Friday, December 19, 2008

Eagles Week 16 Preview

Who: Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Where: FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland
When: 4:15 PM EST
What Channel: Fox
Announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
Announcers' Talking Point of the Game: This is a must win game.

The Eagles have certainly seemed to have found their groove over the past 3 weeks. After what looked like would turn into a disasterous season is now not such a bad looking season after all. And now, the Eagles are, for the second time this year, playing the Washington Redskins in a crucial match in the NFC Wildcard.

The Redskins are still alive in the playoff race, but barely. A loss in this one and they will be spending the post season on their sofas. A win, and they are still alive, but would nonetheless need immense help in order to make the post season. The Eagles, on the other hand, have a more clearer road to the playoffs. A win here, and they'll be looking good to make the post-season, especially if either Tampa or Atlanta loses. A loss, and things will instantly turn really bleak in a hurry, and if the chips fall in certain places, a loss could, in some situations, knock the Eagles completely out of the playoff race.

Earlier in the year when these two teams met, a the Redskins won by stopping the Eagles on a late fourth down near the goalline.

This time, however, things seem to be falling apart at the seams for the Redskins. Clinton Portiss and Coach Jim Zorn are not on the same page. Hell, they're not even reading the same book. The Redskins are riding a 3-game losing streak and they have not played particularly well in any of those games. However, this is a team that does have some potential to play well. Jason Campbell at quarterback is always a threat and if Coach Zorn actually uses Clinton Portis throughout the game, the Skins can be tough to beat.

It is the home stretch for the Eagles and this may be their biggest game of the year so far. A win here, and that title will be given to next week's Cowboys game. The Eagles offense has been clicking on all cylinders over the past few weeks. However, last Monday against Cleveland, the Eagles seemed to sputter a bit in the redzone. They were down there 7 times last Monday, but only got 2 touchdowns, on the first and last possession of the game. The Eagles are going to have to convert their chances against the Redskins defense that is 5th in total defense.

Is this a winnable game for the Eagles? Absolutely. Can the Eagles slouch and play like they did against the Bengals and the Ravens and hope to win? Absolutely not. I'd expect a close game in this one. I have a feeling that the Redskins are actually going to show up and give the Eagles all they can ask for but in the end, I'm going to go with the Eagles 21, Redskins 20 as my prediction. The Eagles will only win or secure this one in the last 2 minutes, for the first time this year.


  1. Here's next week's sceneario.

    Eagles beat Dallas, Oakland beats Tampa Bay. Depending on the Bears situation: If Da Bears win Monday, then the Texans must beat Chicago. If Da Bears lose, that game is meaningless.

  2. @ James Craven: Not necessarily. If Da Bears win the NFC North, Eagles win, and Tampa loses, the Eagles are in.

    To put it has simplest as I can. The Eagles must win. The Bucs must lose. And there must be at least one loss in the next 3 games featuring Chicago and Minnesota.

    I've basically resigned myself to the fact that the Eagles are out but we can knock Dallas out of the playoffs. I do not think Dallas can get in with a loss this week.

    Sigh, this only would have been so much simpler if the Eagles won. And while this normally where I'd scream "6 darn inches", it should never have come down to that.

    I'm writing my recap now.


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