Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wildcard Preview Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers

What: A Saturday Night Showdown
Who: The Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers
Where: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California
When: 8:30 PM EST
What Channel: NBC
Weather Forecast (As of 12/31): Partly Cloudy, 58 degrees
Announcers: Al Michaels and John Madden
Announcers' Talking Point of the Game: These two teams play close games. If the game is a blowout, they then focus on the future of the Denver Broncos sans Mike Shannahan.
Regular Season Meeting: Colts 23, Chargers 20

The last 3 games that these teams have played have all come down to the wire. The Bolts barely beat the Chargers twice last year however it was the Colts who barely beat San Diego this year. Will the trend repeat itself? Will the team that won the regular season meeting, win the playoff meeting?

The San Diego Chargers are a completely different team now than they were then. They are one of the hottest teams entering the post-season and they are flying high. Since losing to Atlanta, the Chargers have won 4 in a row.

Wait a minute, you want to talk about streaks? The Indianapolis Colts have won 9 in a row! They started 3-4, but now they are 12-4 and there's a reason why I say the Chargers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL, it's because the Colts are the hottest team in the NFL.

However, Indianapolis has benefitted greatly from an amazingly easy schedule. The last time they played a team in this year's playoffs was well, Week 12 against these very same Chargers. A big time question in this one is can Indianapolis adjust to a level of competition on the opposing side that they have not seen in a couple months?

Phillip Rivers maybe be a douchebag in the minds of many, but there is absolutely no arguing the success he has had on the field and it is a damn shame that Jay Cutler is in the Pro Bowl instead of Rivers. And while this has been by no means at all his best year, Ladainian Tomlinson is still a threat in the backfield and can break a big run at any moment. Maybe even a bigger threat out of the back field is someone who could end up being the most prized free agent this off-season in Darren Sproles.

The Colts, on the other hand, possess Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected himself, Peyton Manning. Manning the Elder is a candidate for the regular season MVP and face it, the guy flat out does not make mistakes. The Colts, while keeping teams like the Jags hanging around a little longer than perhaps they should have, have found a way to win and most of that can be credited to their QB.

And let's not forget about the defenses. The Colts defense did the near impossible task of holding the Browns to without an offensive touchdown. Wait, what? Oh, silly me. Regardless, the Colts do have a good defense. The Chargers lost Shawn Merriman at the beginning of the year, and have struggled a bit on defense, but it seems like they might be finding their groove. But in those last 4 wins, they have not played an offense the caliber of the Colts'.

I expect another entertaining game with lots of back-and-forth action. If the last 3 meetings are any indication, this is can't miss football. In the end, in yet another thriller, the Indianapolis Colts will do what they've done all year and find a way to win, 27-23 over the Chargers.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wildcard Preview Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

What: The start of the 2008-09 NFL playoffs
Who: Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals
Where: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
When: Saturday at 4:30 PM EST
What Channel: NBC
Weather Forecast (Assuming roof will be open, as of 12/30): 40% Chance of showers, high of 60 degrees
Announcers: Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth with Tiki Barber serving as a Sideline Reporter
Announcers Talking Point of the game: Should the NFL playoffs be amended in order to prevent mediocre division winners such as the Cardinals to have a home playoff game?

After what was seemingly a decade of underachieving, the Arizona Cardinals have made the playoffs. Oh wait, that's only because the rest of the NFC West sucks.

Nonetheless the Cards are in the postseason and they are the home team. In this game, you really have two contrasting styles. You have the Cardinals who have become more or less a very finesse team and the Falcons who love to pound the ball with Michael Turner. Already it looks like a mismatch for the Cardinals, and we haven't even begin to talk about Matt Ryan. The rookie has had an absolute sensational year and is definitley a lock for rookie of the year. The Falcons were a team that was left in shambles when the Vick Dogfighting Scandal broke, but Ryan after being booed on draft day by the Falcons fans, is now more or less a cult hero and he has played like it.

The Cards offense does have the potential to strike though. While the running game this year has for the most part been ineffective, there's a reason the Cards quickly emerged as the best of the worst in the NFC West and that reason is Kurt Warner. He still has an arm and he can still make plays. Will it be enough to beat the Falcons though? That I highly doubt.

However, we must consider the venue. Yes, University of Phoenix Stadium. In 3 football postseason games played there (college and the NFL) the underdog has won every game. Boise State in the 07 Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma, West Virginia over OU in the 08 Fiesta Bowl, and who will ever forget Super Bowl XLII when the Giants made the Pats 18-1. Will the underdog make it 4 for 4? If past trends mean anything, we'll be in for a surprisingly wild ride.

But, what is this but a mere coincidence? You can see it as you like but in this particular case, I'm going on the side of odd coincidence (I'm currently growing an Eagles' playoff beard and I wore Phillies' color tee-shirts everyday during the NLCS and World Series, so I'm not totally a coincidence person). Therefore, I will take the Falcons in this one 31-10 over the Cardinals.

The Eagles Are Going Up Against A Bunch Of Perverts

While this is currently a rumor and is more than likely false, this rumor is just too hilarious to pass up. Remember ye olde' cruise ship scandal with the Vikings? Well not exactly that dramatic (yet), this story could easily be making waves in the next few days if there is any more confirmation of this. And guess what, it is somewhat similar to Cruise Ship Gate. From an anonymous tipster at Deadspin, I present to you Illicting Sex With Underage Girls Gate starring Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson and WR Sidney Rice.

"I went to high school at Cretin-Derham Hall, the sports powerhouse boasting alums such as current Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd, Joe Mauer, Paul Moliter, Chris Weinke, and Steve Walsh. I have a tip for a story that is potentially national-news worthy, especially now with the Vikings in the heated playoff contention. Anyways, around early August, rumors started flying around among the youth of St. Paul that two seniors (Class of '09) had illicit relationships with none other than Tarvaris Jackson and Sidney Rice of the Minnesota Vikings. According to stories, the two girls, seventeen at the time, were eating at a swanky restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, when someone paid for their entire bill. The gentlemen introduced themselves as Jackson and Rice, and took the two females (to their credit, smoking hot, and easily the most attractive girls in the school) back to one of their places for a night of drinking. Then, for the next week or so, Jackson and Rice would occasionally pick the girls up from St. Paul. The stories reached a climax when Rice rolled by a house party that a lot of friends and I were at to pick up one of the girls. Though I did not witness this, apparently my dealer sold him weed. Eventually, Jackson and Rice found out that the girls were underage and appropriately cut everything off. Somehow, the press found out, and sent reporters to the high school to interview the principal and other administrators about the situation. No charges have been pressed as there is some grey area as to what actually went on behind closed doors. I was told that the Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press have waited to release the story until Jackson or Rice gets in the news for another reason. This is where your tremendous opportunity to crack the story wide open lies. It would definitely take some investigative research, such as contacting the two newspapers to get sources, but trust me, they know all about the incident. I'm not sure if this story is actually even newsworthy for Deadspin, but I think it's hilarious, probably because of my bias that I know the girls. Should you in fact decide to pursue the story, I would ask that my information be kept anonymous because the two girls involved are acquaintances. I would love to be a Deadspin correspondent from the Twin Cities should you need such services in the future. It's actually a bigger sports market than people give it credit for. Hope this isn't a waste of your time, I can't believe I didn't think to email about this earlier."

That is HI-LAR-IOUS! Again, probably not true given the nature and the timing, but with the past history that certain Vikings have who can be surprised. Too funny.

Deadspin Deleted Scenes: The One With Chris Berman's Holiday Wishes (Deadspin)

Monday, December 29, 2008


"BUSH!!!!!! BUSH!!!!!!!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!"

My voice has not been the same since. It was gone before the Eagles even took the field for the season finale. For that's where the drama was. And oh boy, was there drama.

The Texans disposed of the the Bears fairly easily after a shaky start. There was little doubt in my mind that either Chicago and Minnesota would both win against teams superior to them. And while the Minnesota game was exciting, it was nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the drama in Raymond James Stadium.

Down 24-14 in the 4th quarter to the Bucs, the Oakland Raiders pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in Philadelphia Eagles history. There are no words that I can use that I haven't already used to describe it. Enjoy the sheer amazingness of Michael Bush.

Unbelieveable. Who would have thought?

And then there was the kickoff in the Linc. And believe it or not, a certain Eagle who would end up playing a key role in the first half in turning the game into a blowout was not made aware of the scores in Houston and Tampa Bay.

It started out as a back-and-forth defensive battle which was a lot of what I expected. "But JFein, the Week 2 was a shootout, how could you have possibly thought this would be a defensive battle?" The answer is what has since happened. Neither offense was coming in that sharp and the Eagles' defense has been lights out ever since the Sunday Night game that the Eagles lost against the Giants. The teams traded field goals before Buckhalter started the fun with a 59 yard catch-and-run by Correll Buckhalter. That would eventually lead to a McNabb QB sneak for a TD. And get this. On 2nd and goal from the 1, the Eagles ran a sneak and it didn't work. But then he stuck with it, ran the sneak again and got in. It's amazing what happens when you run a sneak with a big QB. Just for that I'm adding the "Andy Reid Actually Does Something Right" tag.

The Eagles would complete another TD drive making it 17-3 before the game-changer occured. Dallas was trying to make a game of it before halftime and were driving. But then Romo threw the ultimate WTF happened interception on a pass intended for Roy Williams that went directly to the Eagle who had no idea the Eagles were in "Win and In" game, Sheldon Brown. That set up a TD to Celek. 24-3.

On the ensuing kickoff Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones fumbled the ball, the Eagles recovered, and Akers kicked a field goal to make it 27-3 at halftime.

Two redzone fumbles by the Cowboys that were returned for touchdowns by Chris Clemons and Joselio Hanson, respectively turned this one into the biggest laugher in Cowboys-Eagles history. 44-6 was the final and I'm still in shock. Not just that we absolutely creamed the Cowboys but the Raiders actually beat the Buccaneers! Repeat after me: THE RAIDERS BEAT THE BUCCANEERS!!! And remember the frequently played call by Gene Deckerhoff after the Matt Bryant kicked a 63-yard field goal to beat the Eagles. "MATT BRYANT IS MY HERO!" Well, today, to him I say, "MICHAEL BUSH IS MY HERO!"

The Eagles have been on an absolutely roller coaster ride this season. There have been highs. There have been lows. There have been lows so low that I went on a Keith Olbermann-esque Special Comment. And then there was today. The Houston Texans. Michael Bush. 44-6. It was the perfect day. The Eagles are now off to Minnesota to play the Vikings on Sunday at 4:30 on Fox. I'll have a preview of that game on Friday. Not only that, but throughtout the week, I post an exclusive preview of the other 3 wild-card games starting tomorrow with the Falcons @ Arizona.

Lastly, I have a couple points about the announcers followed by one strong point that you don't miss. First of all, what in the blue hell was up with all the pink ties today? Good lord. First it was Kevin Harlan in Tampa and then Joe Buck in Philly. Whatever was up with it, it brought good luck to the Eagles, that's for sure.

And aspeaking of our good friend, Joseph Francis Buck, I'll end by expanding on a point he said. Joe Buck takes a lot of heat, some of it deserved, some of it not. While not my favorite announcer, I think that I like him more than most other people do. However, there can be little arguing with his point at the end when they were discussing the Cowboys. Despite being blownout at this point, Aikman still called Dallas the most talented team in the NFL. Joe Buck would hit the nail on the head though.

"The Dallas Cowboys are just a bunch of talented individuals", he said, and he could not be more right. There is no camaraderie in Dallas. They are just a bunch of talented individuals wearing matching jerseys. That's it. They are not a team. And Jerry Jones thinks that money can buy championships. Guess what, Jerry, money can't buy championships. It never will. Look at the Patriots last year. Look at the Redskins every year. Look at you, Jerry. Mr. Publicity. Mr. Money Bags. What did it all get you? It got you blownout in Philly 44-6. Are you proud of yourself? And what are you going to do, Jerry? Spend more money? Try to build another team around the best collection of players. Instead, focus on building a team. Meanwhile, say what you want about Philly fans, but the Eagles are a team. They don't turn on each other. They don't complain when others are getting more playing time. They play together. They play with heart. I mentioned the roller coaster season earlier, well through all of it, one thing remained constant. The Philadelphia Eagles remained together. They were a team that never stopped believing in each other. They kept fighting when everyone had them written off. They never quit. And if you doubt that sincerity, then look at Sheldon Brown. Not even having been made aware of the situation, he played his heart out and made the interception that turned the game around. That's pride. That's passion. That's the work of a teammate. And the end result was that of what happens when a team plays up against a group of individuals.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Eagles Week 17 Preview

Who: Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles
Where: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When: 4:15 PM EST
What Channel: Fox
Weather Forecast: 60 degrees with a 40% of showers
Announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman (For the first time since the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series, Joe Buck is back on Broad Street!)

King Leonidas (and the poor guy who got knocked into the pit of death) said it best. "THIS IS MADNESS!" "NO, THIS IS THE NFL!" Wait, what? Damn, close enough, I guess.

For the 4058th time, in order to make the playoffs, the Eagles need 3 things to happen.
1. Eagles beat Dallas. AND
2. Tampa lose to Oakland. AND
3. Either Minnesota to lose to the New York Football Giants OR Chicago to lose to the Houston

When the schedule came out at the beginning of the year, you saw Week 17 Dallas @ Eagles and you knew that it would be an all-out slobberknocker, to quote good ol' JR. And to quote Keith Jackson, whoa nelly, do we have one.

The Eagles will know before the game starts whether or not they have a chance to make the playoffs. Tampa, Minnesota, and Chicago all play at 1 and barring an exceedingly long game, the Eagles will know what they're playoff fate is. Whether or not they evan have a chance at the post-season.

But, this regardless this still could be the Eagles' game of the year. Misery loves company and the Eagles can make Jerry Jones absolutely miserable by beating Dallas. Because regardless of what happens earlier, this game will mean something for Dallas. If they win, they're in. If they can't beat the Eagles, then they are out of the playoffs.

Everyone remembers the thriller Week 2 on Monday Night Football, although I'm sure most people remember it for DeSean Jackson dropping the ball before getting in the endzone and/or Dr. Tony Kornheiser's awkward on-air apology for his bad joke comment insulting everyone of Spanish ancestry during Spanish Heritage month. But alas, there was a game played that day and that game was a thriller in Texas Stadium. Back and forth they went before Dallas picked up a win after the Eagles thought they were Boise State and attempted an epic fail hook-n' ladder.

This game won't be nearly as high-scoring though. I just don't see it happen. The Eagles defense has been downright awesome the past few weeks (that has absolutely been forgotten thanks to the futility and inconsistency of the offense) and the Cowboys offense does not have the juice they seemed to have at the beginning of the year, even with Tony Romo back in the line-up. The million dollar question in this game is this: Will the Eagles offense show-up in a sense more than the physical? If there are a bunch of brain-dead bodies on offense as was apparent last week at Washington, the Cowboys are in the playoffs, regardless of how the Eagles' D plays. However, if the offense does show up, I think that regardless of what the Eagles' situation is, we will have a thriller on our hands with the Eagles beating Dallas 28-24.

All that can be said has been said. This is it. Everybody reading this, close your eyes right now and picture a successful finish, the Eagles are in the post-season. We're going up north to play the NFC North champion Chicago Bears/Minnesota Vikings. Picture it. See it. See the success. See the Vikings choking again. See the Bears finally getting a result that indicates how well they actually played the past few weeks. Jon Gruden shaking hands with Tom Cable, a little more humble having just went to the place he used to Coach and lost. See the Eagles game with 10 seconds left and Donovan McNabb throwing a 30-yard pass touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson to clinch the playoff spot for the Eagles. Close your eyes. See these outcomes. Believe. Believe! BELIEVE! For it is only if we the fans believe, can we truly witness The second miracle in South Philly this year.......

Week 17 NFL Preview

Greetings! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Happy Festivus! I hope everyone's day was better than mine (long story, not getting into it).

I'm going to preview both the NFL and the Eagles game today, but first, the NFL as a whole. Aside from the Pats-Giants game last year, there really was not a whole lot to be determined Week 17. This year, however, let's just say, prepare for a wild ride. From The506

Fox 1 PM (Map)

Carolina @ New Orleans: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa
New York Giants @ Minnesota: Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger (To be shown on Philly Fox 29, WTXV-TV)
St. Louis @ Atlanta: Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan
Chicago @ Houston: Matt Vasgersian and J.C. Pearson
Detroit @ Green Bay: Chris Rose and John Lynch

CBS 1 PM (Map)

New England @ Buffalo: Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf
Oakland @ Tampa Bay: Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon (To be shown on Philly CBS 3, KYW-TV)
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker
Tennessee @ Indianapolis: Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots
Kansas City @ Cincinnati: Bill Macatee and Beuerlein

Fox 4 PM (Map)

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman (To be seen on Philly Fox 29, WTXV-TV)
Seattle @ Arizona: Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick
Washington @ San Francisco: Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli

CBS 4 PM (Map)

Miami @ New York Jets: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms (To be shown on Philly CBS 3, KYW-TV)
Jacksonville @ Baltimore: Dick Enberg and Randy Cross

Sunday Night Football (NBC 8:15 to be seen nationally)

Denver @ San Diego: Al Michaels and John Madden

Several games are very meaningful this week. In the NFC, all the Cowboys need to do is win and they are in the playoffs. However, if they lose, they will not be advancing to the post-season. The NFC North is still up for grabs. If the Vikings lose and the Bears win, the Bears have come from the depths of nowhere to be NFC North champions. If Tampa wins and Dallas loses, the Bucs are in the wildcard. If Carolina loses and Atlanta wins, the Falcons are NFC South champions and the Panthers go from having a shot at home-field advantage to the 5-seed (which is like a bye, seeing as they would play Arizona). And as if that's not exciting enough, history could be made on Sunday! The Detroit Lions could be the first team in NFL history to become 0-16. All they have to do is lose to Green Bay, something that well, may be difficult to do.

If that was head-scratching, then I have bad news. The AFC is even more complicated! Let's start with the AFC West Championship game though, that's simple. The winner of Denver-San Diego will claim the title of AFC West champions and become the 4-seed in the AFC and will host the 5-seeded Colts. The loser will miss the playoffs. Now to the AFC East. If the Dolphins win, they are in, no matter what. If the Pats lose, then the Dolphins-Jets game becomes an AFC East Championship game. But if the Pats win and the Jets win, the New England Patriots would become AFC East champions. The Jets are not solely dependent on the Pats though. The Bretts can clinch a wild-card with a Patriots win and a Baltimore Ravens loss (assuming they beat Miami, if they lose they are done). Aspeaking of Baltimore, they can lock up a playoffs spot by beating Jacksonville. But if they lose, they are not done. A loss gets them into the playoffs if the Bills and Dolphins both win.

Well then, how's everyone's brains? Are they fried like mine are? We know one thing is for sure, expect some dramatic moments and epic heartbreaks, and if the rest of this season is any indication, maybe even a little controversy.

I'll be back later for your Eagles Week 17 preview.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

Great thanks to Awful Announcing who did an absolute yeoman's work putting all of this together. I've never had to think so much when trying to figure out a playoff picture in quite some time.

NFC:New York Giants- Clinched top seed and first round bye with Week Sixteen win over Panthers, will have homefield advantage throughout the Playoffs.

Carolina Panthers- Can clinch the second seed and first round bye with a win over New Orleans, or a Falcons loss. If Carolina loses, and the Falcons win, they will secure the 5th seed

Minnesota Vikings- Can clinch the NFC North with a win against the Giants or a Bears loss on Monday Night (Green Bay), or in Week Seventeen. They have no shot at a Wild Card spot.

Arizona Cardinals- Have locked up the 4th Seed by winning the NFC West. Cannot move up to the 3rd seed under any scenario

Atlanta Falcons- Secured a Playoff spot by beating Minnesota in Week Sixteen. With a win at home against St. Louis, and a Panthers loss in New Orleans, the Falcons will get the 2nd seed and a first round bye. If the Philly beats Dallas, they will end up with the 5th seed, if Dallas wins...they get the 6th spot.

Dallas Cowboys- Win and they're in. With an Atlanta loss against the Rams, and a win, they're the 5th seed. Otherwise they're in the 6th spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Has to win at Oakland, and needs losses from both Chicago (in one of their remaining two games) and Dallas. Can only clinch the sixth seed.

Philadelphia Eagles- Need to beat Dallas, have Tampa Bay lose to Oakland, and have Chicago lose on of their next two. Can also clinch if Chicago wins both games and they beat Dallas.

Chicago Bears- Can still win the NFC North with two wins and a Minnesota loss. Can also obtain the 6th seed with two wins, a Vikings win, and losses from Dallas, Atlanta and Tampa Bay.


Tennessee Titans- Clinched the top spot and homefield advangage with win over Steelers in Week Sixteen.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Have won the AFC North and have secured the 2nd seed, as well as a first round bye.

Indianaoplis Colts- Have clinched the top Wild Card spot by finishing second in the AFC South.

Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers- Whoever wins their Week Seventeen Matchup will clinch the 4th seed by winning the AFC West.

Baltimore Ravens- Clinch only clinch the 6th spot. They can do so with a win over the Jaguars in Week Seventeen. They can also get in with a loss as long as the Dolphins beat the Jets, and the Bills beat the Patriots.

Miami Dolphins- Can win the AFC East with a win over the Jets and will have the 3rd seed. Lose and they're out.

New England Patriots- Can win the AFC East, and the 3rd seed, with a win over the Bills and a Jets win over Miami. They can also lock up the 6th seed with a Dolphins win, and a Ravens loss to the Jags.

New York Jets- Can win the AFC East, and the 3rd spot, with a win against the Dolphins and a Patriots loss to the Bills. Can lock up the sixth seed with a win against the Dolphins, a Patriots win, and a Ravens loss

Just to clarify the Eagles' scenario with the Bears winning would involve the Bears winning the NFC North, which would mean them winning out and a Vikings' loss to New York.

For more fun on the playoffs, I encourage you to visit these links. I would like to warn you ahead of time. That Yahoo Sports! NFL playoff scenario generator is addicting.

Your Full NFL Playoff Scenario List (Awful Announcing)
If The Season Ended Today... (
NFL Playoff Scenario Generator (Yahoo! Sports)

Eagles Week 16 Recap (To be read like a Keith Olbermann Special Comment)

I didn't initially plan on doing it like this, I was more planning on combining this with the playoff scenario, but the more I think about it, the more it must be done like this. The playoffs will come either tonight or tomorrow. So even though it wasn't planned, a special comment on the play of the Eagles last night.

This weekend was the absolute perfect weekend. Perfect. Everything went beautifully. Beautifully. This was gonna be it. The week where Philadelphia magic once again happened. Everything was so beautifully laid out.

Too beautifully laid out. It was too easy. Everything was there and now it's come and gone. Dallas got humiliated the last game at Texas Stadium, Tampa Bay lost. Yeah, the Bucs lost! That's what the Eagles needed. This was going to be the greatest day in Philadelphia sports since Wednesday, October 29, 2008! All the Eagles needed to do was beat the Redskins. The measly Redskins who have been laying a turds in their last 6 games.........

The Eagles were the ones who laid the turd. It was all nice and polished as well. When the Eagles knew that they could win out and get in the playoffs with a Tampa loss, what happened? I, I'm speechless. HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DO YOU PLAY LIKE THAT WHEN YOU KNOW THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WIN OUT?!?!?!

The Detroit Lions, despite being 0-15 and getting blown out by New Orleans, looked like a more competent football team. No wait, I take that back. The Detroit Lions' offense was more competent than the Eagles' offense.

Eagles fan couldn't have been happier with the play of the defense. Time after time the Redskins would get the ball at midfield and time and time again the Skins went 3-and out. At least half of the team showed up. At least half of the team wanted to win. At least half of the team cared.

Cared. That's the keyword. Where was the passion from the offense? Where? What happened? There was no life. Balls were dropped left and right and right and left. McNabb constantly threw behind his receivers. It's as if they were going through the motions. Like they didn't want to be there.

And they couldn't have been happier with where they ended up playing! Look, not everyone can end up in sunny, 70 degree, Tampa Bay, but did they not realize how lucky they were! Teams ended up playing in snow. The weather in Kansas City was 10 degrees. The kickoff temperature tonight in Chicago is 5 degrees! 5 DEGREES! FAHRENHEIT! Comparitively speaking, the weather last night in Landover, MD was 41 degrees at kickoff.

So what was the problem then? Why? Why play like garbage in the game you need most? Why throw away everything you got back after tying the Bengals and getting creamed by the Redskins? Why? Somebody please tell me why.

As much as I want to start the "FIRE ANDY REID!" chant for abandoning the run in the second half, the offense was just as futile in the 1st half when they were running the ball. But alas, we all know Andy Reid. That being said, though, he's not off the hook. I don't even need to watch his press conferences to know what he said. I'm sure it was something along the lines of, "It was my fault." or "I have to do a better job at getting our team prepared." or "We got outplayed by a better team" or "I was really craving a cheesesteak at the time and couldn't concentrate."

Okay, that last one was meant as a joke. But what happened last night was not a joke? Do you really expect, Coach Reid, that you can please Philadelphians with that kind of performance. Do can you, sir, honestly be proud of yourself? Can you be proud of the Eagles? Do you honestly feel, sir, that the Eagles gave it 100% last night. And lastly, and maybe most important of all, can you, Coach Andrew Walter Reid, look yourself in the mirror and not be ashamed of yourself? If you can, then you should never coach another game in the NFL again.

Good night and good luck.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eagles Week 16 Preview

Who: Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Where: FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland
When: 4:15 PM EST
What Channel: Fox
Announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
Announcers' Talking Point of the Game: This is a must win game.

The Eagles have certainly seemed to have found their groove over the past 3 weeks. After what looked like would turn into a disasterous season is now not such a bad looking season after all. And now, the Eagles are, for the second time this year, playing the Washington Redskins in a crucial match in the NFC Wildcard.

The Redskins are still alive in the playoff race, but barely. A loss in this one and they will be spending the post season on their sofas. A win, and they are still alive, but would nonetheless need immense help in order to make the post season. The Eagles, on the other hand, have a more clearer road to the playoffs. A win here, and they'll be looking good to make the post-season, especially if either Tampa or Atlanta loses. A loss, and things will instantly turn really bleak in a hurry, and if the chips fall in certain places, a loss could, in some situations, knock the Eagles completely out of the playoff race.

Earlier in the year when these two teams met, a the Redskins won by stopping the Eagles on a late fourth down near the goalline.

This time, however, things seem to be falling apart at the seams for the Redskins. Clinton Portiss and Coach Jim Zorn are not on the same page. Hell, they're not even reading the same book. The Redskins are riding a 3-game losing streak and they have not played particularly well in any of those games. However, this is a team that does have some potential to play well. Jason Campbell at quarterback is always a threat and if Coach Zorn actually uses Clinton Portis throughout the game, the Skins can be tough to beat.

It is the home stretch for the Eagles and this may be their biggest game of the year so far. A win here, and that title will be given to next week's Cowboys game. The Eagles offense has been clicking on all cylinders over the past few weeks. However, last Monday against Cleveland, the Eagles seemed to sputter a bit in the redzone. They were down there 7 times last Monday, but only got 2 touchdowns, on the first and last possession of the game. The Eagles are going to have to convert their chances against the Redskins defense that is 5th in total defense.

Is this a winnable game for the Eagles? Absolutely. Can the Eagles slouch and play like they did against the Bengals and the Ravens and hope to win? Absolutely not. I'd expect a close game in this one. I have a feeling that the Redskins are actually going to show up and give the Eagles all they can ask for but in the end, I'm going to go with the Eagles 21, Redskins 20 as my prediction. The Eagles will only win or secure this one in the last 2 minutes, for the first time this year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 16 In Terms of the Playoffs

Okay, by now, you guys all know what the Eagles playoff scenario is this year. The Eagles win out and either the Falcons or the Buccaneers lose one. Yes, because Tampa has lost two straight, they are now vulnerable and the Eagles can leapfrog them instead of Atlanta. For Atlanta, their remaining schedule includes Minnesota followed by St. Louis. The Bucs have San Diego this week and next week it's Oakland. It looks like if anything is going to happen, this is the week it's going to happen.

Now that it's kind of pointless to go through the games just in terms of the Eagles, I decided to change things up a bit and go through the whole playoff scenario from an NFL perspective. Let's start with teams that are eliminated.

In the NFC:
St. Louis
San Francisco
Green Bay
New Orleans

In the AFC
Kansas City

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville: While the Jags are out, Indianapolis is well in the race and could potentially clinch a playoff berth this week.

Baltimore vs. Dallas: The Ravens were a stunning Walt Anderson call away from having a shot at winning the AFC North. Now they are in a dogfight for the AFC Wildcard. The good news, they own the 3-way tie breaker over Miami and New England. The bad news, they're playing a desperate Cowboys team. A loss by the Cowboys could potentially make the Eagles lives easier.

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland: I like cheese.

New Orleans vs. Detroit: The road to futility continues.

Arizona vs. New England: The Cards have clinched the NFC West title and are looking like too much of a finesse team. Look familiar, Andy Reid? The Pats are in two dogfights at once. The AFC East and the AFC wildcard. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Pats are gonna do it.

Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee: If the Titans win, they have home field advantage. If the Steelers win, then all they have to do is win next week or hope the Titans lose next week in order to secure it.

San Francisco vs. St. Louis: ONIONS!

Miami vs. Kansas City: If the Dolphins win out, they will in fact win the AFC East. The Chiefs and the Bretts, er, Jets stand in their way.

San Diego vs. Tampa Bay: The Chargers need to win this week, hope Denver loses this week, and beat the Broncos next week in the Rematch of the Game That Eddie Gunz Had A Minor Influence Over in order to secure the playoffs. The Bucs need a win to set themselves up next week with a great chance of clinching the playoffs. The Eagles are hoping that San Diego can somehow, someway pull it off. For if that happens, all the Eagles will need to do is win out.

Buffalo vs. Denver: All the Broncos have to do is win and they're in!

New York Jets vs. Seattle: The Jets are well in the AFC East race and subsequently the wildcard. Seattle is, well, I'll spare Seattle fans from jokes.

Houston vs. Oakland: Is that Tony the Tiger I see over there?

Atlanta vs. Minnesota: This is the Eagles best chance right here. The Vikes are red-hot. The Falcons barely beat the Bucs last week. By winning, the Vikes will secure a 3-seed and secure the Eagles in that all they will need to do is win out.

Philadelphia vs. Washington: If Washington loses, they'll join the list of NFC teams gone from the playoffs. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

Carolina vs. New York Giants: Let the battle of home field advantage in the NFC begin!

Green Bay vs. Chicago: Da Bears are still in the race. If they win, they'll get to experience the Drama That Is Scoreboard Watching During Week 17. If they lose, well, then maybe Dr. Kornheiser will finally shut up about Brett Favre. Oh wait, what am I saying?

Feel free to examine further and correct anything that I missed.

If the season ended today... (

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eagles Week 15 Recap

Damn, between me working and me defending Lou Holtz's statement that Adolf Hitler is a great leader over at AA, I can't believe it's gotten this late. I know I promised you guys earlier and I apologize for the constant lateness for these. However, it seems whether I'm at college or on break, I'm always busy on Tuesdays.

Anyway, more to the stuff that you actually care about. The Philadelphia Eagles and The Utter Patheticness That Is The Cleveland Browns (sorry Browns fans, but any team that cannot score an offensive touchdown in a month is utterly pathetic). The Eagles came. They saw. They conquered. They struck early. They struck often. They never looked back. Face it, they flat-out dominated.

However, there were some discerning occurances in this game. For one thing, the Eagles were miserable in the red zone for the middle part of the game. 3 field goals and 2 interceptions (1 by McNabb and 1 thrown by DeSean Jackson on an obviously failed trick play). And yes, all of those were in the redzone. Which reminds me, FIRE ANDY REID! FIRE ANDY REID NOW! However, the first drive entered the redzone and resulted in a TD pass to Curtis and the last McNabb-led drive of the game (Kolb took over late cause of the blowout) resulted in a TD catch by Greg Lewis.

One other problem. Andy Reid is slowly slipping back into pass happy form. For the first time since the Eagles were thrashed by the Ravens, the Eagles passed the ball more than they threw it (38 pass to 33 run). Not good Andy, not good. Westbrook had only 16 carries for 53 yards. And while it did not matter much against a lackluster Browns team, it will matter much down the stretch against the Redskins and the Cowboys. And while the Redskins are in a terrible tail-spin and the Cowboys are riding high after accomplishing the not that impressive feat of beating the Giants at home when the Gmen were without Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress, it will still be critical for the Eagles to play their best games of the year in these last 2 weeks because with everything on the line for the Eagles' opponents in the respective games, you know both of those games are gonna be dog fights to the end.

Aspeaking of the playoffs, the playoff scenario has changed for the Eagles. More on that tomorrow when I will once again delve into the playoffs and analyze and breakdown what each game featuring an NFC team in the playoff chase means to the Eagles and what they want to happen in those games.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Night Football Eagles Week 15 Preview

Who: Browns @ Eagles
When: Monday Night at 8:30
Where: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What Channel: ESPN (The game will be simulcast in the local markets of Cleveland and Philadelphia with 6ABC simulcasting in Philly and Fox 8 in Cleveland.)
Announcers: Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Dr. Tony Kornheiser (He's not a real doctor, he just likes to play one in the booth on MNF when players get hurt).

Are you ready for some football? Some Monday Night Football? Some Eagles Monday Night Football? I certainly am. And this should be a fun one from the standpoint of an Eagles fan. Although, I'll admit, the last time I thought an AFC North team would be easy, we tied the then 1-win, now 2-win Cincinnati Bengals.

The Eagles should not take this game totally lightly, though. The Browns do have some offensive potential with their running back, Jamal Lewis, and in their highly underachieving receiving corps consisting of Ex-Eagle Donte Stallworth and Braylon Edwards. That threat does go away though when the fact that Ken Dorsey is the Browns' quarterback becomes apparent.

One thing that cannot be overlooked though is the fact that the Browns are a team that do seem to get up and show up at Monday Night Football. They have won 2 of their 4 games this year on MNF, which includes beating the 11-3 Giants and going on the road and beating the Toronto, er, Buffalo Bills (in their old home of Buffalo, that is). The Eagles, on the other hand, are a team that have seemingly NOT gotten up for prime time games. Well wait, that's false. Andy Reid has not gotten up for MNF and SNF games this year. The Eagles are 0-3 this year in night games and they have all come down to the last 2-minutes and the Eagles had a game-winning drive going in all 3 of them and in all 3 of them they failed to convert a 4th down play.

Will the streaks continue tonight? The answer is simple. No, they won't. The Browns are going to be without back-up running game James Harrison and without the services of Kellen Winslow. And most of all, Ken Dorsey is going to be going up against a Jim Johnson defense. Can you say, blitz blitz blitz? Aspeaking of blitz and how the Browns are going to protect it, today marks the return of Ex-Eagle Hank Fraley to the Linc. May his highlight of the night be Eagles fans giving him an ovation of the beginning of the game.

As far as the Eagles offense vs. the Browns defense goes, the only way this game gets remotely interesting is if the Browns defense can actually defend the Eagles' potentially explosive offensive attack. The Browns defense has not been very solid at all this year and they are 28th in total rushing defense, which, would not bode well for them against a healthy Brian Westbrook.

The Eagles, if they are playoff contenders, should turn this into a statement game. I'm not saying they're going to pull an Oklahoma and score 63 pints, but this could have the potential of a beatdown. And if the Eagles offense doesn't show up, this also has the potential to be a 6-6 tie. But in the end, if the Eagles are a remotely credible team (which having not thought so a month ago but now do think so), this game shan't be a problem. Eagles 31, Browns 6

I will not be live-blogging this game, however, assuming SSR can get an internet signal in the frigid Pacific Northwest, he will be live-blogging this game at I won't be there, but seeing as it's the site's first live blog, I encourage you to be there and chip in your thoughts. Me, well I'll be watching with me family without a computer in the room. I may check in with you guys at halftime if I'm not in the mood to hear the same Bermanisms for the 645,509th time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the Eagles Want To See Happen in Week 15

Really, it's simple. If the Eagles win out and the Falcons lose just one game, that's it. The Eagles are in the playoffs. By winning out, the Eagles would have beaten the Browns, the Redskins, and the Cowboys. The Falcons play Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and the Cowboys. While I'm sure no one would have thought at the beginning of the year that it would come down to the Eagles and the Falcons in the NFC wild card race, from an Eagles fan's prespective, that's what it has come down to. With that in mind, things hardly ever go as planned for Philadelphia, so let's see at what else would be good news for the Eagles this week.

New Orleans (7-6) vs. Chicago (7-6): This one is more on a personal level of who is more dangerous to get hot should the Eagles stumble. I personally think the Saints are more dangerous even thought da' Bears beat the Eagles. Had it not been for Andy Reid, we would have won the game and been in control of our own destiny. Period. Atlanta would be an after thought, like these two now are.

Tampa Bay (9-4) vs. Atlanta (8-5): Atlanta's the one team outside of the Eagles' opponents that they are worried about. When and if the Eagles leapfrog the Falcons, we'll talk about the Bucs.

Washington (7-6) vs. Cincinnati (AFC): Here's hoping the Bengals can challenge the Redskins just like they did everyone else in the NFC East. The Eagles are already ahead of the Redskins and the Eagles do play the 'Skins again, but having them knocked down another level (especially against an AFC team) would never hurt.

Green Bay (5-8) vs. Jacksonville (AFC): A loss to the Jags and the Pack are out of the playoffs. The sound of another team down is always a good sound to hear.

San Francisco (5-8) vs. Miami (AFC): Yes, the Niners are still in it. A loss to the Dolphins, though, and they'll start the offseason with 19 other teams.

Minnesota (8-5) vs. Arizona (8-5): If the Eagles make it to the playoffs, they'll most likely play one of these teams. I see the Vikes as a team barely hanging on whereas the Cards are hungry and on the rise.

Denver (AFC) vs. Carolina (10-3): Any time an NFC team (other than the Eagles) are playing an AFC team, it's good to root for the AFC team, in this case, the Broncos.

New York Giants (11-2) vs. Dallas (8-5): Now that the Eagles have beat the Gmen, the Eagles are now the biggest fans of the Giants. They can knock off Dallas, which would be a huge help, then take take on Carolina and Minnesota. If the Eagles get in, those could be big games to determine who we play. But let's not concern ourselves with that now.

Cleveland (AFC) vs. Philadelphia: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! More on this game on Friday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Night Football Live Blog Tampa Bay @ Carolina, 2nd Half

Well, it hasn't been a high-scoring game, but it's been entertaining thus far. The Panthers lead the Bucs 10-3 as we start the 2nd half.

Jones has difficulty handling the kickoff, as he takes it to the 21. Penalty flag down. Illegal block in the back on Carolina. From the 6, Williams gets the carry to the 11. 2nd and 6, Williams gets the carry again and is tripped up a yard shy of the marker. 3rd and 1, Delhomme hands to Williams who gets the first down. Delhomme's pass on 1st down is deflected straight up into the air but falls harmlessly to the ground.

2nd and 10, Delhomme hands to Williams and OH MY, HE JUST BARRELED THROUGH SOME BUCS AS HE TAKES IT TO THE 42! 1st and 10, Delhomme goes deep and he way overthrows his man, but there's a flag down. Illeagal contact on the Bucs.

"You can't understand football if you make that call." - Jaws

Whoa! Tell us how you really feel. 1st and 10 from the TB 48, Delhomme fires, IT'S TIPPED AROUND AND INTERCEPTED BY PHILLIPS! WHAT A CATCH!

"That gets you a graduate degree at the Troy Polamalu School of Making Interceptions." - Dr. Kornheiser

The world would be a better place if you would leave TV forever. 1st and 10 and Dunn loses a yard. 2nd and 11, Garcia FIRES DOWN THE FIELD AND IT'S CAUGHT BY ANTONIO BRYANT ON THE COMEBACK! HE TURNS AROUND, AND MAKES IT INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY! The extra point is up and good we are tied at 10.

Jones takes the kickoff to the 27. Williams takes the carry and loses a couple. 2nd and 12, Delhomme to Smith who gets 7. 3rd and 5 and it's caught by Muhammad who gets 12 and a first down. Smith makes the catch for 11 and another first down. From the TB 45, Williams gets 7. 2nd and 3, Delhomme fires it DEEP FOR STEVE SMITH WHO MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN CAROLINA! The extra point is good and it's 17-10 Panthers.

Kickoff is taken to the 30. 1st and 10, Dunn takes the pass for a couple. 2nd and 8, Dunn takes the carry and he has a Tampa first down. 1st and 10, Garcia throws to Bryant for 4. 2nd and 6, Dunn gets maybe a yard. 3rd and 5, Garcia throws it to Stevens who makes the catch, turns and dives for the marker, but is just short!

"Those markers are the real ones." - Mike Tirico on the sideline markers.

Thanks Capt. Obvious. Tampa's going for it on 4th down, Askew takes it up the middle and he's got it! Garcia on first down is firing deep and it's CAUGHT BY BRYANT AT THE 7! A stupid penalty by Bryant after the play will back them up 5. Williams won't get much on 1st down but a personal foul penalty will put the Bucs at the 4. It's now 1st and goal for the Bucs. Garcia hands it off to Cadillac Williams who BURSTS THROUGH INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN BUCS! The extra point is good and we are tied at 17.

Kickoff is taken by Jones who takes it to the 27. 1st and 10, Delhomme fires it to Smith who makes the catch at the 37 for a first down. Williams takes Delhomme's pass and he picks up 6. 2nd and 4 from the CAR 44, Delhomme hands it off to Williams who has the first down at midfield.

And here comes the Panthers again. Damn, talk about a back-and-forth battle. Williams takes the carry and gets no gain. 2nd and 9, Delhomme hands it to Stewart who has a huge hole and takes it all the way to the TB 30! 1st and 10, Delhomme throws it to Steve Smith who gets to the outside and gets 11!

Is it just me or has Dr. Kornheiser is abnormally quiet this half?

That's the end of the 3rd quarter and we are tied at 17.

1st and 10 from the 19, and Stewart takes it all the way to the 10. 2nd and 1, Stewart gets the carry and a first down at the 8. 1st and goal Panthers. Delhomme fires for the endzone incomplete, but there's a penalty down. Holding on Tampa Bay and that'll place the ball at the 4. Delhomme hands it to Stewart who DIVES FOR AND GETS INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN CAROLINA! The extra point is up and good and the Panthers lead 24-17.

What a fun game this has turned out to be. (Via SSR)

This game has had a bit of everything. Defense in the first half, offense in the 2nd half, and a few officiating controversies. Smith on the kickoff return takes it to the 28. Dunn on the carry gets 6 yards to the 34. 2nd and 4, Garcia to Smith is incomplete. 3rd and 4, Garcia completes it to Stevens who has a first down. Cadillac Williams on the carry gets a couple. 2nd and 8, Garcia's pass is incomplete.

"It would help if some of the receivers caught the ball." - Dr. Kornheiser

Really? Never knew that. Garcia on 3rd down is SACKED! And for the first time this half we'll see a punt. Bidwell booms one into the endzone for the touchback. Holding on Carolina and the Panthers will take over at the 10. 1st and 10, Delhomme hands it to DEANGELO WILLIAMS WHO GETS TO THE OUTSIDE AND A HUGH GAIN OF 41! Stewart on 1st down picks up 3. 2nd and 7, STEWART GETS TO THE OUTSIDE AND HE TAKES IT TO THE 17! There's just no stopping these Carolina running backs.

"This game is crucial if Carolina wants home-field advantage throughout the playoffs." - Dr. Kornheiser

But it won't mean squat if they lose next week. Delhomme hands it off to Williams who GETS TO THE OUTSIDE AND INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! The extra point is good and the Panthers lead 31-17.

"This is they're way of saying 'Hello America, this is who we are'." - Dr. Kornheiser

Must you always try to be funny?

"This is a first time I've seen a Monte Kiffin defense just getting whipped." - Jaws

Jaws isn't kidding. This is a butt whopping and Tampa's defense is supplying the butt. Kickoff is taken to the 35 so the Bucs will have good field position. 1st and 10, Garcia has his pass dropped by Dunn. 2nd and 10, Hilliard makes the catch for a first down.

"This is not a Buccaneer team that's built to come from behind." - Jaws
"But they have, on the road. 3 times." - Mike Tirico

So they must be a team built to come from behind then! 1st and 10 and Dunn drops another. 2nd and 10, Garcia from the shotgun and it's incomplete again. 3rd and 10 for the Bucs and this is 4-down territory in my opinion.

3rd and 10, Garcia is under pressure and SACKED! Holding on Tampa Bay and they will punt it away. Bidwell's punt is taken by Jones who makes it to the 14. Delhomme's pass to Smith is caught for a gain of 9. 2nd and 1, and Stewart goes nowhere on the carry. 3rd and 1 and Dr. Kornheiser has nothing better to talk about than Rosario Dawson's, er, Dante Rosario's catch in week 1 to beat the Chargers. 3rd and short and Bucs get the stop on 3rd down! Hoover went nowhere.

Timeout Tampa Bay.

Punt is taken by Smith but an illegal block in the back will force them back to the 18. 1st and 10 and Jeremy Stevens drops a pass. 2nd and 10, Garcia fires incomplete again and now it's 3rd and 10.

"I see him as someone who gets bored very easily." - Dr. Kornheiser making no sense.

Garcia's pass is caught by Bryant who gets 14 and a TB first down. Dunn on the carry takes it to the 44 for another Tampa first down.

"You have to score once to score twice, but you have to score twice." - Dr. Kornheiser making no sense. Garcia throws to Alan Smith down the field and he catches it for a first down in Panther territory. 1st and 10 from the 36, Hilliard makes the catch at the 28. 2nd and 3, Garcia to Dunn who catches it at the 23 for a first down.

1st and 10, Garcia to Stevens who takes it to the 15. Clock under 3-minutes. 2nd and 3, Garcia from the shotgun passes it to ANTONIO BRYANT WHO MAKES A SPECTACULAR DIVING CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! WHAT A CATCH! TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY! The extra point is up and BLOCKED! NO GOOD! 31-23 Panthers.

ONSIDE KICK! RECOVERED BY CAROLINA! 1st and 10 from the TB 43. Bucs have 2 timeouts with 2:28 to go. Williams picks up 3.

Timeout Tampa Bay.

Williams picks up 3 on 2nd down. Timeout Tampa Bay. 2:17 to go. 3rd and 4, Delhomme pitches it to Williams who BREAKS IT TO THE OUTSIDE! BUC AFTER BUC FANS ON THE TACKLE AS WILLIAMS TAKES IT INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! OVER 300 RUSHING YARDS TODAY FOR THE PANTHERS! Unreal. The extra point is good and the Panthers lead 38-23.

Smith takes the kick to the 37.

Williams should've done a Brian Westbrook there. (Via SSR)

Agreed. Now Tampa has a one-in-a-million chance of winning as opposed to no chance.

"And yes, Mike, I do have my gloves on." - Stu Scott

Congratulations. 1st down carry gets 7. Garcia to Stevens gets 7. Williams will pick up a couple. 3rd down and GARCIA'S PASS IS INTERCEPTED! This will be reviewed by the booth and overturned though. I know it's nearly impossible for the Bucs to win this, but the fact that it hardly looks like they're trying when there is a chance, is not good news for Bucs fans.

"It's one thing to get [2 running backs over 100 yards] against the Lions, it's another thing against Tampa's defense." - Dr. Kornheiser

Most high schools could get 2 running backs over 100 yards against the Lions. The play is overturned as the ball clearly hit the ground and it's now 4th down for the Bucs. 4th and 1, Garcia's pass is INCOMPLETE! AND THAT'S IT!

Jake Delhomme will come out and take knees as the Carolina Panthers have defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-23. Thank you for joining me for this live blog and every live blog I have done this year. SSR will take over Monday Nights from here on out. Good night and good luck.

Monday Night Football Live Blog Tampa Bay @ Carolina, 1st Half

It's showdown time! The 9-3 Carolina Panthers are set to take on the 9-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. We'll kick things off here at 8:30 when Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Dr. Kornheiser (Remember he's not a real doctor, he just likes to play one in the MNF booth) hit the air.

JFein's Prediction: This should be a good game. However, it seems like that Tampa Bay is a more well-rounded team than the Panthers. Therefore, I will pick the Bucs in this one 28-24.

Countdown's picks
Steve: Panthers
Emmitt: Panthers
Stuart: Panthers
Coach: Buccaneers
Key: Panthers
Cris: Panthers
TJ: Buccaneers
Boomer: Buccaneers

"That's the biggest deficit Carolina has lost by this year." - Tony Kornheiser
Well yeah......they've lost only 3 games. (Via SSR)

I had my hopes up that because this was such a big game, that Dr. Kornheiser would just shut up and keep the idiocy to a minimum. Apparently I was wrong.

"He took the Frankfurt Galaxy to the World Bowl, which I suppose made him All-World." - Dr. Kornheiser

Clifton Smith is back to return and the kick goes out of the endzone for a touchback. And on comes Jeff Garcia. 1st and 10, Garcia passes to Gilmore for a gain of 5. Garcia on 2nd down is SACKED! Loss of 8 and it's 3rd and 13. Handoff to Dunn who gets a couple.

The punt is returned to TB territory. And the Panthers have good field position. 1st and 10, Williams gets nothing. Williams gets 5 on 2nd down and it's 3rd and 5.

"You think Tampa Bay remembers they lost by 24 points in the first game?" - Kornheiser (Via SSR)

No, I don't. I think Carolina remembers losing by 24 to Tampa Bay, though. 3rd and 5 and Delhomme finds Muhammad over the middle for a 1st down! 1st and 10 and Delhomme agains find Muhammad for 19 yards! DeAngelo Williams on the carry takes it to the 8 with a pick up of 3. 2nd and 7, Delhomme , scrambles and is SACKED BY KEVIN CARTER! Loss of 8. 3rd and 15 for the Panthers. Delhomme throws it behind his tight end who dropped it. 4th down and on will come John Kasay. The 34-yard field goal IS UP...AND GOOD! 3-0 Panthers.

Kornheiser finally made a comment about Jaws' stupid "Catching the ball with your hands" comment. (Via SSR)

You mean to say you can't catch the ball with your nose?

"How does he get to keep his hair at 85 when you and I have had such trouble with that?" - Dr. Kornheiser

My heart bleeds for you. The kickoff is taken to the 27 by Smith. And on will come the TB offense.

Is there some producer at ESPN that is professional enough, with enough skill and talent, to tell those two morons to not devolve into's because WE CAN'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND THEM WHEN THEY GIGGLE YOU IDIOTS. (Via Hollywood Wags)

Dunn picks up a couple. 2nd and 8, Garcia throws to Antonio Bryant for a gain of 8 and a first down. Cadillac Williams picks up a yard. 2nd and 9, Garcia throws to Askew for a pick up of 9 and another Tampa Bay first down. Dunn gets a yard on 1st down. 2nd and 9, Garcia swings to Cadillac Williams who gets 7. 3rd and 2, Garcia scrambles, will run for it, and he gets the first!

Timeout Tampa Bay.

"[Jon Gruden] loves quarterbacks, like antique cars." - Ron Jaworski (Via SSR)

Well that's one thing Jaws and Jon Gruden have in common.

"That was my homework assignment for the week." - Mike Tirico on learning Spanish.

We'll be awaiting his awkward 4th quarter apology. 1st and 10, Garcia fires incomplete for Clayton. Dunn takes the carry close to the first down marker. 3rd and 1, Askew picks up 3 and the drive continues. 1st and 10 from the CAR 30. The Cadillac picks up 5 on the carry.

Garcia throws it to Askew who can't get back to the line. Flag on the play and it's a tripping penalty on Tampa Bay. 2nd and 15, Garcia fakes it the handoff, scrambles past the line and gets 3.

"He's rumbling, bumbling, stumbling down the field." - Jaws on Garcia

Never say that again, Jaws. Garcia finds Antonio Bryant on 3rd down who gets 10 but that's not enough for a first down. On will come Matt Bryant to attempt a 40-yard field goal. The kick is up and IT'S OFF THE LEFT UPRIGHT AND NO GOOD! Still 3-0 Panthers.

1st and 10 from the 30, Delhomme hands it off to Jonathan Stewart who gets 2.

That brings us to the end of the 1st quarter, the Panthers lead the Bucs 3-0.

2nd and 8 and Stewart picks up 6. 3rd and a couple. Delhomme throws it to Steve Smith who has a first down at the 45. 1st and 10, Delhomme with tons of time, fires to to Brad Hoover who DROPS IT! Oy ve, Attention Captain Butterfingers. 2nd and 10, Stewart takes it into TB territory with that pick up of 5. 3rd and 5, Delhomme throws it to Jarrett who has the first down.

"Does that mean that, Delhomme, he went to Jarrett?" - Dr. Kornheiser

I'm speechless. And Doc, that was only obvious to you. 1st and 10 and Stewart loses a couple. Oh man, Hoover drops it again! Delhomme's pass on 3rd down is caught by Steve Smith inside the 30 for the first down! But wait, Tampa's challenging it.

My opinion is that it should be upheld, but we'll see what Walt Anderson says. It stands! Delhomme on 1st down fires and it's INTERCEPTED BY RONDE BARBER!

"Isn't Cincinnati also a queen city? How can you have two?" - Dr. Kornheiser

I don't know, Dr. Kornheiser, I don't know. John Fox is challenging the Barber interception. This one stands. Dunn picks up 4 on first down. Garcia throws to Dunn who gets near the first down marker. They measure it and he's just short. 3rd and inches, Garcia hands it to Askew who easily picks up the first down. 1st and 10 from the TB 35, Garcia fires and it's nearly picked off by Diggs! 2nd and 10, Garcia from the gun has his pass deflected and incomplete.

3rd and 10, Garcia from the shotgun again, throws it to Hilliard who makes the catch at the 47! First down Tampa Bay. Williams gets the carry, LOSES THE BALL, but the whistle blew and oh my, that was definitley a legit fumble. The refs blew that one. 2nd and 10, Garcia FIRES DEEP FOR IKE HILLARD WHO MAKES THE CATCH AND SPRINTS DOWN THE FIELD, DIVES FOR THE ENDZONE, BUT IS OUT OF BOUNDS AT THE 2! Wow, what a turn of events! And let me tell you what, I don't think he ever stepped out of bounds!

Timeout Tampa Bay. And it looks like the ball is a yard and a half behind where it should be. 1st and goal and Garcia fires for Smith in the back of the endzone, incomplete. 2nd and goal, Williams tries to go up the middle and doesn't get anything. Carolina says they have the ball, but the refs ignore them.

"That's how you stroke it up in there as a linebacker." - Jaws

3rd and goal. Garcia scrambling, fires to the endzone....incomplete! 4th and goal and on will come Matt Bryant for a 20-yard field goal. To tie the game, Bryant's field goal IS UP...AND THROUGH! We are tied at 3 in the Queen City as Nickelback's "Burn it to the Ground" off their new album Dark Horse, bumps us to commercial.

"Saved by the Westbrook" - Mike Tirico promosting next week's MNF game between the Eagles and the Browns. SSR will be live-blogging that one next week.

The kickoff is taken by Jones to the CAR 27. 1st and 10 for the Panthers. Williams takes the first down carry and picks up 9. DeAngelo Williams picks up the first down. 2nd down and WILLIAMS BREAKS FREE FOR A BIG GAIN OF 40 YARDS! Stewart gets a yard on first down and 7 on second down. Wiliams on 3rd down picks up the first.

Sorry for the delay of the update. Blogger's giving me hell. There we go, all better. Delhomme passes to Steve Smith who gets 7 yards and is down at the 2!

2-minute warning.

2nd and goal, Delhomme hands it to STEWART WHO WALKS INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! The extra point is up and good and the Panthers lead it 10-3.

Clark takes the kickoff the 25 yard line and here comes Tampa with 1:49 remaining in the 1st half and no timeouts. Garcia to throw it to Jeremy Stevens who gets 5 and out of bounds. 2nd and 5, Garcia throws it to Antonio Bryant who has a first down at the 39. Garcia from the shotgun and GARCIA IS SACKED! Loss of 6 and the clock continues to tick.

Dunn takes the ball to the 40. 3rd and 8, as the clock is now at 10, Garcia scrambling and is SACKED AGAIN! Carolina decided not to call a timeout to try for a punt block and/or return.

That's the end of the first half. The Panthers lead the Buccaneers 10-3. I'll see you in the second half thread.

Week 14 Eagles Recap

Ask Craig James what he thinks of the Eagles, and he'll surely say that they are the best team in the NFC. While probably not true, that was one damn impressive win yesterday and restored my faith in live blogging Eagles games (although due to the fact that winter break is nearly upon me, I'm done live-blogging Eagles games this year). More on that later in the week.

Back to the Eagles. Words really can't describe what happened yesterday. It was fucking awesome, that's for damn sure. The Eagles not only beat the Giants, but they thoroughly dominated them and yes, it was only a 6-point game, but that score did not reflect that game.

I have a confession to make. I made a terrible mistake when I posted the preview. I said that the announcers talking point would be that the crowd was loud (what else does Goose talk about). I was wrong. Every other sentence all three spoke had the word "wind" in it. Good lord, people we get that it was windy! You don't need to re-iterate it every 30 seconds. With all the talk about wind, I wouldn't be surprised if Tony Siragusa broke wind.....and Kenny and Moose smelled it from the booth!

And as if it wasn't bad enough that they wouldn't shut up about it, things they said about it was wrong. They said it was moving right to left on the screen. Fine. They also said it would be seeminlgy impossible to move the ball against the wind. Which is all fine and dandy, if you disregard the fact that the Eagles consistently moved the ball in the third quarter against the wind both throwing and running.

What we saw yesterday was a clock management clinic from the Eagles. They possessed the ball 21 out of 30 minutes in the second half. And what about how awesome the Eagles defense was! They only allowed 80 yards on the ground against the Gmen (as opposed to over 200 when they met in Philly a month ago). The only TDs the Giants allowed was the blocked field goal return at the end of the first half and the TD during garbage time at the end of the game.

All in all, this was the best game the Eagles played all season. Westbrook had over 200 total yards and McNabb was efficient, completing 19/30 for 191 yards. And guess what else the Eagles did? They ran the ball more than they threw it! See what happens when you run the ball, Andy? You win games. It's historically proven true for the Eagles and it proved true yesterday.

And it may have been their luckiest week of the season. 3 out of the 4 teams ahead of the Eagles played yesterday (Carolina plays tonight on MNF). All three of those teams (Washington, Dallas, and Atlanta) lost. Which means the Eagles are now a half game ahead of the Redskins, and a half game behind Dallas and Atlanta. The playoff scenario right now is simple for the Eagles. If the Eagles win their final three games and Atlanta loses one of their remaining three games, the Eagles will be in the playoffs. No ifs, ands, or buts. Atlanta plays Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and St. Louis. Folks, this is in reach. As long as the Eagles don't choke.

More on the playoffs tomorrow and a deeper analysis of what else the Eagles would like to see. I will be live-blogging my last MNF game tonight in replace of AA, who has a "weekly engagement" that he can't move away from Monday nights. My guess is that AA is at AA, if you know what I mean. (I'm kidding AA, if you're reading this.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 14 Eagles @ Giants Live Blog, 2nd Half

It's official. If the Eagles hang on to win this I am storming down the hall scraming "Go Eagles!" and shouting profanity that shall not be named here to the Giant fans. God, they're obnoxious.

Does Tony Siragusa know what it's like to stand still? Good lord, I feel like I'm watching the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Demps on the return takes it to the 30. Curtis will not return. Westbrook picks up a couple on 1st down. 2nd and 8, McNabb has it knocked away by Dockery. 3rd and 8, McNabb throws for Jason Avant who gets the first down and bent over like a pretzel. Damn, thank goodness he got right back up. Westbrook takes it to the 45 and picks up 4. 2nd and 6, McNabb from the shotgun fires incomplete. 3rd and 6, McNabb will scramble and pick up the first down with his legs! That's McNabb's biggest weapon right there, his legs.

McNabb throws incomplete to Lewis. 2nd and 10, McNabb fires to Baskett who makes the catch for 9, FUMBLES THE BALL!, but it lands out of bound and no harm is done. 3rd and 1, and McNabb on the keeper picks up the first. McNabb hands to Westbrook and he takes it to the Giant 32. 2nd and 8, McNabb to throw to Westbrook who picks up a first down with a pick up of 9. Flag down, but it's on the Giants. 1st and 10 from the 22 and Westbrook picks up 3.

2nd and 7, McNabb finds Smith for a gain of 4. 3rd and 3 and I'm loving this drive from the Eagles. What blocked field goal momentum?

3rd and 3, McNabb fires incomplete for Smith. And it's 4th down and on will come Akers. Akers, from 34-yards out, IT'S BLOCKED AGAIN! THREE BLOCKED FIELD GOALS IN THIS GAME, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The ball went under the upright the Giants will take over at the 27.

Jacobs picks up 4 on 1st down. Jacobs on 2nd down gets a first down and Jacobs was limping before collapsing onto the field.

3rd and inches and Ward picks up the 1st down. 1st and 1o from the NYG 37, Ward tries to bounce it to the outside and gets stuffed at the line. 2nd and 9, and Ward gets 6 before being upended.

Update: Detroit 13, Minnesota 10

3rd and 3 for the Giants and Manning fires one deep and it's the waterboy on the sidelines. 4th and 3 and Jackson fair-catches the punt at the 14.
1st and 10 and Westbrook gets 7 on the carry. Why is the BCS computer at Giants Stadium? Westbrook picks up a first down by an inch. 1st and 10, McNabb hands to Westbrook who gets 3. Westbrook gets 6 on 2nd down and it's the ever-dreaded 3rd and 1 for the Eagles. McNabb hands it to Kyle Eckel who gets an Eagles first down! Gain of a couple. And the Eagles have actually converted their last 3rd and short rushing attempts!

1st down and Westbrook gets no gain. 2nd and 10 and McNabb fires complete to Hank Baskett for 6. Kendra's happy! 3rd and 4, McNabb fires over the middle by Westbrook for a first down. A personal foul face-mask by the Giants will give the Eagles 15 more yards.

That's the end of the 3rd quarter and the Eagles are dominating the clock, leading the Giants 10-7.

1st and 10 from the New York 39 and he gets 3. Brian Westbrook has officially outgained the entire Giants team this game. 2nd and 7, and McNabb stumbles and is sacked for a loss of 4. 3rd and 11, McNabb fires for WESTBROOK WHO MAKES THE CATCH AND WILL GO UNTOUCHED INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! The extra point is good and the Eagles now lead the Giants 17-7.


Update: Atlanta 17, Nawlins 16

Damn. Akers booms the kick into the endzone where it's kneeled for the touchback. Giants ball at the 20.

More updates
Green Bay 14, Houston 13
Detroit 13, Minnesota 10
Chicago 20, Jacksonville 3

Jacobs gets the carry and picks up 5. 2nd and 5, Bradshaw gets 4 but there's a penalty flag down. Holding on the Eagles and that will give the Giants a first down. 1st and 10, Manning fires deep and it's NEARLY INTERCEPTED BY ASANTE SAMUEL! Oh man, there wasn't a blue jersey in sight. Bradshaw gets a couple.

Update: New Orleans 22, Atlanta 17.

Manning on 3rd down fires over the middle for Hixon who gets 17 and a Giant first down! 1st and 10, Bradshaw is wrapped up in the backfield for a loss. 2nd and 13, Manning fires incomplete, looking for Toomer. 3rd and13. Manning gets it off for Steve Smith who makes the catch and breaks free, only to be stopped a yard short of the marker. Let's see what the Giants do here from the Eagle 37. They're going for it! Manning, under pressure! Gets it off, but it's INCOMPLETE! Eagles take over on downs! Another great defensive stop by the Philadelphia Eagles!

Update: Minnesota 17, Detroit 13 with 8:32 left.

1st down and Westbrook explodes up the middle for a gain of 13 into Giant territory! 1st and 10, McNabb hands to Westbrook for 5.

Update: Houston 21, Green Bay 14 with 10:05 left.

Westbrook gets nothing on 2nd down and it's 3rd and 5. McNabb fakes to Westbrook, rolls out right, and finds L.J. Smith for another Eagles 1st down! The Eagles are 9 for 14 today on 4th down, unbelieveable! Gain of 3 on 1st down.

Update: Atlanta 25, New Orleans 22

Damn. No gain on 2nd down it's now 3rd and 5. McNabb scrambles and he will pick up another 1st down! The Eagles have converted 11 of their last 12 3rd downs! Incredible!

Awww, McNabb's wife just gave birth to twins. Congrats to Donny Mac and his family! 2nd and 9 after a minimal 1st down gain by Westbrook and this one will go for 3 by Westbrook. Timeout New York. 3rd and 5, McNabb hands to Westbrook who gets yet another first down! 3:30 to go and this is a clinic right now. From the NYG 16, Westbrook gets a couple. Timeout New York.

Update: Minnesota 17, Detroit 16 with 5:44 left.

2nd and 8, Westbrook gets swallowed in the backfield for a loss of a couple. Timeout New York, that's their last. 3rd and 10, Westbrook gets the carry for only a couple. The Eagles will take this clock all the way down and take a timeout with 2:14 to before sending out David Akers.

From 34 yards out, IT'S UP....AND GOOD! 20-7 Eagles.

2:09 left and the Giants are out of timeouts down by 13. Moss on the kickoff return takes it to the 29.

Update: New Orleans 29, Atlanta 25 with 3:58 left.

Yay! Manning ocmpletes to Ward for a couple and that's the 2-minute warning.

"Disappointing afternoon after the New York Giants..."- Kenny Albert

And what about the fantastic afternoon for the Eagles, asswipe. 2nd and 8 and Manning finds Smith at midfield for the first down. Manning to Toomer and that gets 8. 1:25 to go. Manning from the shot gun, rolls out and finds Toomer who takes it all the way to the Eagle 25. 58 seconds left. Manning to Smith for a first down at the 14. And why are the Eagles in a prevent defense? Manning fires incomplete, but there's a penalty down. Illegal touching on the Giants. 1st and 15 from the 19, Manning fires incomplete but there are penalties galore.

Offsides and defensive pass interference. 1st and goal for the Giants at the 2 with 20 seconds left. Manning throws to the endzone for DARCY JOHNSON WHO MAKES THE CATCH IN THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN GIANTS! The extra point is good and it's 20-14 Eagles.


McNabb takes a knee and this one is history. The Eagles beat the Giants 20-14! Thank you for joining me for this live blog. Hopefully you'll join me tomorrow as I live blog my last Monday night game of the year.

Update: The Saints beat the Falcons 29-25!

Week 14 Eagles @ Giants Live Blog, First Half

Well, it may be a 1:00 game, but most of the country is getting this game. And I, for one, am hoping that the Eagles make a statement. We will be getting underway at 1, until then, enjoy Tony Siragusa telling you how loud the crowd is and how cold it is in New York.

Thanks for spatting out that Westbrook stat that we already knew. 2 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs, and 100 yards. Oh my, chance of snow and 25-35 mph winds.

Eagles to kick it off to the Gmen and we are underway in New York. The kickoff is taken to the 28. Jacobs gets 7 on the 1st down carry. Neutral zone infraction on the Eagles and the Giants have their first first down of the game. 1st and 10, Jacobs gets 3 on the carry up the middle. The wind is apparently blowing from left to right.

Oh boy, a 5-yard penalty followed by a face mask. Not a good start. From the Eagle 37 on 1st down is a pass from Manning to Boss and gets 5. End around to Manningham and he gets dropped for a loss of 12! That one did NOT fool the Eagles. 3rd and 17 for the Gmen. Manning to throw and it's caught by Sinorice Moss for a gain of 13. 4th and 4 and are they going for it? Yes they are. 4th and 4, Manning from the gun, throws and it's broken up by Sheldon Brown!

1st and 10 and McNabb finds Smith for 9. 2nd and 1 and Westbrook is stuffed in the backfield for a loss of 5 and just like that it's 3rd and 6. McNabb from the shot gun, scrambles, and he throws it at the feet of Kevin Curtis. 3 and out for the Birds.

Rocca's punt sails out of bounds at the 33 and that's where Eli will come back onto the field.

Andy Reid: Okay, next short yardage play, CHUCK IT DEEP!! Mmmm.....Chuck, Beef Chuck? (Via SSR)

That's disgustingly funny. 1st down and Jacobs gets a couple. 2nd down and 8 and Manning throws incomplete. 3rd down and the pass is caught by Hixon but he gets dropped at the line of scrimmage. The punt is taken to the 29 by Jackson and that's where the Eagles will take over.

Update: New Orleans 7, Atlanta 0.

Keep it up Saints. The Eagles need you this week. Here comes McNabb. 1st and 10 and McNabb finds Westbrook over the middle for a pick up of 7. McNabb hands to Westbrook up the middle and he gets just enough for a first down. 1st down and 10 and McNabb end around to Jackson who gets trapped in the backfield and but somehow manages to get back to within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage. Jackson is down, though, and that's not good.

Jackson looks all right and he's back on the field. McNabb scrambles on 2nd down and picks up a couple before stepping out of bounds. 3rd and 10 for the Eagles. McNabb somehow gets it off to Smith but it only gets 4 and the Eagles will punt again.

Here's Rocca's punt that's fielded by Hixon who gets hit and BOBBLES THE BALL, but somehow how he catches it back and and gets 4 on the return.

1st and 10 for the Giants and Ward picks up 9 on the carry. 2nd and 1 for the Giants and Manning's pitches to Ward who loses a yard. Here's Bradshaw on 3rd down and he doesn't get the first! Great defense by the Eagles. Jackson takes the punt to the 38 and that's where the Eagles will take over.

False start on the Eagles and it's 1st and 15. Hand-off to Westbrook up the middle who gets the penalty back. 2nd and 10. McNabb going deep on 2nd and 10 and OH, WHAT A CATCH BY CURTIS! All the way to the Giant 30! 1st and 10 and Westbrook on the carry gets gobbled up by Antonio Pierce for a loss of 1. 2nd and 11 and McNabb fakes to Westbrook and throws it behind Jackson and it's 3rd and long.

3rd and 11, but that will now be 3rd and 6 as Robinson encroached. McNabb tosses to Jackson and he gets dropped in the backfield. The Giants are getting too much penetration for those plays to work. Timeout Giants.

51-yarder from Akers into the wind...IT'S UP, AND IT'S GOOD! AKERS INTO THE WIND HITS HIS LONGEST OF THE SEASON! 3-0 Eagles.

David Akers isn't washed up after all! (Via SSR)

I'm not in touch with every Eagles fan, but I can guarantee you, not many thought he would make that. Who knew his first 50 yarder of the year would come in a game against 50 mile per hour winds in a stadium he traditionally sucks at. Akers is not good in Giants Stadium, historically.

That's the end of the 1st quarter, 3-0 Eagles over the New York Football Giants.

Update: Detroit 3, Minnesota 0.

Manning on 1st down is going deep for Hixon AND HE DROPPED IT! That was a surefire touchdown if he makes the catch. Timeout Philadelphia. Gain of 5 by Jacobs and the Eagles are now out of timeouts. Not good. Here's hoping Andy Reid slipped the refs a little extra dough before the game...

Manning fires high for Toomer but there's a defensive holding on the Eagles giving the Giants a first down. I guess no extra dough was slipped to the refs looking at that one.

Jacobs breaks one to the outside and gets to midfield! Gain of 23. 1st and 10 and Manning fires incomplete for Hedgecock.

And why are we being given an update of the Colts-Bengals game? Eli isn't watching, you know. 2nd down and it's A FUMBLE BY WARD BUT THE GIANTS FALL ON IT! Oh man, so close. That pass on 3rd down is caught by Hixon for 13 yards and a first. Jacobs to the outside on 1st down and he gets a couple. Eagles are offside and it's now 2nd and 3. The handoff is to Jacobs and Gocong penetrates through the line and brings him down in the backfield! Big loss and it's now 3rd and 6. Manning from the gun, rolls out, and it's caught by Toomer but he was out of bounds! And on will come John Carney to attempt a 42-yarder and IT'S BLOCKED BY TRENT COLE! The ball rolls to the 10 where it is downed. Still 3-0 Eagles.

Andy Reid: If I get rid of the timeouts I don't want, will I get an extra one in the 2nd half? (Via SSR)

No, however, he did bet his friend that if he wasted all his timeouts, his friend would buy him a free pizza. Party time at the Reid household, tonight!

Westbrook gets 3 on first down. 2nd and 10 and Westbrook loses those 3 yards. 3rd down is a screen to Westbrook that only gets 4. And on will come Rocca to punt it way. Hixon from the 18 goes sideways back and forth berore being dropped at the 15 for a loss of 3 on the return.

1st down and Manning again fires an incompletion. Not a good day for thus far for Manning the Younger. 2nd down and Jacobs gets 4. 3rd and 6 and Eli Manning fired in between to Eagles defenders and no Giant was in sight of that past. Manning must be thinking, "Hmmm...if I can fit the ball in between those defenders, I'll win a free taco....". Congrats, Eli.

A bomming punt is fielded by Jackson who takes it all the way to the 40 but an illegal block in the back will pin the Eagles deep.

Westbrook up the middle from his own 23 picks up 3. 2nd down and 7 and McNabb fires incomplete to Jackson. 3rd and 7, McNabb finds Kevin Curtis who gets 10 and a first down! From the 36, Westbrook takes the carry and he gets a couple. 2nd and 8, Westbrook bounces to the left and picks up 9 and a 1st down.

McNabb under pressure on 1st down finds Lorenzo Booker for a yard. 2nd and 9 and McNabb fires to Curtis incomplete and that should have been pass interference. 3rd and 9, McNabb finds Smith at the line who gets hit there, but he stays on his feet and trots down the sideline for a first down! Injury timeout as Curtis is slow to get up.

Hey look, actual offense from the Eagles. (SSR)

Amazing, isn't it?

New Orleans 13, Atlanta 7
Detroit 6, Minnesota 3.

1st and 10 and another short pass to Smith and another great job by the tight end to pick up the 1st down! 2-minute warning in New York.

Update: Tennessee 7, Cleveland 6

1st and 1o from the Giant 30 and McNabb HANDS TO WESTBROOK WHO BREAKS FREE AT THE LINE AND NO ONE WILL COME CLOSE TO CATCHING HIM AS HE RACES INTO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! The extra point is good and the Eagles lead the Giants, 10-0.


Moss on the kickoff return to the 36. Goose thinks he's spotted McNabb holding his ribs. 1st and 10 and Moss bursts into Eagles territory. Manning fires incomplete on 1st down. and it's 2nd down and 10. Someone jumped, and it's the Eagles. 2nd and 5, now and this is uncharacteristic for the Eagles this year.

Update: Atlanta 14, New Orleans 14.

Ward picks up a couple. Timeout New York as we learn it's been over 4 years since the Giants were shut out in the first half. 3rd and 3 and Manning overthrows Toomer and are those boo birds I hear?

4th and 3 and it looks like the Gmen are going for it from the Eagle 42. Manning fires and it's DROPPED BY SMITH!

Eagles take over at their own 42 with no timeouts and 1:02 to go. Westbrook up the middle gets eleven. Defensive delay of game on the Giants. Wow, don't see that too often. 1st and 5 from the Giant 42. McNabb throws incomplete and it's 2nd down. McNabb to Westbrook and he catches it for 8. The Eagles hurry to the line and spike it with 27 seconds left. From the Giant 34, McNabb fires incomplete but finally there's a pass interference flag! The Giants were getting away with that all day before that.

Westbrook up the middle to the 21 and the Eagles quickly spike it with 11 seconds left! 3rd and 5 from the 21, McNabb to Greg Lewis along the sidelines and it gets 7 with that many seconds left.


And that's the end of the 1st half. The Eagles lead the Giants 10-7. I will see you in the 2nd half thread.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eagles Week 14 Preview

What: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
When: 12/7/08 at 1:00
Where: Giants Stadium
Channel: Fox
Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa (a.k.a. Kenny, Moose, n' Goose)
Talking Points of the Game: The crowd is really loud down here, guys (Sometimes I think that's the only thing Goose is capable of saying all game. I'd start a Siragusa "crowd is really loud down here" drinking game, but I'm doing a live blog and I don't want to be completely shitfaced by the end of the opening drive...)

The last time the Eagles lost the Giants, our Eagles lost a close one to the Gmen, 36-31 in a game that the Eagles inability to convert a 3rd and 1 killed them once again. And that one was at home. Things will be a lot harder in New York. I'm sure we all remember the last time the Ealges traveled to the Meadowlands, Donny Mac was sacked 12 times. Things will most likely be different this time around. Mainly because there's no way any team is capable of repeating that feat in such a short time and also because Osi Umenyiora is out for the season.

The Giants run offense is so so good and while the Eagles step up in the run game against weak teams, sadly, we let good running teams like the Giants take us to town time and time again. It will be a challenge but if the Eagles can get a few stops early, that could make a big difference and give our defense the confidence they need, especially if the offense that showed up against the Bengals and the Ravens decide to show up. If the Eagles offense does show up, this can easily turn into a wild shoot-out.

One of two things will happen this game, either we will get a wild shoot out, or this game with a butt whooping with the Eagles supplying the butt. This game is too big for them to not show up, therefore, I think we're gonna be in for a good one. However, the Eagles have not won a game decided in the last 2 minutes this year and I'm not sure we'll be able to win our first one against a team on paper that is better than us. And yes, I see this going down to the last 2 minutes.

Prediction: Giants 38, Eagles 35

As mentioned I will be live blogging this game. 75% of this country is getting this game on Fox and with very little mouth-watering action on CBS this week, this could end up being a pretty big live blog and more importantly, a chance for the Eagles to show the country what potential they have. Tragically, this will be my last Eagles live blog of the season. I will, however, continue to post previews and recaps and news during my off-season (a.k.a. winter break) and I will also be live blogging MNF this week in replace of Awful Announcing. Sorry guys for my future lack of Eagles, but winter break is my time to watch the Eagles with my family.

Enjoy the game on Sunday and hopefully you'll join me in the live blog.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lito Sheppard Loves Lito Sheppard (And That's About It)

Great thanks to the folks at Bleed Eagles Green for bringing this up. As was well noted, Asante Samuel sat out the Cardinals game with an injury and thus many people thought that Lito Sheppard would get the start. That however, was not the case, it was as Joselio Hanson got the start. Now I saw the game, I noticed that, and not only that, but I also noticed how well he played. Okay, so what's the big deal? This is old news, isn't it JFein? Why didn't you talk about this last Friday when it was relevent?

The answer is because Lito Sheppard just guaranteed himself a one-way ticket out of Philadelphia with a simple answer he gave yesterday (as if there wasn't one already waiting).

When asked by reporters if the whole situation with his contract and the talks of trade and lack of playing time was affecting his play, Lito gave a startling answer.....

No, that's not a type-o. He said yes. He admits that his personal situation with the team is more important than the team itself.

Now originally I was going to go get on a long soapbox rant like I did earlier at AA on the Seminole Firepower story, but I feel that less will be more. Lito Sheppard, if you actually think you're situation is more important than the team then you're dead to me, you're already dead to Andy Reid as evidenced by his starting Joselio Hanson over you, and you're dead to the Eagles organization. May you end up in arena football.

Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out Lito (Bleed Eagles Green)

Monday, December 1, 2008

What The Eagles Are Rooting For Week 14

It's hard to believe it's that time already, but well, it's that time already. One of the best times of the year, the times of discussing all of the wild and willy playoff scenarios! Personally I love reading all of the crazy things that have to happen for certain teams to make the playoffs, and while there is nothing that complicated now, it's never too late to look at what the Eagles want to happen in order to put them in a better position so they aren't rooting for 3 teams to win, 2 others to lose, and 2 teams to tie.

First off, it must be prefaced that all of the below would only be helpful if the Eagles beat the Giants, something they must do. If the Eagles want to avoid becoming fans of half the teams in the NFL on week 17, they ought to win out (which unfortunately involves beating 3 teams that beat us earlier in the season). Also, this is one man's opinion of what would benefit the Eagles the most. If you disagree, feel free to do so in the comments section.

Jacksonville (AFC) vs. Chicago (6-6): While this one is not overly important as "da Bears" are below the Eagles and Neckbeard the Pirate (a.k.a. Kyle Orton) is throwing picks faster than Grossman and thus not much of a threat in the wildcard, it would be nice to see the Jags deliver a final knock out blow to Chi-town.

Minnesota (7-5) vs. Detroit (0-12): Again, not much importance in this one, but let's just give The Race To Lose A First Round Playoff Game To A Much Superior NFC South Team (a.k.a. The NFC North) to the Vikes.

Houston (AFC) vs. Green Bay (5-7): If the Texans win, this will knock out the Pack for sure. 1 down, many to go.

Atlanta (8-4) vs. New Orleans (6-6): While it would be good to see the Saints knocked out cause when hot, they are as dangerous as the '07 Patriots (see MNF game vs. Green Bay), the sad truth is the Eagles are Saints fans cause the Falcons are 1.5 games ahead of us. Not only that, but the Dirty Birds are the only team 1.5 games ahead of us that we do not see again this year. I dismissed others above as not important, this one's a biggie right here.

Philadelphia (6-5-1) vs. New York Giants (11-1): GO EAGLES!!!!!!! Need I say more. And what a win this would be, people are already crowning the Gmen as if they were the '07 Pats. And remember what nearly happened last year when the Eagles went on the road against a team that people had already crowned as The Best Damn Thing Since Sliced Bread....

Arizona (7-5) vs. St. Louis (2-10): Will the Cards just clinch already?

Dallas (8-4) vs. Pittsburgh (AFC): Again, another HUGE game. The Eagles have "dem Cowbitches" the last week of the season (at home, I might add) but the Eagles are mathematically going to need Dallas to lose more games than that in order for the Eagles to go to the playoffs. A Cowboys game vs. the Steelers is just what the doctor ordered.

Baltimore (AFC) vs. Washington (7-5): While it is my personal opinion that the Skins are overrated, the bottom line is is that they've won 7 games and they're ahead of the Eagles by half a game in the standings. The Ravens are definitley a team on the rise and this a game that they will need if they want to keep pace with the Steelers in the AFC North. While the Eagles do play the Redskins one more time this year, it would always be a good idea to have them softened up a bit.

Tampa Bay (9-3) vs. Carolina (9-3): These two are tied for the lead in the NFC South. And subsequently the winner will have a good chance at earning a first round bye and the other will be thrown into the wildcard race. No boldened team to root for here, just the hope that whomever does lose this game will hit a bad losing streak and fall out of the playoff race.