Saturday, February 25, 2012

Remember Last Year When I Said Last March Was Going To Be Super-Awesome?

I am too lazy to find a link* but last year around this time I believe I wrote a post about how awesome this March was going to be because a bunch of teams I liked were doing really well.

*Said as he notices the last time he updated the blog.  Calling myself lazy now in blogging that my workload in life has increased ten-fold is probably an understatement

Talk about a 180.

Temple and Drexel are the only Philadelphia area teams worth a damn at the moment, though admittedly Temple may end the season in the top 25.  Villanova and Penn State are both terrible, though the future recruiting classes at both schools are looking decent.  Everyone else is either pants or led by a complete d-bag.  This is depressing.  Unless Temple can make a run, it looks like I will spend March rooting for Cal, Washington, and Michigan*, because if I can't be happy, at least let my live blog buddies be happy, right?  I also have a strange fetish for Marquette.

*I only included teams I thought have a somewhat of a single remote chance of at least getting close to making the NCAA Tournament.

March live blogs will be back this year, even if I won't be around until after 3:30 ET on weekdays to participate in them.  Unless I call out sick, which I will probably only do if Temple or Drexel get an early tip time.

March Madness is coming back.  Hopefully it is a fun year.  I could really use a fun year.


  1. Is it this post or this one you were searching for, Justin?

    I also have a strange fetish for Marquette.

    Must be Buzz Williams's nifty dance moves.

    I want no part of Drexel or Iona if Michigan is at the 3-4 seed level, especially not the Gaels with the Machado-MoMo Jones-Mike Glover troika.

    1. The second one is the one I was thinking of. Thank you. I wrote that before Villanova entered their slump. My what I would trade to have those seniors back.

      I saw that Buzz Williams video. Hilarious, though my Marquette fetish goes back a couple years. I really cannot explain it.

      I remember you mentioned Drexel before. You probably know more about the team than I do, seeing as they are not on TV up here very often, if at all.

      I just looked at the March Madness calendar, and on Friday the 16th, I just have what will probably be an early morning meeting. I should be around all day for March Madness that day. Awesome!

    2. I've only seen Drexel a couple times on ESPNU, part of that 6AM game they played in the Hoops Marathon and the Bracketbuster game where they destroyed Cleveland State on the road. (I've seen about 6 Iona games, though.) Both teams would be a bitch to face in the 2nd round for a high seed. I wouldn't want my favorite team to face either, but between the Gaels and the Fighting Malik Roses, I'd rather face Drexel. Iona has multiple weapons on offense.

    3. Fighting Malik Roses


      The good news for you in regards to teams like Iona and Drexel is they will not get in the NCAA Tournament if they do not win their conference tournament. One bad game, one bad bounce, and they might be toast.

  2. Iona sits 35th in the RPI and I think stand a really good chance of making the tourney, provided they get to the MAAC Finals. They have some outstanding wins out of conference.

  3. I just got an email saying my last day actually is actually Friday the 16th. Oh well.


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