Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCAA Tournament National Championship Game Schedule

If that Ohio State-Kansas ending wasn't the funniest damn ending to a Final Four game you've ever seen, then you have no sense of humor.  19 years after Chris Webber's famed gaffe in the Superdome, Ohio State did their damndest to top it on the idiocy scale.  Seriously, hilarious.

And now, we are left with KU vs. UK championship NCAA Championship Game.  If Kansas wins, a douche bag school loses.  If Kentucky win, my bracket is a winner.  Either way, I win on Monday night!  So here is the schedule information for the game.

National Championship Game

Monday, April 2
New Orleans, LA:  Kansas vs. Kentucky  9:23 (CBS - Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr, SR: Tracy Wolfson)

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