Monday, September 19, 2011

Eagles Dominate Falcons; Lose 35-31

A few brief bullet points.

  • There were mistakes.  There were miscues.  There were moments of brilliance.  There were moments of magic.  There were moments of frustration.  There were moments of shameful cheap shots from Dunta Robinson.  There was a moment of questionable partiality on NBC's part.  There was a freak accident that likely cost the Eagles a close game that should have never been close to being with.
  • Did the Eagles coaching staff have access to every possible angle of that Falcons interception that should not have been an interception?  We will never know for sure as even if they did not, the Eagles as an organization are not ones to make a ruckus with the league over something like this.  
  • If Vick stayed in the game, I do not know what would have happened.  You can't say they the Eagles would have won.  You can't say the Falcons would have won.  It is a counter-factual argument.  Mike  Vick is a better QB than Mike Kafka, but Vick in the game changes the game completely, and who knows how it would have ended otherwise.  Vick may have turned the ball over 3 more times.  He may have scored 3 more touchdowns.  Who knows.  I can't say.  And neither can you.
  • Dunta Robinson should be given a heavy fine AND suspension.  Last year he laid out DeSean Jackson with a dirty hit.  Tonight, he delivered a questionable hit to Celek and knocked Maclin out with a hit dirtier than anything he had done to the Eagles before.  He should have been ejected.  He was not ejected, but a fine and suspension must surely be coming.  For a hit like that, there is no point where Goddell's punishment could possibly be deemed too much.  Just a complete disgrace to football.
  • Mike Vick has a concussion.  His return date is obviously unknown at this point.  
  • Mike Kafka is not Mike Vick.  This is obvious.
  • Casey Matthews did not have a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination.  Jamar Chaney, on the other hand......
  • Apparently Nnamdi was supposed to be in charge of Tony Gonzalez but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie getting nicked up caused a change of plans.  That would explain how he was consistently open.
  • The Falcons are who I thought they were.  Overrated.  Tonight's game does nothing to deter my beliefs of that. They needed lucky breaks, NBC intervention, dirty hits, and an unfortunate injury to beat the Eagles.  Color me unimpressed.  It's sports.  Guess what?   Sometimes the lesser team wins, even if it is painfully obvious during the game they are the lesser team.  With Vick healthy, the Eagles are top tier team in the NFC along side the likes of Green Bay and New Orleans.  At best, the Falcons are a 2nd tier NFC team.
  • If the Eagles losing a Week 2 game to Atlanta is what it takes to tell me that with a healthy Mike Vick, the Eagles are head and shoulders better than one of the 2nd tier teams in the NFC, I am okay with that.  No team has gone 19-0.
  • Matt Ryan will get credited for a "gritty" win.  The color of his skin may or may not have anything to do with this compliment.
  • Jeremy Maclin after the game:  "We're a better team than they are.  Period."  He's not wrong.

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