Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Blogging Announcement

As long-time readers know, I used to post everyday.  Then as I joined Twitter I tweeted about the menial things I used to be writing blog posts about.  Then my Twitter followers eclipsed my page views, so I tweeted more and blogged here less.  Then I became an editor at The Brotherly Game.  And now, I have reached what will probably be the pinnacle of my blogging career.  I have become a contributor at Liberty Ballers, SB Nation's Philadelphia 76ers blog.

When Michael Levin graciously extended an invitation to me to join, my first thought was to say no.  But then I thought about it, thinking I could serve in a similar capacity that I currently do at The Brotherly Game, posting game threads and writing recaps.  MLS and NBA seasons do not really overlap, so it is little worry for me there.  I pitched that idea to Mike, and once I began talking to him, I was sold.  The personality and style of the blog fits me perfectly, and the people there are all fantastic.

As an added benefit, Liberty Ballers is a credentialed site.  I can easily call up Mike, and he can put me in contact with Sixers PR director Michael Preston who would hook me up with a press pass.  Awesome.  Due to my personal life, this probably won't be able to happen too often, but I go in the locker rooms and interview Andrew Bynum.  My nipples are hard.

What does this mean for here?  Well, I am not really sure.  I mean I could not be posting here less any more as it is, but my lack of posting here has led to a decline in readership, and the incentive to take time to write long-winded pieces here just is not there for me anymore.  I'll still try to host and be a part of the live blogs with all of you because I know this is the only thing Chris ever cares about and would bludgeon me with an ax if I ever ceased them, but Liberty Ballers is now my first priority.

My years of blogging and tweeting about sports have led up to the most awesome writing opportunity I have ever been given at a time that has never been better.  I will see you around.

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