Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 12 Eagles Recap

Normally I'd get this up earlier in the day but because of my busy schedule, this is just now the first time I have had ample time to collect my thoughts on the game and write them down in a nice paragraph form without every word being preceeded by profanity.

Well now it's over, and that was bad. I can describe that game in 6 words. We suck. We suck. We suck.

Well, most of the Eagles suck at least. The Eagles' defense once again played a very good game, but they received absolutely no help from the offense with all of their turnovers. There is no rational way you can blame the defense for last night's clusterfuck. Heck, even our special teams showed up. Kickoff return for a TD, but what does that get you when Ed Reed returns a poorly thrown Kolb pass 108-yards for a TD. Yeah, exactly.

And now the Eagles' controversy du jour. Should the Eagles have benched Donovan McNabb? I say no. It was a three point game at the time, at the end of the half, McNabb looked like he was finally getting into a rhythm. And when Kolb came in you could just tell that the Eagles' morale was so low. It was something that they could not overcome and it showed.

The Eagles next game is Thursday and Donovan McNabb will in fact be the starter against the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving. If you're a Philly fan in Philly who still wants to see the Eagles but don't get the NFL Network, the game will be simulcast on 6ABC. I'll have more on this and a full preview of this game Wednesday afternoon and a recap on Friday but (tragically) there will be no live blog. Thanksgiving is a day that should be spent with friends and family, not alone in front of computers typing up play-by-play of an Eagles game.


  1. And I made a funny (with your name mentioned) on the "Caption This!" over at AA:

    Coach Reid: I wonder what JFein thinks about me now?
    McNabb: I wonder what Detroit is like this time of year?
    Brian Dawkins: I wonder how Edge is gonna make a comeback in World Fake Fighting Entertainment?


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