Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 12 Eagles @ Ravens Live Blog 2nd Half

Let's hope that kickoff return for a touchdown can light a spark under Donny Mac's ass as that offense desparately needs it. Or better yet, maybe Demps can start us out with another kickoff return for a touchdown.

Demps deep to return the kick but he only takes this one to the 24. And wait, Kevin Kolb is in at quarterback! McNabb's been benched! Holy cow!!! Handoff to Westbrook picks up a couple. 2nd and 8 and Kolb from the shot gun completes it to Brent Celek to the 32. 3rd and 1 and Jackson out of the wild cat picks up a 1st down to the Eagle 44. Kolb rolls out and throws to Baskett who drops it.

2nd and 10 and Kolb hands it off to Westbrook who takes it to the midfield. 3rd and 4 coming up for Kolb. Kolb fires it low and it's incomplete intended for Kevin Curtis. Rocca will come on to punt. Figurs makes the fair catch at the 10-yard line. And let me just say it again, MCNABB HAS BEEN BENCHED!

2nd and 10 for Kolb and he airs it out and it's INTERCEPTED BY SAMARI ROLLE! That ball was underthrown and maybe it would be best if the Eagles bring McNabb back in.

McClain picks up a couple on 1st down. 2nd and 8 and Flacco airs it out for Mark Clayton who takes it all the way to the Eagles 26! 1st and 10. Flacco hands it off to McClain for a yard. 2nd and 9 and McClain picks up a yard. 3rd and 8 coming up.

No gain on 1st down for the Ravens. 2nd and 10 and Le'Ron McClain will pick up a few and it's now 3rd and 5. Flacco out of the gun fires for Mason who has a first down. And Samuel is shaken up again. That should have been called for offensive pass interference. Damn, the Ravens got away with one there.

Flacco throws on first down and it's incomplete. Flacco on 2nd down and it's caugh by Mason who takes it to the 46. 1st and 10 and McClain loses yards. 2nd and 11 coming up. False start on the Ravens and it's now 2nd and 16.

And let me just say this, as bad as the Eagles' offense has been, for the 2nd week in a row the Eagles have been playing very solid on defense. 2nd and 16 and Flacco makes a diving catch....behind the line of scrimmage. 3rd and 18 now for Baltimore. Flacco's pass goes off of Ray Rice's hands and is incomplete. And here comes "the hardest working man on the field", Sam Koch, the Ravens punter.

Jacson on the return takes it close to the 20. And Kolb's coming back in. 1st and 10 and Kolb throws it incomplete. Holding on the Eagles will make it 1st and 20 now. Kolb rolls out and throws incomplete intended for Baskett. 2nd and 20 and the Kolb hands to Westbrook who loses 3 and now it's 3rd and 23. False start will make it 3rd and even longer. Kolb from the gun has no one open and he will scramble for a few yards and the Eagles will punt. Rocca's punt is BLOCKED FOR THE SAFETY! 12-7 Ravens.

Jets 20 Titans 3.....

Damn, I was looking forward to the battle of the unbeaten vs. the winless on Thanksgiving. It looks like that won't be the case.

Rocca's free kick is taken by Leonard to the BAL 45. And Andy Reid has thrown a challenge flag and what in the blue hell is this? I guess it's nothing as the ref tells us there is no challenge on the play. Interesting. FIRE ANDY REID! From the 46, Flacco hands off to Rice who stumbles for a loss of 3. Penalty on Baltimore but it will be declined. 2nd and 13 and it's caught by Ray Rice who is just short of the marker. An inch short, to be exact. 3rd and inches and a QB sneak by Flacco....THE BALL'S OUT!...and there's mass confusion, but it's ruled that forward progress was stopped. Reid throws the challenge flag again. And Reid is denied the challenge. You can't challenge forward progress, idiot.

Rice on the carry takes it to the 40 and picks up 3. Flacco is hit from behind AND THE BALL'S OUT ABIAMIRI TRIES TO SCOOP AND RUN INSTEAD OF FALLING ON IT AND THE RAVENS RECOVER AT THEIR OWN 36. 3rd and 30 and they just run the ball for a couple. The Ravens will punt it away. Here's Koch and Jackson takes his punt to the 16-yard line.

And the Titans may no longer be undefeated, they trail 27-6. Remember that game that was 17-0 Detroit? Well, it's now 35-20 Tampa Bay. Poor RJBO. Kolb is incomplete on first down and he's not faring much better than McNabb.

Whoa! Somehow half my post got delete! Must have hit backspace as I had stuff highlighted and didn't realize it. Oh well, in summation from where it appears I still have. The Eagles went 3 and out, and the Ravens took the ball and drove down the field however the Eagles D forced the Ravens to kick a field goal.

Stover from 44-yards.....It's up....AND GOOD! 15-7 Ravens.

The kickoff is taken to the 34. Westbrook on the carry and he goes nowhere. I have a question: How come we aren't throwing screen passes to Westbrook? FIRE ANDY REID! Kolb throws it back to Westbrook on the screen but that loses yard with a poor set up and an excellent read by the Ravens defense. 3rd and 14 and I honestly want to see McNabb again. Kolb pumps, scrambles, and throws it away.

Figurs takes the punt to the 25 as we're reminded that the Eagles only have 110 yards against this Ravens defense. Bring back in McNabb and the Eagles there is little doubt in my mind he'll be rejuvenated. Kolb has not sparked the team but I think McNabb will be fired up and determined to prove himself. Sadly, Reid will be stubborn and that most likely won't happen.

Flacco on 1st down from the 40 hands (did I miss a 15-yard penalty?) it off and it goes nowhere. 2nd and 10 and Heap picks up 7. Flacco's pass to Mark Clayton is CAUGHT AND NO ONE WILL COME CLOSE TO CATCHING HIM! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS! The PAT is up and good and it's 22-7 Ravens.

Sigh...this is just getting worse and worse and worse for the Eagles. I'd still bring McNabb back in, Kolb has done nothing. Not that McNabb was better, but now he has motivation and at least he's proven himself in the past.

Demps from the 2 and he gets up to the 30 and let's see which inept QB steps on the field. It's Kevin Kolb who completes a pass to DeSean Jackson for a 1st down. 1st down and another completion for Jackson who gets it across midfield for 7. 2nd and 3 and Kolb completes it to Jackson again to the Raven 37. Andy Reid's new plan: Get the ball to DeSean Jackson. And guess what, I like it!

1st and 10 and Westbrook breaks a run and he takes it to the Raven 25. 1st and 10 and Kolb to Jackson for another 1st down at the Raven 14! 1st and 10 and that pass is complete to Brent Celek down to the 5-yard line with a pick up of 9.

2nd and 1 and Westbrook takes the carry to the 1! And as JamesCraven would say, "Can I get a Carl Lewis 'uh-oh'?". We've seen how this has gone before.

1st and goal Kolb can't get it in with the sneak. 2nd down and Kolb's gonna throw it and it's INTERCEPTED BY ED REED WHO WILL NOT BE CAUGHT AS EAGLE AFTER EAGLE AFTER GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKIN' EAGLE WHIFFS ON A TACKLE! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS! The PAT is good and it's 29-7 Ravens.

This sucks. Ass.

Great, a 108-yard interception return is a record. I don't know if I can do this anymore.

And in all seriousness, I honestly think I'm rooting for the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC. I like the underdog. Really. It's that bad.

Westbrook gets 4 on first down and where was that play on the goal line? 2nd down is incomplete intended for Avant deep. 3rd and 6 and Kolb rolls out and scrambles for 5. Why couldn't he have done that on the goal lne? Ugh! This is......pathetic.

Eagles go for it on 4th and 2, can't say I disagree, but it's incomplete and the Eagles turn the ball over on downs. Oh yay, I've never been so depressed to not be switched over to the late game.

Sigh....Super Bowl picks anyone?

McClain gashes one all the way to the 1. Now we'll see how you're supposed to run a goalline offense.

1st down and goal and they hand it off inside to Lorenzo Neal who gets stuffed. Who knows what would have happened had the Eagles handed off to Klecko?

McClain demonstrates the benefits of having a big running back, something the Eagles do not have as he drags 2 Eagles into the endzone for the touchdown. The extra point is good and it's now 36-7 Ravens.

And now Darren Howard's hurt. Could this game get any worse?

And right now the only thing close to keeping me optimistic about football is the fact that my college is in the quarterfinals in the Division II playoffs. Andy Reid stated in a meeting that jobs would be on the line, meaning the players, but I'm telling you, do not be surprised if Reid is fired this week. Yeah, I know Reid and Lurie have gay sex every opportunity they get, but surely, surely, they must see that Reid no longer is, nor in the future will he ever be effective. He has failed his team miserably. He had it with T.O., but ever since that fall-out this team just has never been anywhere close to anything resembling as Super Bowl.

Who do you guys think should be the new head coach in Philly? Interim, I'd give it to Jim Johnson. He's long deserved a head coaching job in this league. And maybe, if there's an inch of improvement, he'll get the job long-term. I'd probably find a new offensive coordinator, Marty's improvements were short-term and have not had a lasting effect.

Congratulations to John Harbaugh for beating your old team. He has done a good job with the Ravens, turning that team around. I wish him and the Baltimore Ravens all the best in the future. While the Eagles do suck, they do deserve the win.

Final score: Ravens 36, Eagles 7.

If I feel like it, I'll have more on this tomorrow. And Ryan brings up the possiblity of A.J. Feeley starting. At this point, I can't say I wouldn't want to see it. Thanks for hanging with me if you did or if the people at your station were complete douches and did not switch over. If AA does not show up tonight, I may live-blog tonights Sunday Night Football game. Depends on how I get over this loss in the upcoming hours.

Good night and good luck.


  1. @ SSR: Yep, he fair caught his own punt.

    Fixing typo...

  2. @Jfein, my niners are not helping your Eagles, but they did just hurt Jason Whitten.

  3. Undefeated run over.

    Leon Washington breaks one for a TD.

  4. Flacco seems to be flustered, but the Eagles offense is letting them off the hook.

  5. Not related to Eagles/Ravens:

    I'm here in Jacksonville getting Vikes/Jags and the team of Chris Rose and John Lynch are terrible.

    Lynch is constantly fumbling over his words and seems very uncomfortable.

  6. Worst Eagles performance in the Andy Reid era?

  7. 108-yard pick-6... Faaaaaaantastic!

  8. @ SSR: I just don't know what to say anymore. That douche should be fired. He's taken a talented team such as the Eagles and, I don't even know what he's doing anymore.

  9. @ SSR: Like my revised call of that 108-yard INT return for a TD? ;-)

  10. I thought Kolb was from Houston, not LSU.

  11. @ walnuts: He is. Did Rosen and/or Ryan say LSU?

    No surprise there, they are as unintelligent on football as the infamous Dr. Kornheiser

  12. No, it was a joke... you know since LSU has thrown so many Pick 6es this year.

  13. @ Walnuts: Ah, got you. Somehow I think that even Jarrett Lee would be an upgrade to this Eagles' team.

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  15. Correcting that last post, it's a live blog of Football Night in America at The O Files at about 7:10 PM ET!


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