennings.....Incomplete! Overthrew him. I spy with my little eye a non-pass interference call. Rodgers finds Jennings on the pass for a gain of 9 and it's 3rd and 1.

Grant busts one up the middle and he has a Packer first down at the GB 48! Grant takes the handoff on 1st down into Nawlins territory.

"Green Bay was so desperate in their runniing bakc search." - Mike Tirico

Yeah, that generally happens when you turn to Samkon Gado. Rodgers throws it deep and he finds Jennings for a 22 yard catch to the Saint 26! And here we go again. Grant picks up a yard on 1st down. 2nd and 9 and Rodgers from the gun connects with Donald Lee who's a yard shy of the yard marker.

Favre reference by Dr. Kornheiser! DRINK! 3rd and a yard. Rodgers hands it off to Brandon Jackson and will you look at that Andy Reid? A big running back who easily plows his way through the pile for a 1st down on a 3rd and short situation. How incredible is that! Sorry about that, no more. I promise.

Grant picks up a yard on 1st down and that's the 2-minute warning. Pack ball at the 12 when we come back.

"40:30 that's the number that sticks out to me. The amount of time the Jets had the ball." - Mike Tirico
"I thought you were talking about today's score." - Dr. Kornheiser

Rodgers to Grant on 2nd down and that picks up 4. Timeout Saints. 3rd and 6. Will the Pack convert again on 3rd down? Rodgers out of the gun, can't find a man, SCRAMBLES AND FINDS HIS WAY INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY! The PAT is good and now we're tied at 21.

"He laid out, nothing touched the ground." - Ron Jaworski

And now we've got more Favre talk! DRINK TIL YOU DIE!

"They're a high-fiveing, back slapping bunch of guys." - Jaws
"I agree and I know you're going to poo-poo this..." - Dr. Kornheiser

Ah, I love a good poo-poo. Rody takes the kickoff return AND HE BOUNCES TO THE OUTSIDA AND TAKES IT ALL THE WAY TO THE PACKER 32!

Shockey makes the catch for the first down inside the redzone having dragged a Packer for 5 yards. Brees over the middle for Moore for 5. Thomas picks up 7 and the Saints have a first down at the Packer 5.

False start on the Saints move them back 5. And once again Drew Brees is threatening Donovan McNabb's record of 22 consecutive completions. It was over 2 games, but that's the record. 1st and goal for the Saints and Brees throws an incompletion. You can thank me later, Donovan. Brees under pressure, still alive, and he fires one into the endzone but it's incomplete!

Here's Hartley from 30-yards out. It's up....IT'S GOOD! 24-21 Saints.

"That would have been good all the way from 32." - Dr. Kornheiser

Jordy Nelson takes the kickoff to the 25 and that's the end of the 1st half.

One half down and one to go. The Saints lead the Packers 24-21 at the break and I will see you in the second half thread.

Week 12 Eagles Recap

Normally I'd get this up earlier in the day but because of my busy schedule, this is just now the first time I have had ample time to collect my thoughts on the game and write them down in a nice paragraph form without every word being preceeded by profanity.

Well now it's over, and that was bad. I can describe that game in 6 words. We suck. We suck. We suck.

Well, most of the Eagles suck at least. The Eagles' defense once again played a very good game, but they received absolutely no help from the offense with all of their turnovers. There is no rational way you can blame the defense for last night's clusterfuck. Heck, even our special teams showed up. Kickoff return for a TD, but what does that get you when Ed Reed returns a poorly thrown Kolb pass 108-yards for a TD. Yeah, exactly.

And now the Eagles' controversy du jour. Should the Eagles have benched Donovan McNabb? I say no. It was a three point game at the time, at the end of the half, McNabb looked like he was finally getting into a rhythm. And when Kolb came in you could just tell that the Eagles' morale was so low. It was something that they could not overcome and it showed.

The Eagles next game is Thursday and Donovan McNabb will in fact be the starter against the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving. If you're a Philly fan in Philly who still wants to see the Eagles but don't get the NFL Network, the game will be simulcast on 6ABC. I'll have more on this and a full preview of this game Wednesday afternoon and a recap on Friday but (tragically) there will be no live blog. Thanksgiving is a day that should be spent with friends and family, not alone in front of computers typing up play-by-play of an Eagles game.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night Football Colts @ Chargers Live Blog 2nd Half

Manning face! The Colts and the Chargers are tied at 10 as we get set to start the 2nd half at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. Sproles takes the kick to the 34. 1st down is a pass to Chambers who picks up 13 and a 1st down. Tomlinson on 1st down up the middle and he picks up 20! 1st down and here's Sproles! All the way to the Indy 12, a gain of 21! Tomlinson goes nowhere this time and the Colts can breath a little.

LT gets a couple on 2nd down and it's 3rd and 7 but wait, false start, it's now 3rd and 12. Rivers from the gun under pressure, Rivers is sacked AND THE BALL'S OUT AND RECOVERED BY RAHEEM BROCK WHO TAKES IT TO THE INDY 34!

"You got a strip, you got a fumble, and you have a recovery."-Al Michaels (Via 49er16)

Was Al describing the play or his sex life? Anyway, Manning completes it to Addai for 4 yards and on 2nd down he hits him for 2. 3rd down he finds Addai again, this time it's for 8 yards and a first down. Addai gets the carry and he picks up a couple. 2nd and 8 and Manning audibles into the gun and passes to Addai who takes it the the SD 46 for 4 yards.

Colts in the hurry up, 3rd and 4, Manning is dancing around with those audibles and finallyh he gest it off for Gonzalez who makes the catch AND TAKES IT ALL THE WAY TO THE SD 17! Gain of 29 and almost all of those can be attributed to Gonzalez's running after the catch. 1st down goes for a yard on the carry by Rhoads.

2nd down and Manning finds Clark for 8 and a timeout is called. Sorry for the seemingly lack of break in paragraphs, Blogger is bunches everything up whenever I click away. 3rd and 1 and Rhoads picks up the first down....REACHES FOR THE GOALLINE....JUST SHORT! 1st and goal. Handoff to Rhoads and he loses yards. Shovel pass on 2nd down and the Chargers get another stop. Timeout Colts who barely got it in before the play clock struck double 0. And it looks like Manning face is going to have to go. It was fine before I added that picture. Or not. Ugh.

Manning hands it off to Rhoads and he is STUFFED BY THE CHARGERS! 4th and goal and let's see what the Colts do. They're going for it. Manning from the gun, barely beats the play clock, and throws it to A WIDE OPEN RHOADS WHO MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN COLTS! The Extra point is good and the Colts lead the Chargers, 17-10.

And it looks like my problem's been fixed. Odd. Sproles takes the kickoff to the 27 and that's where the Chargers will set up shot. Remember when Eli Manning was in those Citizen Eco-Drive commercials? Good times....good times.

"Even if the market goes down 1,000 points this week, it will still be better to week than those guys." - Al Michaels as the cameras shows some turkeys.

Tomlinson picks up 8 on first down. Gates catches the 2nd down pass for a first down to the Charger 44. Rivers hands to Tomlinson and he picks up 4. 2nd and 6 and Rivers from the shot gun is sacked back at the 44! 3rd and 10 now for the San Diego Super Chargers.

"Right into the sack of Robert Mathis." - John Madden

Poor Robert Mathis! Rivers tries to dump it to Tomlinson but it's incomplete and it's 4th down. Scifres' sky high punt is fair caught at the 18. Addai on the carry picks up 3. 2nd and 7 and damn, the Colts schedule looks easy. Cleveland, Cincinnai, Jacksonville, and Detroit. Dallas Clark makes the catch for 4 yards and bowls over some guy on the sideline in the provess. Manning on 3rd down and we will have to wait to see that play. Manning had no idea that the quarter had ended.

We've played 3 in San Diego and the Colts lead the Bolts by a score of 17-10.

3rd and 3 from their own 25 and Manning overthrows everyone, but wait, there's a flag down. Pass interference on the Chargers but no way that ball was catchable. Colts ball at their own 41 and MANNING IS SACKED! Loss of 5. 2nd and 5 and Addai picks up 8. 3rd and 7 coming up for Indy and Manning from the shot gun fires incomplete intended for Clark. Hold everything, we have another pass interference flag on the Chargers. Colts ball at the 50.

This game is quick. (Via SSR)

Agreed. A false start backs the Colts up 5 and on 1st and 15 Manning passes to Harrison for 3 yards. Manning fires and it is ruled incomplete although the Chargers and Chargers fans think that that should have been a catch and a fumble and I agree with said team and fans.

3rd and 12 and Manning finds Gonzalez for a first down at the 37. Gain of 5 on 1st down and on 2nd down Addai up the midde picks up the first. From the 20, Manning fires for the endzone but it's incomplete. 2nd and 10 and Manning form the shotgun overthrows Addai and it's now 3rd and 10 and the Chargers need a stop because this game has quickly turned into Chargers vs. Colts and Refs.

Manning under pressure, just gets it away but it's incomplete. And will come Adam Vinatieri. From 38 yards out. It's up.....AND IT'S DRILLED THROUGH! 20-10 Colts have doubled up the Chargers.

"Great QBs make big plays on 3rd down." - John Madden This man is making millions of dollars to tell me that. (Via SSR)

Did you learn something? I for one, had no idea that that was something great QBs did....The kickoff is taken by Sproles to the San Diego 30. Rivers to Tomlinson and it picks up 7. 2nd down and Rivers finds Chambers for a first. 1st and 10 from the SD 45 and LT picks up 3. Cris Chambers makes the catch on 2nd down and he's just shy of the first.

What is it with announcers being on camera with one standing and one sitting. LT picks up the 1st down on 3rd and short. They needed a yard. They got a yard. Jackson makes the catch inside the 30 to a 28 for another SD 1st down!

Rivers to Jacob Hester and he picks up 5. Amd right now Uncle Gary is shocked to learn that this is why LSU hasn't been handing the ball off to him. Rivers scrambling, looking for a man and he decides to take off and pick up the first down all the way to the 13! Slowest 9 yards ever. Rivers to Hester over the middle and he gets another 9 yards to the 4. LT on the carry is just short of the marker. 3rd and inches Tomlinson gets the first down, but not the TD.

1st and goal for the Chargers and they need to start hurrying. Rivers passes it to Jacob Hester who MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! The extra point is good and it's now 20-17 Colts.

Think Norv will kick an on-side kick? He's probably dumb enough to do it this early. (Via Walnuts)

We'll see. I don't think he'd do it but it wouldn't surprise me if he did. And I agree SSR, this has been a well played game throughout. Very entertaining.

Simpson takes the kickoff to the Indy 30 and on will come Peyton to kill the clock. Addai picks up 5 on the 1st down carry and there's 5:10 remaining on the clock in counting. 2nd and 5 and Manning from the gun will throw and it's caught by Addai just short of the marker. And this is big. 3rd and 1 for the Colts.

Manning hands it off to Addai who is brought down in the backfield! The Chargers get the stop they needed and this is quickly becoming the Chargers' game to lose.

"Hunter Smith bangs one deep" - Al Michaels

and it's taken by Pierre Garcon (cue French joke) to the 13. Rivers swings it to Gates who gains 6. 2nd and 4 and Rivers throws it to Tomlinson on the screen and he takes it all the way to the SD 34! 2:38 to go. 1st and 10 and Rivers finds Chambers who makes the catch at the SD 48 for another first down!

Rivers to Sproles and he picks up 11 on the swing pass! He was wide open! And we are at the 2-minute warning. Chargers driving, down by 3, all 3 timeouts intact. This one's finishing up in bold, folks. (sorry for that channeling of Brent Musberger)

1st and 10 for the Chargers and Rivers fires for Gates and it's incomplete. 2nd and 10 coming up. Al said it best. The Chargers need to score a TD while milking as much time as possilbe.

2nd and 10 and we have a false start on the Chargers. That hurts. 2nd and 15. Rivers throws it to Tomlinson who DROPS IT! How costly is that! He had them in field goal range if he makes that catch. Rivers on 3rd and 15 and the pass is caught by Manumaleuna who reaches for the 1st down marker and is just short!

Here comes Nate Kaeding, to tie the game. From 47 yards out....IT'S UP, AND.....IT'S GOOD! KAEDING HAS TIED THIS GAME AT 20!

Here's Simpson from the 14 to the 29 yard line. And here's Peyton Manning with a 2-minute drill. I'd be scared if I were San Diego. His first pass is caught by Gonzalez for a gain of 13. Manning fires again and it's incomplete.

2nd and 10 and Clark makes the catch for a gain of 5. 3rd and 5 and the clock's ticking Manning throws it to Harrison who makes the catch but they're short of the marker! Wait, they've given him the first after all! No, wait again, it's being reviewed! Holy cow!

"What Indianapolis will have to do on 4th down is decide what to do." - Al Michaels

Thanks for the insight! And they've got a spot but they have to measure it! From the replay, it looks like there was no way he got it, but let's see what the measurement says....


That took guts. They hand off to Addai who doesn't get much. They have to spike it, and they do with 2 seconds left! And on will come Vinatieri for a chance at retribution from last year.

Timeout San Diego.


Thank you all for joining me for this live-blog. This was a fun one and it put me in a better mood after watching the Eagles debacle. Good night and good luck.

Sunday Night Football Colts @ Chargers Live Blog 1st Half

Well, it looks like I will be in place of AA today who has not showed himself at all. He must be drunk with happiness as his Redskins barely beat those dominating Seahawks that are always impossible to stop. We will be getting underway at 8:15. See you then!

John Madden just looks so strange in brown jackets. I don't know, he just looks different. And ironically enough, Qualcomm Stadium was playing Faith Hill's "I've Been Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" behind Al and John as they were talking. Either that or we had a technical problem, in which case, this will be a long night. Kickoff coming up next!

Colts have won the toss and elected to receive. The smoke from the fireworks dissipates and we are underway. Kickoff is taken by Simpson to the 28 and on first down Manning passes to Gonzalez to the Indy 43 for a first down. 1st and 10 and Addai picks up a couple. 2nd and 8 and Manning fires to Marvin Harrison who makes the catch inbounds for another Colts first down, this time in Charger territory at the 45. But wait, did Harrison only have one foot down?

The Chargers challenged it but the ruling on the field stands much to the chagrin of the San Diego fans. Let me tell you what, if that's ruled out of bounds, I don't know if it gets overturned.

Norv "The Master of Challenging Bad Plays" Turner (Via 49er16)

He does have some competition though, no doubt about that. 1st and 10 for the Colts and Manning fires to Harrison for 4. 2nd and 6 and the Colts hand off to Addai and he is stoned at the SD 40. No gain and it's 3rd and 6.

Manning fires and it's incomplete as he was trying to hit Dallas Clark. On comes Hunter Smith to punt it away and Darren Sproles to return it. Fair catch called for and made at the 9.

LT takes the carry on 1st down and picks up 6. 2nd and 4 and Rivers hands it off to Tomlinson for a yard and it's 3rd down and 3. Rivers from the gun fires deep and Malcolm Floyd reaches out to catch it but it's not enough. Incomplete and the Chargers will punt it away. Here's Scifres to punt it away and Ratliff fair catches the very high punt.

1st and 10 from the 43 and Manning from the gun is under pressure and misses his target. Is it just me or is Al talking at a 100 words a second? 2nd down and Addai gets stuffed. 3rd down and Manning completes it but it's way short of the marker so Hunter Smith will come on to punt after the three and out.

"He comes from Johnson." - John Madden

Don't we all? Rivers fires to Chambers for a gain of 5 on 1st down. 2nd and 5 and LT takes it up the middle and it appears he is just short of the marker. Tomlinson gets the carry on 3rd down and he's tripped up in the back field. Here comes Scifres to punt and he gets off a good one that Ratliff returns to the Indy 33.

1st and 10 for Manning and the Colts and he hands to Addai who gets 5. 2nd down and Manning fires one that's caught by Addai and he picks up 4. 3rd and a yard and Manning takes a timeout as the play clock was winding down. Here we go, 3rd and 1 and Mannig fakes it to Addai, fires deep, and it's CAUGHT BY REGGIE WAYNE AT THE SD 32! First down Colts.

Manning gives it to Addai who gets 6 and it's 2nd and 4. Manning throws it to Addai and he picks up a first down at the 21. Hand-off to Addai and he picks up another 6. 2nd and 4 from the SD 15. Manning fires a quickey over the middle for Gonzales and it's incomplete. 3rd and 4. Manning out of the gun fires to Dallas Clark who makes the catch and dives for the marker....1st down Colts!

1st and goal from the 10 and Manning fires incomplete. Manning hands it off on 2nd and goal and that loses yards. 3rd goal from the 13. Manning fires to Wayne who catches it at the 7 and advances to the 5 and "the worst pass defense in the NFL" gets the stop.

And here comes Vinatieri from 23 yards out. It's up.....AND IT'S GOOD! 3-0 Colts.

Does he drink the whole milk after the oreo lick race with his brother. (Via 49er16)

Of course he does. And come on people, Manning drink? He's too whole-some to do that. Get it? Whole-some? Milk joke? Sigh.....

1st and 10 and LT picks up 8 on the carry. 2nd down goes nowhere. 3rd and short and Rivers finds FLOYD TO THE LEFT FOR A GAIN OF 31 INTO COLT TERRITORY! And that big play will end the first quarter.

At the end of the first quarter, Colts lead the Bolts 3-0.

1st down and Rivers connects with Manumaleuna who gets turned into a helicopter but he picks up a first. Rivers dumps it off to Gate and he has a first down at the Indy 20. So far not many highlights from Al and John this evening. If you catch something, feel free to add it to the comment section.

Tomlinson takes it to the right for a couple and it's 2nd and 8 and Rivers hands to Sproles who gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage. 3rd and 8 for the Chargers and Rivers from the gun finds Sproles for a couple.

"He starts up, gets in to him." - John Madden

Here comes Kaeding for a 35-yard field goal. From 35 yards out, it's up and....BANG! IT'S GOOD! 3-3.

Kickoff is taken from the 4 by Simpson who makes a few man miss and he takes it all the way to 33. 1st and 10 and Manning fakes to Rhoads then throws it to him for a couple. 2nd and 8 and there's a flag for a false start. 2nd and 13. Manning throws it to Harrison who makes the catch for 8. 3rd and 5 for the Colts. Manning fires to Gonzalez who backs himself past the marker and picks up an Indy first down! Great effort there.

1st and 10 and Manning fires deep and IT'S INTERCEPTED BY QUENTIN JAMMER! Chargers ball at their own 11 as we got a look at Manning face.....DRINK!

LT up the middle on 1st down and he picks up 3.

"That ball was poorly thrown or underthrown." - John Madden

There's a difference? 2nd and 7 and Rivers' pass falls incomplete. 3rd and 7 and Rivers from the gun fires for a wide open Malcolm Floyd who takes it to the SD 37 yard line. Damn, even Jarrett Lee could have made that catch. LT on 1st down gets 6. 2nd and 4 and Rivers will scramble past the 1st down marker before sliding down to avoid the hit. 1st and 10 Tomlinson loses a yard. 2nd and 11 and Rivers finds Chambers for 10 yards and he's just short of the marker. 3rd and inches and they hand off to Tomlinson who takes it past the Colt 40 for the first down. 1st and 10 and Rivers fires it deep and it's CAUGHT BY JACKSON AT THE 3, TURNS AROUND, AND FALLS INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN CHARGERS! The PAT is up and good and it's 10-3 Chargers.

Double coverage, triple coverage, all kindsa coverage...Madden's on a roll tonight. (Via JamesCraven)

Madden is to coverage as Jaws is to penetration. Dawson on the kickoff return and the big defensive linemen takes it to the Indy 29. 1st and 10 and Manning fires incomplete.

"It's important for everyone to have hand signals." - John Madden

2nd and 10 and the Colts will gain 5 free yards courtesy of Marcus Harris' neutral zone infraction. 2nd and 5 and Manning fires for Dallas Clark who picks up 4 thus setting up a 3rd and 1. Manning hands it off to Addai WHO GETS A FIRST DOWN AND THEN SOME AND HE TAKES IT ALL THE WAY TO THE sd 39! Pick up of 23 and on 1st down Manning throws it to Rhoads who gets 5 on the completion. On 2nd down it's Rhoads getting stopped at the line of scrimmage. 3rd down coming up for the Colts.

Manning from the shotgun throws it to Rhoads who gets a first down and takes it all the way to the SD 21. 2-minute warning.

Is that really Rosie or was it Calliendo in drag? (Via Mal)

Most likely Rosie, because not even Caliendo would do that. But then again, you never know. You can never tell with Rosie and/or Frank. 1st down for the Colts from the 21 but they'll be moved back 5 because of the false start. Rhoads on the carry bounces it to the outside and takes it all the way to the SD 12 for a pick up of 13! 2nd and short and Rhoads is stood up for no gain. 3rd and short coming up.

Manning from the gun and he takes a timeout.

"reverting back to my days playin', 'oops' was a good word". (Via Mal)

Nowadays it's "My bad". 3rd and and short and Manning fires to a wide open Gonzalez who MAKES THE CATCH AND WALKS INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN COLTS! Vinatieri's extra point is good and we are tied at 10.

"If Gonzalez starts singing the old Faith Hill song, 'I've Been Waiting All Day for Sunday Night', the ol' Joan Jett tune, you can understand it." - Al Michaels

Kickoff taken past the 22 and Al and John are playing of a game of you can say the word "pick" more often. The Chargers hand off to Tomlinson who gets 7 and Norv Turner is really going conservative here. Rivers fires the most awkward pass I've ever seen into the turf monster.

"Wehn you're 4-6, your head coach is about as popular as a bank CEO." - Al Michaels

3rd down and Tomlinson gets a big gain of 12 to the SD 46 and it might be hail mary time. Instead Rivers throws a quick strike to Chambers for 7.

"I don't know if there is enough time for another play and a field goal try." - John Madden who thinks you can get a play off in 3 seconds.

The hail mary try goes ary as Rivers is hit as he throws it. The ball falls harmlessly into the grass at Qualcomm Stadium and that's the end of the 2nd quarter.

At halftime, the Chargers and the Colts are tied at 10.

See you guys in the 2nd half thread.

Week 12 Eagles @ Ravens Live Blog 2nd Half

Let's hope that kickoff return for a touchdown can light a spark under Donny Mac's ass as that offense desparately needs it. Or better yet, maybe Demps can start us out with another kickoff return for a touchdown.

Demps deep to return the kick but he only takes this one to the 24. And wait, Kevin Kolb is in at quarterback! McNabb's been benched! Holy cow!!! Handoff to Westbrook picks up a couple. 2nd and 8 and Kolb from the shot gun completes it to Brent Celek to the 32. 3rd and 1 and Jackson out of the wild cat picks up a 1st down to the Eagle 44. Kolb rolls out and throws to Baskett who drops it.

2nd and 10 and Kolb hands it off to Westbrook who takes it to the midfield. 3rd and 4 coming up for Kolb. Kolb fires it low and it's incomplete intended for Kevin Curtis. Rocca will come on to punt. Figurs makes the fair catch at the 10-yard line. And let me just say it again, MCNABB HAS BEEN BENCHED!

2nd and 10 for Kolb and he airs it out and it's INTERCEPTED BY SAMARI ROLLE! That ball was underthrown and maybe it would be best if the Eagles bring McNabb back in.

McClain picks up a couple on 1st down. 2nd and 8 and Flacco airs it out for Mark Clayton who takes it all the way to the Eagles 26! 1st and 10. Flacco hands it off to McClain for a yard. 2nd and 9 and McClain picks up a yard. 3rd and 8 coming up.

No gain on 1st down for the Ravens. 2nd and 10 and Le'Ron McClain will pick up a few and it's now 3rd and 5. Flacco out of the gun fires for Mason who has a first down. And Samuel is shaken up again. That should have been called for offensive pass interference. Damn, the Ravens got away with one there.

Flacco throws on first down and it's incomplete. Flacco on 2nd down and it's caugh by Mason who takes it to the 46. 1st and 10 and McClain loses yards. 2nd and 11 coming up. False start on the Ravens and it's now 2nd and 16.

And let me just say this, as bad as the Eagles' offense has been, for the 2nd week in a row the Eagles have been playing very solid on defense. 2nd and 16 and Flacco makes a diving catch....behind the line of scrimmage. 3rd and 18 now for Baltimore. Flacco's pass goes off of Ray Rice's hands and is incomplete. And here comes "the hardest working man on the field", Sam Koch, the Ravens punter.

Jacson on the return takes it close to the 20. And Kolb's coming back in. 1st and 10 and Kolb throws it incomplete. Holding on the Eagles will make it 1st and 20 now. Kolb rolls out and throws incomplete intended for Baskett. 2nd and 20 and the Kolb hands to Westbrook who loses 3 and now it's 3rd and 23. False start will make it 3rd and even longer. Kolb from the gun has no one open and he will scramble for a few yards and the Eagles will punt. Rocca's punt is BLOCKED FOR THE SAFETY! 12-7 Ravens.

Jets 20 Titans 3.....

Damn, I was looking forward to the battle of the unbeaten vs. the winless on Thanksgiving. It looks like that won't be the case.

Rocca's free kick is taken by Leonard to the BAL 45. And Andy Reid has thrown a challenge flag and what in the blue hell is this? I guess it's nothing as the ref tells us there is no challenge on the play. Interesting. FIRE ANDY REID! From the 46, Flacco hands off to Rice who stumbles for a loss of 3. Penalty on Baltimore but it will be declined. 2nd and 13 and it's caught by Ray Rice who is just short of the marker. An inch short, to be exact. 3rd and inches and a QB sneak by Flacco....THE BALL'S OUT!...and there's mass confusion, but it's ruled that forward progress was stopped. Reid throws the challenge flag again. And Reid is denied the challenge. You can't challenge forward progress, idiot.

Rice on the carry takes it to the 40 and picks up 3. Flacco is hit from behind AND THE BALL'S OUT ABIAMIRI TRIES TO SCOOP AND RUN INSTEAD OF FALLING ON IT AND THE RAVENS RECOVER AT THEIR OWN 36. 3rd and 30 and they just run the ball for a couple. The Ravens will punt it away. Here's Koch and Jackson takes his punt to the 16-yard line.

And the Titans may no longer be undefeated, they trail 27-6. Remember that game that was 17-0 Detroit? Well, it's now 35-20 Tampa Bay. Poor RJBO. Kolb is incomplete on first down and he's not faring much better than McNabb.

Whoa! Somehow half my post got delete! Must have hit backspace as I had stuff highlighted and didn't realize it. Oh well, in summation from where it appears I still have. The Eagles went 3 and out, and the Ravens took the ball and drove down the field however the Eagles D forced the Ravens to kick a field goal.

Stover from 44-yards.....It's up....AND GOOD! 15-7 Ravens.

The kickoff is taken to the 34. Westbrook on the carry and he goes nowhere. I have a question: How come we aren't throwing screen passes to Westbrook? FIRE ANDY REID! Kolb throws it back to Westbrook on the screen but that loses yard with a poor set up and an excellent read by the Ravens defense. 3rd and 14 and I honestly want to see McNabb again. Kolb pumps, scrambles, and throws it away.

Figurs takes the punt to the 25 as we're reminded that the Eagles only have 110 yards against this Ravens defense. Bring back in McNabb and the Eagles there is little doubt in my mind he'll be rejuvenated. Kolb has not sparked the team but I think McNabb will be fired up and determined to prove himself. Sadly, Reid will be stubborn and that most likely won't happen.

Flacco on 1st down from the 40 hands (did I miss a 15-yard penalty?) it off and it goes nowhere. 2nd and 10 and Heap picks up 7. Flacco's pass to Mark Clayton is CAUGHT AND NO ONE WILL COME CLOSE TO CATCHING HIM! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS! The PAT is up and good and it's 22-7 Ravens.

Sigh...this is just getting worse and worse and worse for the Eagles. I'd still bring McNabb back in, Kolb has done nothing. Not that McNabb was better, but now he has motivation and at least he's proven himself in the past.

Demps from the 2 and he gets up to the 30 and let's see which inept QB steps on the field. It's Kevin Kolb who completes a pass to DeSean Jackson for a 1st down. 1st down and another completion for Jackson who gets it across midfield for 7. 2nd and 3 and Kolb completes it to Jackson again to the Raven 37. Andy Reid's new plan: Get the ball to DeSean Jackson. And guess what, I like it!

1st and 10 and Westbrook breaks a run and he takes it to the Raven 25. 1st and 10 and Kolb to Jackson for another 1st down at the Raven 14! 1st and 10 and that pass is complete to Brent Celek down to the 5-yard line with a pick up of 9.

2nd and 1 and Westbrook takes the carry to the 1! And as JamesCraven would say, "Can I get a Carl Lewis 'uh-oh'?". We've seen how this has gone before.

1st and goal Kolb can't get it in with the sneak. 2nd down and Kolb's gonna throw it and it's INTERCEPTED BY ED REED WHO WILL NOT BE CAUGHT AS EAGLE AFTER EAGLE AFTER GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKIN' EAGLE WHIFFS ON A TACKLE! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS! The PAT is good and it's 29-7 Ravens.

This sucks. Ass.

Great, a 108-yard interception return is a record. I don't know if I can do this anymore.

And in all seriousness, I honestly think I'm rooting for the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC. I like the underdog. Really. It's that bad.

Westbrook gets 4 on first down and where was that play on the goal line? 2nd down is incomplete intended for Avant deep. 3rd and 6 and Kolb rolls out and scrambles for 5. Why couldn't he have done that on the goal lne? Ugh! This is......pathetic.

Eagles go for it on 4th and 2, can't say I disagree, but it's incomplete and the Eagles turn the ball over on downs. Oh yay, I've never been so depressed to not be switched over to the late game.

Sigh....Super Bowl picks anyone?

McClain gashes one all the way to the 1. Now we'll see how you're supposed to run a goalline offense.

1st down and goal and they hand it off inside to Lorenzo Neal who gets stuffed. Who knows what would have happened had the Eagles handed off to Klecko?

McClain demonstrates the benefits of having a big running back, something the Eagles do not have as he drags 2 Eagles into the endzone for the touchdown. The extra point is good and it's now 36-7 Ravens.

And now Darren Howard's hurt. Could this game get any worse?

And right now the only thing close to keeping me optimistic about football is the fact that my college is in the quarterfinals in the Division II playoffs. Andy Reid stated in a meeting that jobs would be on the line, meaning the players, but I'm telling you, do not be surprised if Reid is fired this week. Yeah, I know Reid and Lurie have gay sex every opportunity they get, but surely, surely, they must see that Reid no longer is, nor in the future will he ever be effective. He has failed his team miserably. He had it with T.O., but ever since that fall-out this team just has never been anywhere close to anything resembling as Super Bowl.

Who do you guys think should be the new head coach in Philly? Interim, I'd give it to Jim Johnson. He's long deserved a head coaching job in this league. And maybe, if there's an inch of improvement, he'll get the job long-term. I'd probably find a new offensive coordinator, Marty's improvements were short-term and have not had a lasting effect.

Congratulations to John Harbaugh for beating your old team. He has done a good job with the Ravens, turning that team around. I wish him and the Baltimore Ravens all the best in the future. While the Eagles do suck, they do deserve the win.

Final score: Ravens 36, Eagles 7.

If I feel like it, I'll have more on this tomorrow. And Ryan brings up the possiblity of A.J. Feeley starting. At this point, I can't say I wouldn't want to see it. Thanks for hanging with me if you did or if the people at your station were complete douches and did not switch over. If AA does not show up tonight, I may live-blog tonights Sunday Night Football game. Depends on how I get over this loss in the upcoming hours.

Good night and good luck.

Week 12 Eagles @ Ravens Live Blog 1st Half

Well, it's that time. Time for us Eagles fans to get all excited over a team only to get let down again. If we play like we did against the Bungles, I shutter to think what's going to happen. Anyway, here are your Fox picks to get things started.

Frank: Eagles
Jimmy: Eagles
Michael: Ravens
Howie: Eagles
Terry: Eagles

So Brian Urlacher switching deodorants resulted in a switch from being a skinny dweeb to a muscular linebacker. Holy God, there must be steroids in Old Spice deodorant!

The Ravens get the ball to start the game and the ball goes the receiver's legs for a touchback. 1st and 10 for the Ravens and Flacco drops back and it's dropped by Todd Heap. 2nd and 10. Willis McGahee takes the hand off for a short gain and the Eagles have the Ravens in a 3rd and long early. 3rd and 9 and Flacco from the gun will throw to Mason who dropped it! Poor decision by Flacco as there were Eagles all over him.

DeSean Jackson will take the punt to the 40 yard line with a 15-yard return. And here comes Donny Mac and let the clusterfuck begin.

1st and 10 and they give it to Westbrook who gets 6. Imagine that, giving it to your best player. It really is amazing what happens when you do that. 2nd and 4 and MdcNabb will throw for the fullback Dan Klecko who fumbles the ball but it ends up out of bounds. Phew. Looked like he was down anyway. It is 1st and 10 for the Eagles inside Ravens territory and the Eagles are flagged for delay of game.

1st and 15 and McNabb throws it to Jackson who gets 3. 2nd and 12 and McNabb completes it to Curtis who gets a few more there. 3rd down and McNabb gets dropped like a bad habit. Rocca's punt goes out of the endzone for a touchback and the fun is on.

Ravens will win.....Can you just add "Fire Andy Reid" every once in a while? (Via SSR)

Yeah, I think that would work. Let's see, promising start to a drive ends up in a 4th and long punt....FIRE ANDY REID!

Flacco hands to McCalin on 1st down for 7. 2nd down and LaRon McCalin gets a 15-yard carry for a Baltimore first down. 1st and 10 and the Eagles look like they don't know this guy exists. Gain of 6 that time. 2nd and 4 and the Ravens run it again for 3. And Broderick Bunkley is down. Not good. Not good.

What are the chances of another Eagles tie today? (Via Walnuts)

Very high. Trevor Laws comes in in place of Bunkley and the Eagles stop McClain on 3rd and 1! First time that year that's happened. Jackson to return the punt and he catches out of bounds at the 8.

"Defense is ruling right now in this one." - Sam Rosen.

You really expected something different, Sammy?

Upset alert: 7-0 Jets over the Titans. If you bail this game for that one if you get it, I don't blame you. I may end up doing the same if this gets bad. 1st and 10 from their own 8 and McNabb gives to Westbrook for 1 yard. 2nd and 9 and McNabb throws to L.J. Smith out of the flat and he gets 2. 3rd and 6 and at least McNabb is completing passes. He's 4 for 4. McNabb throws it to the turf monster. Yay, I jinxed McNabb!

Yamon Figurs to return the punt but he got belted by Quinten Demps. That looked like it hurt. 1st and 10 for Flacco and the Ravens. And we get an update from Chris Myers saying that Bunkley is unlikely to return. Pick up of a couple on 1st down and on 2nd down Flacco completes it to Mason for a first. 1st and 10 and Hakim Jordan replacing Omar Gaither makes a great play in the backfield and now Asante Samuel is hurt. Flacco on 2nd down and he throws it to the drunk guy in the 2nd row. Holding on the Ravens will make it 2nd and 22.

That pass is incomplete and it's 3rd and a mile. Flacco drops back, caught by Ray Rice but it's only 8 yards and Koch punts one 60 yards that goes into the endzone for a touchback. Yawn.

Upset alert: San Francisco 3, Dallas 0. I laugh at the Cowboys.

Upset alert: Detroit 14, Tampa Bay 0. We've seen how this has gone before.

"Donovan McNabb has not tried to overextend himself." - Sam Rosen.

1st down and the pass is caught by Klecko for the first. And Buckhalter on 1st down picks up 8. And it looks like, according to Tim Ryan, we'll be seeing a lot of him. 2nd and 2 and Buckhalter takes it to the 47 and if he keeps running like this, I won't mind. A gamebreak tells us it's 7-3 Dolphins over Ravens. 1st and 10 and it's a run for a yard. Reid's speciality. 2nd and 9 and McNabb over the middle finds Jason Avant at the Ravens 36! 1st down Eagles. And here we go.

Westbrook picks up 4 on 1st down and that's the end of the 1st quarter. No score, but the Eagles are driving.

McNabb on 2nd down throws it away and it's 3rd and 6 now. McNabb throws and it's bobbled and caught by Hank Baskett for the 1st down! Kendra's happy! 1st and 10 from the Raven 24 and MCNABB IS INTERCEPTED BY JARRETT JOHNSON WHO TAKES IT TO THE EALGE 47! Ugh!

1st and 10 and the Ravens give to Rice who picks up 9. 2nd and 1 and Lorenzo Neal picks up 4 on the carry. And Bunkley will return. Flacco on 1st down he stands in the pocket for forever before throwing it away. 2nd and 10. Flacco throws a screen that's tipped and incomplete. 3rd and 10. And Flacco grew up in New Jersey, which "is not far from [Baltimore]", according to Sam Rosen and a delay of game will back the Ravens up more. 3rd and 15 and Flacco overthrows Todd Heap. 4th down and the Ravens will have to punt. Koch's punt is fair caught by Jackson at the 8.

Upset alerts: Detroit 17, Tampa Bay 0. San Fran 6, Cowgirls 0. New York Bretts 7, Titans 0.

1st and 10 from their own 8 and Westbrook picks up a couple. 2nd and 8 and McNabb with a play action fakc and we see Old-School McNabb pick up 7 on the scramble. We need more of that Donovan! 3rd and 1 and here we go. McNabb play fake and going deep for DeSean Jackson.....INTERCEPTED BY FABIAN WASHINGTON! A deep ball on 3rd and short....FIRE ANDY REID!

When I think 3rd and 1, I think deep ball. (Via SSR)

Tampa scored and that game is now 17-7 for the Lions. RJBO must be drunk with happiness. 1st and 10 from the Eagle 48 and Mike Patterson got a whole lot of penetration on that one. Loss of 5 on that one as Curt updates us that Dallas now leads 7-6. Flacco, under pressure, GETS SACKED! Victor Abiamiri dropped him like a bad habit and on 3rd and a mile Flacco calls a timeout.

"How stupid is this: it's 40 degrees and the cheerleaders are bare midriffed." (Via JamesCraven) I was at a game yesterday where cheerleaders had to expose their legs in 30-degree weather. 3rd and long and COLE GETS A SACK! LOSS OF 11! Short punt by Koch and it's downed at the Eagle 44. The Eagles can thank their defense for that one.

1st down and McNabb airs down the field....Incomplete! He had Lewis if it wasn't overthrown. 2nd and 10 and Westbrook gets taken down in the backfield and it's 3rd and 14. And we get a montage of Ealges' 3rd down failures. McNabb's throw on 3rd down is too high and another Eagles 3 and out. FIRE ANDY REID! Rocca will come on to punt it away and a good punt Figurs takes it at the 14 and goes side to side before being taken down at his own 15.

Sam Cook knowing it's not "Another Saturday Night" with that last punt. (Via JamesCraven)

1st down and the Ravens for a couple. McClain picks up a first and on 1st down Flacco scrambles for 5. 2nd and 5 and McClain picks up a couple. 3rd and 3 and Flacco's pass is NEARLY INTERCEPTED BY STEWART BRADLEY! Oh, damn! He shoulda had that. Koch will punt it again for the Ravens. Here's Jackson with room and he slips at the 29 and we are 2 flags away from an amusement park. It's on the Eagles and that will back them up to their own 10.

1st and 10 and Westbrook picks up a couple up the middle. FIRE ANDY REID! Westbrook is NOT that kind of back. 2nd and 8 and McNabb will drop back and air one out that's intended for Reggie Brown but it's incomplete. And Buckhalter will be alright. 3rd and 8 and I'd like to see a McNabb boot leg. Instead it's a straight drop back that resulted in a tip pass and a near interception.

Figurs has room to return Rocca's punt and he takes it into Eagles territory. There's a penalty on the Eagles and it's a "tripping" penalty and that will put the Ravens all the way at the 28. 1st down is a loss of a couple. McGahee picks up 5 and it will be thrid and 7. Flacco's going to air it out deep and it's incomplete. Here comes Stover to attempt a 44-yarder. It's up....and good! 3-0 Ravens.

Demps takes the kickoff to the Eagles 35. Not a bad return, though, maybe it will give them some life. McNabb throws and it's INTERCEPTED BY ED REED WHO TAKES IT ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE 5-YARD LINE! But there's a flag on the field as they are trying to firgue out if there was a forward lateral as the Ravens got cute at the end of that return. Illegal forward pass, but the Eagles had a stupid late hit that will offset the penalties. Ugh! This is nauseating. At least I'm not a Rams fan, 21-3 they're losing to the Bears.

1st and goal from the 6 and the Eagles need a goal-line stand. McGahee takes it down to the three. 2nd and goal from the 3 will take place after the 2-minute warning and McNabb needs to step up his game.

RJBO is now drunk with sadness. The Lions have blew it and it's now 21-17 Tampa Bay. Ngata's elligible on 2nd and goal and the Ravens take it to the 1. 3rd and goal form the 1 and Flacco rolls out and the pass is CAUGHT BY THE TIGHT END DANIEL WILCOX IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS! It is being reviewed, though. The decision stands and the PAT is up.....false start on the Ravens....It's good! 10-0 Ravens.

The Kevin Kolb era begins in 3.......2......1......(Via SSR)

Believe me, I'm ready.



Figurs on the kickoff return takes it to the 24. 1st and 10 and Rice takes it for a yard. Timeout Eagles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that our first kickoff return for a touchdown since the Brian Mitchell era in the early 2000s?

2nd down and Flacco'ls pass is caught by Todd Heap who somehow stays in bounds an takes it all the way to the Raven 44. Flacco's first down pass is to high and it's 2nd and 10 now. Flacco a short pass to Rice who breaks free and takes it all the way down to the 35-yard line. I remember cheering on Ray Rice when he was at Rutgers. And wait a minute, FLACCO FUMBLES AS HE'S HIT BY CONSIDINE AND HANSON AND IT'S RECOVERED BY THE EAGLES! But t's going up to the booth as the arm may have been going to the forward. Tim Ryan says incomplete pass. Let's see what our ref says.

Incomplete pass is the rule and all that for nothing. Ball at the 34 and 2nd and 10 is incomplete. 3rd and 10 and they hand off to Rice who loses a yard and now let's see what the Ravens want to do. 22 seconds left. 4th and 11. Ball at the 35. Timeout Philadelphia. And on will come Steve Hauschka for a long field goal. 53-yards out it's up....and NO GOOD! WIDE LEFT!

And now the Eagles are gong to go for something. 1st down is deep and incomplete. 2nd down is also incomplete. Holding on the defense with 7 seconds left and I guess we're going to see a hail mary.

Actually McNabb goes short to Curtis who gets it to the Ravens 44. And now we'll most likely get the hail mary with 4 seconds left. Timeout Baltimore.

Once again we have a 2-1 pass to run ratio. And of course, our long drive was the drive where we ran the ball. Too bad McNabb fumbled.

Here comes the hail mary.....It is.....knocked down! Baskett had a chance with it.

That's the end of the 1st half. The Baltimore Ravens lead the Philadelphia Ealges 10-7 and I will see you in the second half thread.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Week 12 Preview: Eagles @ Ravens

One week after the Eagles were embarrassed more than any other team's been embarrassed in a long time, they will take to the field at M&T Bank Stadium to take on the Baltimore Ravens.

When: 1 PM
Where: Baltimore
What Channel: Fox
Announcers: Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan
Announcers Talking Point of the Game: The Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, was, as we all know, a former assistant for the Philadelphia Eagles

The Ravens come into this game (6-4) and in 2nd place in the AFC West. The Eagles, as we all know, are (5-4-1), are in last place in the NFC East, and have suffered one of the most embarrassing weeks a professional sports team has suffered in quite some time. Not only did the Eagles tie the Bengals, but Donovan McNabb and several other Eagles (all drafted by the Eagles under Reid) did not know that there were ties in the NFL! Surely, the Eagles are going to come out and prove all of the critics wrong, right? Surely this can't get any worse than last week, right?

Not so fast. This one could be worse. The Eagles have struggled to run the ball in the past few weeks and going up against one of the best run defenses in the NFL will not help things. The Giants may have torched them for over 200 yards, but really, what teams can't the Giants torch for 200 yards on the ground? The Ravens defense looked silly last night and this is the perfect chance for them to step up to the plate and show that last week was a fluke. While the Ravens offense hasn't been anything spetacular, they have been efficient under rookie quarterback Joe Flacco. Do not expect this offense to torch the Eagles defense who played well on defense last week against the Bengals, but sadly, no one remembers that. And while this offense is a little more potent than the Bengals' offense, the Eagles D should be up to the task.

It can be said that this is the Eagles' last chance to prove all of the critics wrong and get back into this race. Remember: The Eagles are only a half-game out of the 6th seed for the wildcard. A win here (especially if it's an impressive win) and what happened last week will soon be forgotten. But the Eagles are entering the difficult part of their schedule. A loss, and this might officially be it. After the Ravens, the Eagles have the Cardinals this Thursday, and then a re-match with New York.

The Eagles need a win here. The Cowboys are playing the hapless 49ers and the Redskins are playing the even more hapless University of Washington, er, I mean Seattle Seahawks. Sorry Seahawks fans, I can't tell the difference anymore. A win here is essential for the Eagles, however, looking at the match-ups, this looks like it will be another clusterfuck of a game with both teams not moving the ball at all. It will most likely be low-scoring and yawn all of the non-die hards this week. And for the first time all year, I am actually picking against the Eagles. I just can't see how this offense, as impotent as it was against the Cincinnati Bengals can get it done against the Ravens. 13-10 Ravens is my prediction, but hopefully the Eagles will prove me wrong. I will see everyone here on Sunday for the live blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiki Barber Apparently Holds A Grudge Against The Eagles

If he did not hold a grudge against his former team, would he have made this idiotic remark on Bloomberg's On the Ball radio program?

"That's an indefensible comment he made. He will live to regret it for a long time."

That's Tiki's opinion and he's certainly entitled to it. Frankly, it was a dumb remark, but below is where our old friend Tiki takes it a bit too far.

"For Donovan to be in the situation and not press for it, that tie, even though it wasn't a loss, it kills them. They're almost out of the playoff race right now."

Wait, what? The Eagles are almost out of the playoff race? What standings are Tiki looking at? While morally that loss was a huge play, the Eagles are mathematically right in the thick of things. Thanks to the Cowboys beating the Redskins, the Eagles are now only a half game out of the 6th seed in the playoffs. If the Eagles beat the Ravens, and the Falcons, Cowboys, and Redskins lose then the Eagles are alone as the 6th seed in NFC playoffs for now.

Yes, I do realize given the fact that the Redskins and Cowboys both have NFC West opponents not in Arizona, that situation is unlikely to happen. But hey, any given Sunday, right?

And I'll conclude this post with a message to NBC. Now I like NBC. I think MSNBC is the best cable news outlet there is. I am a huge Keith Olbermann fan and personally Football Night in America has done a fine job replacing NFL Primetime for extended highlights. However, a complaint often made about the show is that "there are too many cooks in the kitchen". I've often fought with myself about how they should correct it, and I never really came up with a plausible situation.....until now.

Get rid of all of the cocky, pompous, arrogant people on that show who think that because they work the Sunday pre-game show for NBC, they're the best damn thing since sliced bread. That's right, Tiki Barber and Peter King, it's time for you to find a new line of work.

Barber Calls McNabb's Mistaking of NFL Tie Rule `Indefensible' (

Update: Apparently Hines Ward also did not know that there were ties in the NFL. No word yet if Tiki Barber has called this even worse than indefensible, seeing as Hines Ward actually played in the 2002 tie!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Night Football Live Blog Cleveland @ Buffalo, 2nd Half

Those were some scary results I got when I googled Brady Quinn. No wonder Dr. Kornheiser has a man crush on him.

The second half is set to get under way with the Browns leading the Bills 13-10 in a game that's gone from dull to mildly interesting between 1st and 2nd quarters.

"Instead of the fastest 3-minutes, we had the slowest 4 hours." - Chris Berman on the Eagles-Bengals game. It's nice to see he's taking after Dan Patrick and recycling his material. He used that line on the Blitz.

Here's Cribbs on the kickoff return and he takes it to the 25. 1st down and 10 and on comes Brady Quinn.

"Michelle lost her hat from the teams at 20 report, it must be warming up down there." - MIke Tirico

Lewis picks up 3 on 1st down and 2nd down sees Lewis pick up a couple. 3rd down for the Browns. Brian Scott falls down leaving Winslow wide open for the first down and then some, but alas, there was a reason he was so wide open, and that was offensive pass interference. 3rd and 16 now for Cleveland. Quinn under pressure....incomplete. 4th down and that's a hugh 3 and out for the Bills.

Stop talking about the weather!!! It was 15 degrees in Seattle in 2006 but I didn't b***h about it! (Via SSR)

Did you hear Joe Buck during Game 5 part 1 of the World Series? Believe me, compared to that these guys are singing in the cold.

"Very cold night here in Buffalo, it feels like it's in the high teens with the windchill here." - Mike Tirico

Then again SSR, maybe you do have more of a point after all. 1st down from the 39 after the Zastudil punt is a run from Lynch who picks up 4. Injury timeout as Shaun Smith is injured.

Not one mention of penetration from Jaws tonight. (Via SSR)

There wasn't a mention of that last week earlier. Maybe a certain part of Jaws stopped penetrating...

2nd and 6 and Edwards swings it to Lynch who gains 3. 3rd and 3 and Edwards drops back, goes deep, and it's caught by Steve Johnson for 21 yards to the Browns 33! 1st down and a gain of 4. 2nd down and THE BALL'S OUT AND IT'S RECOVERED BY THE BROWNS!

"Down the middle, he finds Johnson." - Ron Jaworski (Via SSR)

Coupled that with Dr. Kornheiser's talk about how he likes boys, and these guys really should get a room together with a tape of Brady Quinn porn playing.

1st down and Quinn gives to Lewis who takes it across the 40 to the 42 for a gain of 5. 2nd and 6 and Brady Quinn scrambles for a gain of 8. 1st down Browns and Quinn passes to Edwards for 5. 2nd down is called back for an illegal formation and it's now 2nd and 10 and the pass is deflected. 3rd down and 10 and the Bills call a timeout.

"Rivalry week. Say that when it's 15 degrees outside." - Mike Tirico

3rd and 10 and Quinn from the gun goes deep for Edwards and it's CAUGHT AT THE 27! 1st down Browns. Lewis gets a couple on the carry. 2nd and 8 and Brady Quinn is sacked! And is it all about penetration?....No! Still no mention of it. 3rd and 17 from the BUF 34. Quinn's pass picks up 8 and on will come Phil Dawson to attempt a 43-yard field goal into the wind. It's up....and IT'S GOOD! 16-10 Browns.

Jackson picks up the kickoff and takes it to 42. 1st and 10 and Edwards passes to Lynch into the backfield and he gets a yard. We're reminded of the Music City Miracle. And yes, Bills fans, that was a lateral. 2nd and 9 Edwards scrambles and gets belted at midfield. Offsetting penalties will mean that that never happened. 2nd and 9 again. Edwards throws it away to the rich guy with the front row seat at midfield.

"Is there such a thing as too much time back there?" - Dr. Kornheiser

3rd and 9 and Edwards to Lynch who picks up a 1st down. Caught it out of the backfield and ran all the way to the marker and then some.

"He's saving his quarterback's bacon here tonight." - Mike Tirico

Bacon? 1st down picks up 7. 2nd and 3 and Jackson gets another Buffalo 1st down. 1st down and Edwards fires incomplete. 2nd down and Lynch with a good run for a first down.

"That's how you hit the hole!" - Ron Jaworski

"You don't get holes in the NFL, you get little cracks." - Ron Jaworski
"That was a little crack? I could have driven my bus through that, Jaws!" - Dr. Kornheiser

What a fantasbulous catched by Mercedes Lynch for the first down, he has the legs of a tarantusaur. - Emmitt Smith

Emmitt! Welcome to the blog! It's great to have a star like you here.

1st and 2nd down gives us Jackson runs of 6 and 2, respectively. 3rd and 2 and Lynch goes backwards and on will come Rian Lindell to add to tonight's field goal fest.

Lindell from 31-yards out...BANG! IT'S GOOD! 16-13 Browns

Cribbs takes the kickoff to the 17 as Mike Tirico tells us that no team in NFL history has blown 3 straight 13-point leads. Ravens, Broncos, and now the Bills? We shall see. Oh, by the way, nice gloves Doc!

1st and 10 for the Browns. Quinn fires to Edwards for another 1st down.

That's the end of the 3rd quarter with the score, Browns 16, Bills 13

"Romeo has had 3 soap operas bubble up on him in the last few weeks". - Dr. Kornheiser (Via Mal)


This one maybe over, but wait...

McKelvin on the kickoff return AND HE BREAKS FREE, HAS THE KICKER TO BEAT, HE WHIFFS! LEODIS MCKELVIN WILL GO ALL THE WAY INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN BILLS! The PAT makes it 23-20 Browns and this one ain't over yet, folks!

And here's Cribbs on the return and he can break 'em as well. A high kick backfires and the kick is out of bounds. Browns ball at the 43 as that's where it went out.

"I wonder what Shaun Rogers gets up to?" - Dr. Kornheiser after they showed the speed of McKelvin and Tirico announced the speed of Harrison on their respective runs.
".1" - Ron Jaworski

1st down and Quinn fires incomplete. 2nd and 10 and Harrison bounces to the outside ann picks up a first down and a tough late hit will be called as Harrison got bounced over to the bench. Add 15 to that one. It's amazing how momentum can draw penalties. Quinn fires deep to Edwards and it's incomplete as Edwards got his feet tangled.

Lewis takes for 3 on 2nd down. 3rd down and Quinn fires for Harriso who MAKES THE CATCH at the 9. 1st and goal and Lewis picks up 4. 2nd and goal and Quinn overthrows everyone out of the endzone. 3rd and goal...

...Quinn throws it out of the endzone again! Goalline stand for the Bills as we will see Phil Dawson come in to attempt a 22-yarder. Dawson drills it and...IT'S GOOD! 26-20 Browns

Kickoff taken to the BUF 42 and on 1st down Lynch busts one into Cleveland territory at the 44 for a first down. 1st and 10 and Lynch gains 3. 2nd and 7 and Edwards throws it to Lynch for the first down at the CLE 30. Here come the Bills!

No gain on 1st down as we find out that no Stanford QB has ever thrown a TD to a Cal player. Holding on 2nd down and that will make it 2nd and 19 now. Edwards gonna throw and it's incomplete intended for Robert Royle, the tight end. 3rd and 19. Edwards short to Lynch and he goes backwards and that may have just knocked them out of field goal range. Nice to see Dick Jauron channeling Andy Reid.

The punt is fair caught at the 17 by Cribbs.

"Donovan McNabb thinks every game is the Super Bowl, he just wants to keep playing." - Mike Tirico

Lewis gets 3 on the 1st down carry. On 2nd and 7, Quinn just launches one straight up into the air and IT'S PICKED OFF BY KO SIMPSON! But this one is going to be challenged and it does not look good for the Bills.

"You can't bank challenges from game to game." - Mike Tirico on the Browns not challenging until now.
"Really? It's not like roll-minutes?" - Dr. Kornheiser

The play is overturned and the Browns regain possession. 3rd and 7 and Quinn finds Kellen Winslow for the first down. 1st and 10 and Lewis picks up 3. 2nd and 7 and Quinn fires deep...Incomplete. 3rd and 7. Quinn from the gun passes and it's dropped by Braylon Edwards! There's another drop, Shutupkornholer.

Parrish takes the punt return to the outside and into Browns territory! 1st and 10 and Lynch pucks up 3 to the Browns 45. 2nd and 7 and Steve Johnson makes the catch for the 1st down at the 35. 1st and 10 and Edwards hands to Lynch who gets 7 there. And the Bills are circling that ol' wagon that Berman loves to talk about.

2nd and 3 and they give it to Lynch who BOUNCES OFF OF ROGERS! TO THE OUTSIDE, LYNCH REACHES FOR THE GOALLINE AND HE'S JUST SHORT! 1st and goal from the 1!

Edwards....QUARTERBACK SNEAK.....TOUCHDOWN BILLS! THIS GAME IS TIED! Lindell to give the Bills the lead on the PAT...IT'S GOOD! 27-26 Bills!

Has this game seemed to go on forever? Or does it just seem that way because it's so cold?? (Via Mal)

It's the cold. And yes, Andy Reid wonders how the Bills do it.

Cribbs takes the kickoff to the 30. 1st and 10 and Quinn finds Edwards for 12 to the 44. 1st and 10 is incomplete. 2nd down and 10 and QUINN FINDS WINSLOW FOR 16 YARDS AT THE BUFFALO 40!

He did it at Notre Dame? You mean almost beat USC in 2005 and get blown out by LSU, Ohio State and every other good team? (Via Walnuts)


2-minute warning and this one's ending in bold, again, folks.

Quinn throws on 1st down and it's NEARLY INTERCEPTED BY MCKELVIN! 2nd down is incomplete. 3rd down and that pass is batted....and incomplete!

And here comes Dawson for a 56-yard field goal to give the Browns the lead. IT'S LONG ENOUGH....IT'S STRAIGHT ENOUGH....IT'S GOOD! BROWNS TAKE THE LEAD 29-27

"That one was stroked beautifully." - Jaws with the late double entendre

Jackson on the kickoff return and he takes it to the 44.

"Unlike last week, I have not declared this game over." - Dr. Kornheiser

Edwards passes it to Royal and the Bills are at the Browns 35!

Lynch gets a couple on 1st down and the Browns call timeout in hopes that they might get the ball back. Boring start, but this is getting crazy!

Lynch gets another 2 yards up the middle and it's now 3rd and 6 as the Browns call another timeout. 3rd and 6 and Lynch to the outside and he gets 2 yards again and we'll be seeing a 47-yarder against the wind.


And an eerily similar finish to that ill-fated Super Bowl. 47-yards. Wide right.

Quinn takes a knee and that puts a capper on this one, 29-27 the Browns over the Bills.

Thanks everyone for joining me for my first live-blog on my new blog. Good night and good luck. I will be live-blogging the Eagles-Ravens game Sunday afternoon, if you get the game, I hope that you will join me once again.

Monday Night Football Live Blog Cleveland @ Buffalo, 1st Half

All right folks. Yes, this has nothing to do with the Eagles and/or Andy Reid but Papa Bear AA can't make the live-blog tonight at Awful Announcing so we're having it here instead. This live blog will be run AA style. The comment section is yours to chime in and leave quotes. We'll get under way at 8:30 when our boys Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Dr. Tony Kornheiser (no, he's not really a doctor, he just likes to play one in the booth when players are injured) hit the air. See you then!

"Bills will beat the Browns...loser of this game is done anyway as far as playoffs go." (SSR)

With the way the Bills have looked in their division, I can't say I disagree.

"Feels like it's in the low 20s....and that's just fine with these folks." - Mike Tirico

"Anderson's quarterback rating was so low, if it was his body temperature, he'd be dead." - Dr. Kornheiser

The same can be said for most quarterbacks in the NFL. Very few have a rating of 98.6

Kickoff taken to the 44. 1st and 10 and Edward's pass is PICKED OFF BY WIMBLEY! Not a good start for Buffalo.

1st down and Quinn fires incomplete. 2nd and 10 and Lewis carries for 4. 3rd and 6 from the CLE 47 and that's incomplete. The Browns do nothing with the turnover and they'll punt it away. The fair catch was muffed but Jackson got it back. Edwards will try it again. 1st and 10....

Edwards hands off to Marshawn Lynch who gains a whopping 1 yard. 2nd and 9 and Edwards finds Roscoe Parrish for a gain of 21. 1st and 10 from the BUF 39 and Edwards gets back to the line of scrimmage on the scramble.

"Hey, another zero APR ad that IS NOT annoying. How about that, Toyota?" (Via Yet another idiot with a music blog.)

How about that?

EDWARDS IS PICKED OFF AGAIN! This time by Andra Davis and he takes it to the into Buffalo territory!

"Well, Romo throws 5 INT's last year and wins against Buffalo, maybe the roles are reversed in Buffalo's favor?" (Via SSR)

And Brady Quinn on the bootleg picks up 12.

"A lot of green grass in front of him." - Jaws

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Ralph field turf. 1st down and Quinn finds his full back, Ali over the middle for the 1st down. From the 25, the handoff is to Jamal Lewis who only gets a couple. 2nd and 8 and Quinn goes to deep for Edwards and...It's dropped!

"Brady Quinn looks like he's born to do this." - Dr. Kornheiser fawning over his man crush.

3rd and 8 following the timeout. Quinn to throw and it's broken up by Scott. And on comes Phil Dawson will come on to attempt a 40-yarder. It's up...and IT'S GOOD! 3-0 Browns.

Packers and Saints next week on Monday Night Football. That should be a good one. Here's Phil Dawson and his kick is a touchback.

Lynch takes it up the middle for 7 on 1st down. 2nd down and 3 and Lynch bounces it to the outside and picks up the first. Lynch is absolutely eaten up on first down by Shaun Rogers and that guy flat out scares me. 2nd and 11 and Edwards to Lynch for 3.

"Oh god, Packers/Saints next week? Favre-mania is back next week on Kornheiser Central." (Via SSR)

Yay! 3rd and 7 and Edwards dumps it off to Lynch in the backfield and it goes nowhere. And here's everyone favorite religious punter, Brian Moorman who kicks it to the fair-catching Josh Cribbs at the CLE 26.

"We'll have our eyes focused on Brady Quinn when the Browns take the field next." - Mike Tirico

Dr. Kornheiser can't take his eyes of Brady. Not you too Mike! We can't lose you!

That may have been the grossest fan shot I have ever seen on so many levels. 1st down picks up 8 and on 2nd and 2 Quinn hands to Lewis who goes nowhere and it's 3rd and 2. Quinn faces the pressure and Quinn is forced to throw it incomplete.

Parrish is deep to receive the punt and it's downed at the 1. Did that touch Parrish? Apparently not. Edwards hands it to Lynch and he's "pinballed" to the 4. 2nd and 7 and Lynch takes it for about 4. 3rd and 3 and the Bills are finally realizing that the key to winning most games is establishing a ground game. Something that's foreign to Andy Reid. Timeout Buffalo who barely avoid a delay of game.


"Trent Edwards, he's a fairly bright guy he's been terrible thus far." - Dr. Kornheiser

Ex-Eagle Dante Stallworth goes backwards on 1st down and loses 4. 2nd 14 from the BUF 16. Quinn's pass is incomplete intended for Edwards. 3rd and long. Quinn goes toward the endzone and it hits the back of Brian Scott. Incomplete and on will come Phil Dawson. From 33 yards out...IT'S GOOD! 6-0 Browns.

"Trent needs a Priceless Pep Talk." (Via SSR)

Sadly, Peyton Manning is not here. Actually, that's a good thing. Nice kickoff return to the 49. 1st down and 10 goes not get a lot. 2nd and 8. Edwards hands to Lynch who gets 5. 3rd and 3 coming up. And it's dropped by Steve Johnson! Wow, talk about not helping a struggling QB.

I just realized that my attemps to bold on the Dawson field goals have not gone bold. Does anyone else see bold there?

"It can't be the cold weather because both teams are used to playing in cold weather." - Dr. Kornheiser forgetting about the warmer fall.

1st down goes for a couple. 2nd down goes for another couple and this could not have been a more boring quarter.

6-0 Browns after 1

3rd down and we have an illegal contact call that gives the Browns a 1st down. Lewis gains a yard and a half. Quinn to Winslow for a pickup of 13 and Tirico isn't lying when he's saying that was the best pitch and catch of the night. 1st down and Quinn fires to Edwards who actually brings the ball in! Gain of 19 and a 1st down at the CLE 49. Lewis picks up a measly yard on 1st down and from midfield Quinn goes over the middle for Edwards who makes another catch! 1st down at the 32.

"the players aren't dropping everything because the defenders have caught a few". - Dr. Kornheiser (Via Mal)

"You have to catch the ball with your hands." - Captain Obvious Ron Jaworski

2nd and 6 and Lewis to the outside and he's shoved out of bounds at the 2!

Did Dr. Kornheiser just annoint the Browns the sexiest team in the league?

Timeout Buffalo.

1st and goal and Cribbs takes the ball and he goes into the ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN BROWNS! The PAT is good and the Browns lead the Bills 13-0.

Short kick and Jackson takes it all the way to the BUF 40. The Bills have good field position, so they have that going for them. 1st and 10 and Marshawn Lynch gets a couple on the wildcat. Edwards goes to Lynch out of the backfield and he picks up 4. 3rd down and Fred Jackson picks up a 1st down into Browns territory at the 34.

1st down and Edwards hands to Jackson who takes it all the way to the 17! Here come the Bills! 1st down and this time Jackson gets taken down in the backfield.

Here's Lynch weaving his way through the Browns defense INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN BILLS! The PAT is good and it's now 13-7 Browns.

"2 touchdown drives after a hard to watch first quarter has made this game interesting." - Mike Tirico telling it like it is.

The kickoff is taken for a touchback.

"He's a great looking kid." - Dr. Kornheiser on his man crush, Brady Quinn

1st down goes for a loss. 2nd down and the pass is caught by Edwards and it's now 3rd and 6 for the Browns. Quinn fires over the middle and he overshoots everyone. 3 and out for the Browns and momentum is with Buffalo now.

"He's gotta take that tight end down the middle." - Jaws giving us a lovely visual.

Edwards fires one deep and the Bills have the ball at midfield. 1st down and Lynch gains 8. 2nd down and 2 and Jackson through the middle gets another big gain.

"Brady Quinn wanted to play in Cleveland. If he ends up very good, he could be the governor of Ohio". - Dr. Kornheiser (via Mal).

Why would he want to set up Brady where he would undoubtally be involved in a sex scandal with Dr. Kornheiser?

Apparently I fell behind and NFL Gamecenter is not working for me. 2nd and 3 from the 27 and Edwards hands it off to Lynch who gets bottled up at the line of scrimmage.

Jackson out of the wildcat on 3rd down and he fights his way for a 1st down. What an effort! 1st and 10 from the 22 and it's deflected by Thomas and incomplete. 2nd down and Marshawn Lynch makes a diving catch, gets back up and gets all the way to the marker. 1st down Bills from the 12 with 31 seconds left. Edwards, scrambling and he gets to the 8.

"We've seen some poor clock management this year in the NFL." - Jaws


Timeout Buffalo. 2nd and 6 and Edwards fires to the ENDZONE...incomplete! Nearly picked off. 3rd and 6 and Edwards stands in the packet, eats dinner there, and ends up throwing it to the drunk guy in the front row. Here's Rian Lindell from 26 yards out. It's up.....AND GOOD! 13-10 Browns.

And that's the end of the 1st half, 13-10 the Browns over the Bills and I will see you in the 2nd half thread!

Who Ever Heard of a Tie Game Before?

The answer to that question is obviously not Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. Here is Donny Mac at the press conference following the game.

No folks, that was not video-shopped or taken out of context. That was Donovan McNabb not knowing that games could end in a tie! He's been in the league for 10 years, including when the year the last tie occured. That third number next to the Steelers and the Falcons record didn't strike him as odd and worthy of note?

Oh wait, it gets better. Also not knowing the game ended in a tie were, Buckhalter, Desean Jackson, and Omar Gaither who even added, "I guess they changed the rules."

Yes, Omar, they changed the 1974 when the NFL first initiated one overtime period after regulation. The rules for that have been the same ever since. Before that, they just played 4 quarters and it ended as a tie then.

Also notice that all of the aforementioned players have been Eagles their entire NFL career. And who exactly is the man responsible for teaching players the rules of the NFL as rookies? Oh, Andy.....

Well, I Kinda Figured (Russakoff Rules)

My Very First Post

Welcome to the Fire Andy Reid blog. For years, I was blind. I thought that Andy Reid was doing a fine job and the Eagles' problem was to bolster their receiving corp. However, I was wrong. The problem is the play-calling of Andy Reid. For two weeks, he has done a horrible job calling plays and it can be argued that if not for Reid's play-calling, the Eagles could be unbeaten at this point in the season! Every loss the Eagles have suffered was a close loss and that came down to a bad play call by yours truly, Andy Reid.

Week 2 @ Dallas: A 4th down hook and ladder. Those only work if you're Boise State. FAIL!
Week 4 @ Chicago: 4 straight runs up the middle at the 1-yard line. FAIL!
Week 5 vs. Washington: Again, ball at the goal line and runs up the middle. FAIL!
Week 10 vs. New York: The Eagles have 3rd and 1 and they run try sweeps to Westbrook. Based on the above incidents, there's no way the Giants saw that coming. FAIL!

This site will be used to document periods of idiocy that Andy Reid shows and on select Sundays I will live-blog the Eagles games. As a college student, I have a busy schedule and with the holidays coming up I will be spending a lot of time with my family.

Hopefully this site will gain enough support that Andy Reid will once and for all be fired and the Eagles will finally be able to let out the potential that everyone knows they have.