Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lito Sheppard Loves Lito Sheppard (And That's About It)

Great thanks to the folks at Bleed Eagles Green for bringing this up. As was well noted, Asante Samuel sat out the Cardinals game with an injury and thus many people thought that Lito Sheppard would get the start. That however, was not the case, it was as Joselio Hanson got the start. Now I saw the game, I noticed that, and not only that, but I also noticed how well he played. Okay, so what's the big deal? This is old news, isn't it JFein? Why didn't you talk about this last Friday when it was relevent?

The answer is because Lito Sheppard just guaranteed himself a one-way ticket out of Philadelphia with a simple answer he gave yesterday (as if there wasn't one already waiting).

When asked by reporters if the whole situation with his contract and the talks of trade and lack of playing time was affecting his play, Lito gave a startling answer.....

No, that's not a type-o. He said yes. He admits that his personal situation with the team is more important than the team itself.

Now originally I was going to go get on a long soapbox rant like I did earlier at AA on the Seminole Firepower story, but I feel that less will be more. Lito Sheppard, if you actually think you're situation is more important than the team then you're dead to me, you're already dead to Andy Reid as evidenced by his starting Joselio Hanson over you, and you're dead to the Eagles organization. May you end up in arena football.

Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out Lito (Bleed Eagles Green)

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