Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Jimmy Rollins And Hustle

Jimmy Rollins did not run full speed on an infield fly that did not even reach the pitcher's mound.  Niese dropped it.  Because Jimmy did not run full speed on what is normally a routine out, he could not make it to second base after the drop.  That Jimmy later stole second is irrelevant.  That that's the farthest Jimmy could go because Kyle Kendrick was on 3rd is also irrelevant.

Jimmy did not hustle out of the batter's box.  Charlie Manuel benched him.  Jimmy Rollins did not hustle.  Again.  It is written.

Only that above paragraph about hustling is complete bullshit.

Trivia question.  Who does not run full speed on routine outs?
Answer:  Everyone!


Because if it is a routine play, there is no need to exert yourself or risk injury on a play where there is a 98% you are out.  And if the runner drops it, the cost of an out (or in this case just one stupid fucking base that would later be repaid) is so minute that risking pulling a hamstring on a play where you are out 98% of the time really is not worth it.  It's common sense.  Jimmy Rollins is right.  Charlie Manuel, and you who criticize him for it are wrong.  There is no middle ground here.  This is explored farther here in this TGP post based on a similar incident a couple weeks ago in Miami.

But wait.  I'll go farther.

Why is Jimmy Rollins get criticized for hustle but Chase Utley is praised for it?  Watch Chase Utley the next time he hits an infield fly.  He absolutely does not run full speed on routine infield fly balls and groundball outs, yet, Utley will get praised for hustle.  So why the discrepancy?

The answer is hidden in plain view.

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