Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Night Football Live Blog Green Bay @ New Orleans, 2nd Half

Well, the shootout and on this one could get crazy.

Crosby kicks it off and we are underway in the 2nd half. Brees launches one for Miller who drops it but who can blame him for dropping that bullet. 3rd and 8 and Brees connects to Shockey for a Saints first down. 1st and 10 and Brees is SACKED! Loss of 5. 2nd and 15 and Brees' pass is deflected and incomplete. Timeout Saints.

3rd and 15 and Brees finds Moore for 15 yards and a generous spot gives them a first down! Packers are challenging.

My apologies for not having any picture up but outside of last Monday Night, whenever I've tried to post a picture, Blogger has fucked up my spacing.

"He goes five-hole on the official to the side." - Mike Tirico on Mike McCarthy's challenge.

The refs do in fact overturn the call but it looks like they moved him back too much!

"Can I challenge the challenge?" - Mike Tirico

I never knew announcers could challenge. Must be a new rule implemented today by the NFL's newest employee, Bud Selig. Yes, that was a joke. Feel free to laugh at anytime.

4th and 1 and the Saints are taking a big gamble here. Stupid move but IT WORKS! Pierre Thomas squeezes through the middle for a 1st down. Billy Miller makes the catch for a gain of 7. 2nd and 3 and Thomas takes the carry all the way to the GB 35! 1st and 10 and Thomas picks up a yard. Brees airs it out deep incomplete but an illegal contact penalty on the Pack will give the Saints an automatic first down.

Thomas takes another carry and he picks up 8. Who would have thought Pierre Thomas would have a better year this year than Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister. 2nd and 2 and Thomas picks up 4 and a first down.

Brees on first down FIRES TO A WIDE OPEN BILLY MILLER WHO MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS! Hartley's extra point is good and the Saints now lead by 10. 31-21 over the Pack.

Blackmon from the kick from the 6 takes it to the 27.

"A lot of cheese heads down here. A lot of Packers fans made the trip." - Mike Tirico
"And a lot of Brees-heads." - Dr. Kornheiser

May your chair explode and you get shot a mile into the air and land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, completely lost and stuck there for the rest of your life.


1st and goal and Brees throws it to Moore but Moore slipped and it's incomplete. 2nd and goal and MCALLISTER POUNDS HIS WAY INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! The extra point from Hartley is good and the Saints now lead the Packers 38-21.

Congratulations to the Saints new leading touchdown leader, Deuce McAllister. Blackmon takes the kickoff to the 20. 1st and 10 and Rodgers from the shotgun passes to Jennings for a gain of 4 yards. 2nd and 6 and Rodgers from the shotgun avoids the rush, scrambles to the sideline, and gets a few yards. 3rd and 3 for the Pack and they need this. Rodgers fires and IT'S PICKED OFF AGAIN BY JASON DAVID! And this one's beginning to get ugly.

Brees to Miller and he gets 4. 2nd down and Brees laterals it Lance Moore who throws it deep....PICKED OFF BY AARON ROUSE! ROUSE HAS ROOM TO RUN AND HE TAKES IT TO THE 43! A 37 yard return and the Pack are not dead.

And this is getting as ugly as lipstick on a Rotweiler! (Via JamesCraven)

No more J.R. for you young man. Grant on the 1st down carry and he loses a couple. Rodgers to Nelson on 2nd down and he gets 7. 3rd and 5 and Rodgers rolls out and it's nearly intercepted again! The Pack just cannot find a 2nd half rhythm. Frost to punt it away and Lance Moore jukes and jives to the NO 27.

"The Saints have never won consecutive games. They've won 5 games, but never followed any win up with another win." - Dr. Kornheiser

Attenton Department of Redundancy Department! McCallister takes the 1st down carry for a yard. 2nd down and McCallister takes it for a couple. 3rd down and 7 and Oh, MY! BREES AIRS IT OUT DEEP FOR COLSTON WHO MAKES THE CATCH AND THE PACK ARE NOT.....GONNA.....GET HIM! INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! The extra point is good and our shoot out has turned into a blowout. 45-21 Saints.

Whoa! Colston nearly had a DeSean Jackson moment. I'm surprised the Pack didn't challenge that. That would have been a touchback and Green Bay ball! Blackmon takes the kickoff only to the 14. 1st and 10 for Green Bay and Jordy Nelson makes the catch to the 20. 2nd and 4 and Rodgers is a couple yards shy of a first. 3rd and 2 and how in the blue fucking hell are the Saints 5-5? This team looks like the' 07 Patriots tonight.

Rodgers connects with Driver and the Pack finally have a first down this quarter. 1st and 10 and Rodgers is incomplete. 2nd and 10 and it's nearly picked off again.

"Meanwhile the Lions season continues." - Mike Tirico

"A tradition unlike any other." - Mike Tirico on the Lions losing. Or the Masters. Wouldn't surprise me if they talk about that here.

3rd down and Rodgers finds Humphrey for a gain of 31 and a big third down. Rodgers to Nelson and he gets 8.

That's the end of the third quarter. The Saints have blown this one open, leading the Pack 45-21.

2nd and 2 and Rodgers pass is knocked down at the line and it's 3rd and 2 for Green Bay. 3rd and 2, Rodgersfrom the gun goes deep for Ruvell Martin but it's incomplete. 4th and 2 and the Pack will go for it. Rodgers from the gun, they hand it off to Jackson whose forward progress gets them a first down. Timeout New Orleans. 1st and 10 from the NO 33 and Rodgers is SACKED! Loss of 8.

"Cedrick Ellis, who is auditioning for Warren Sapp's role on Dancing with the Stars." - Mike Tirico

2nd and 18 and Rodgers throws a strike to Jackson for a first down WHO GETS HIS CLOCK CLEANED AND SOMEHOW MANAGES TO HANG ON TO THE BALL!

"I don't think I would have hung on to catch." - Dr. Kornheiser

1st and 10 from the NO 17 and Rodgers slides at the 11 for a gain of about 6. 2nd and 5 for the Pack and Rodgers will scramble again and pick up a first down at the 5.

"This is the Packers' version of the wildcat." - Ron Jaworski

So QB draws = wildcat? Rodgers on 1st down connects with RUVELL MARTIN IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Pack going for 2 and Rodgers AGAIN PASSES IT TO MARTIN AND HE CATCHES IT AND THE CONVERSION IS GOOD! 45-29 Saints over the Packers.

"He's wearing a blue sharpie instead of a red one." - Dr. Kornheiser (Via SSR)

He's that desparate for talking points, eh? I knew we had a lot of points this week, but damn, more points this week than any other week in the NFL. Wow!

ONSIDE KICK IS RECOVERED BY THE SAINTS! Saints ball at the 42. Thomas on the carry takes it to the 35 for a gain of 7. 2nd and 3. Brees hands to Thomas who get a couple. 3rd and 1 now for Nawlins. Saints toss to Thomas and the Pack bring him dowin in the backfield and that's big. Let's see what the Saints do. They're going for it on 4th and 1. Handoff to Thomas and he gets the first down!

1st down and WATCH OUT! THOMAS BREAKS FREE AND HE'S GONE! TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! They're going for 2 to try to completely cancel out the Pack score but McAllister is stuffed in the backfield. 51-29 Saints.

"Are they trying to get a higher rating on the BCS standings?" - Dr. Kornheiser

Will Blackmon takes the kickoff to the 29 and here comes Rodgers back on the field, down by 22. Rodgers over the middle and Jennings makes the catch 48. 1st and 15 after a false start penalty and Martin makes the catch for a gain of 10. 2nd and 5 and Rodgers throws to Jennings who dances along the sidelines for a big gain. Jackson takes it to the NO 24. Rodgers throws a bullet in the endzone that falls incomplete.

"Will you bite my head off, Jaws, if I mention Brett Favre one more time?" - Dr. Kornheiser
"Yes!" - Jaws


Rodgers overfires again and it's 3rd and 10. Rodgers under pressure and SACKED! 4th and 16 and the Pack are going for it. Rodgers with all day to throw and he heaves one to the endzone that's INTERCEPTED! And I think you can call this one a game. But alas, I'll continue!

"I hear we're inviting Jimmy Kimmel back. The ban has been lifted." - Mike Tirico

And that's when you know you have a blowout. 1st and 10 gets a yard. Bell again on the carry, gets a couple this time. 3rd and 6 and Bell takes the hand off and gets 3. Sheesh, how many running backs can one team have? Timeout New Orleans.

Anyone sensing a Monday Night miracle? It's the Saints defense, it can happen. Blackmon takes the punt to the GB 45. 1st and 10 and Rodgers pass for Driver is incomplete. Rodgers is SACKED on 2nd down and the miracle is looking more and more unlikely, especially as the Pack are just running the clock out. Rodgers on 3rd and 19 misses his target. 4th and 19 and I just want to see more points.

Damn, they punt. 1st and 10 from the NO 39 and here comes Mark Brunnel who backed up Brett Favre. The fun never ends! DRINK!

Good thing that I myself don't drink cause otherwise I'd be completely shitfaced right about now. 2-minute warning.

"Becuase you can't watch every single game, we'll show you highlights." - Stu Scott

Bell gets the carry for a yard. 3rd and 11 and Bell stumbles back to the line of scrimmage and we'll get one more chance to see some points as the Pack are gonna get the ball back.

Blackmon muffed the punt, got it back, and took it to the 24. And we have a Matt Flynn sighting. That play gets a yard.

And that's it. In the 5th highest scoring game in MNF history, the Saints beat the Packers 51-29. Thank you for sticking this one out with me, SSR will be live blogging MNF next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all, good night and good luck!

Ugh, Stu Scott just said "Nawlins"...


  1. He is short, but they may go for it anyway.

  2. That CAN'T be at the 45....they pushed it too far back.

  3. @ SSR: JamesCraven is here. I'm here.


  5. @ SSR: You know what that means don't you? Nonstop hyperbole from Dr. Kornheiser!

  6. Yeah, I've been in and out watching the fake fighting over on USA.

  7. BTW, Dr. Kornhole, have you met Dr. Holtz?


    Somewhere in the skyboxes, Reggie ummmmBussssssh and Kim Kardashian, famous for a sex tape with her big ass and her sisters, who are all dead behind the eyes, is unimpressed.

  9. And this is getting as ugly as lipstick on a Rotweiler!

  10. Lance Moore throwing


  11. Why is Drew Brees not in the MVP talks anymore?

    I don't care that they are 5-5, he is incredible.

  12. Is there anyone left here?

    Aw well, I'm continuing regardless!

  13. Holy Cow!

    God, i miss TRTIMP on NFL games.

  14. "The Packers will go for it on 4th and 2 down 24."

    -TRTIMT (The Randomness That is Mike Tirico)

  15. Words cannot describe the NFL Network's attempt at selling the Eagles as "attacking at will" in this week's game.

  16. And Will does the Pee Wee Herman "Tequila" dance. that would be a unsportsmanlike conduct penaalty.


  17. "Can [The pack] get a stop on defense?"

    -Ron Jaworski playing the role of captain Obvious.

  18. "He's wearing a blue sharpie instead of a red one." - Tony Kornheiser


  19. The Washington Huskies are losing by 17 to Kansas.......

    So frustrating.

  20. And the Beagles offense has been placed on a milk carton!

  21. SSReporters, I thought you were talking about Washington's football team there when you were talking about losing by 17 to Kansas.

  22. Green Bay just got the stamps out and are mailing this one in!

  23. Pierre "Because My Bladder is Empty" Thomas scores!

  24. @ James, it's basketball.

    In football, they would be down by 71.

  25. @ SSR: You just can't get a break this year. Now you know what Philly fans are used to. ;-)

  26. I knew it was hoops, SSReporters, I just wanted to see if you were keeping an eye out. ;)

  27. "Jaws you think you're going to bite my head off if I mention Favre?" - Tony

    "Yes!" - Jaws


  28. And the cheedar was not Gouda for the Cheeseheads in Nawlins tonight...

  29. You want a Favre play? Throw a duck like that into double coverage...

  30. This game is over.

    It was over before halftime as Al Michaels will tell you.

  31. My newest annoying ad: The Chrysler/Dodge Year End Sellathon ad with "I Like To Move It." What the fuck is this, Madagascar 3?

    And second, from the Department of Redundant Redundantcy Department, The Toyotathon Of All Toyotathons. Please bring back "Saved by Fucking Zero!"

  32. @ JamesCraven: Toyota hates their customers. It must be.

  33. Sorry, no miracle. It's time to bring out the legal sheet.

  34. Mark Brunell. there's been a mark Brunell sighting!

  35. Good night everyone, see you at my place for Jaguars/Texans!


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