Monday, September 19, 2011

Mike Florio, Graduate Of The ESPN School Of Journalism

Longtime readers of this blog certainly know of my detest of Mike Florio and his widely read website,, now affiliated with NBC.  While there have been numerous other instances since the last time he did something that was bothersome, I refrained from sounding like a broken record.  But when Florio decides to take the ESPN route in (not) covering a story, I just can't help but mention something.

Last night I made note that Andy Reid and the Eagles coaching staff may or may not have had access to the conclusive angle that showed Kelvin Hayden had not in fact made the interception the officials had given credit for.  Well it turns out, my suspicions were right, Andy Reid gets messages on what to challenge from coaches from the booth and the coaches get their information from, the NBC broadcast.  This was confirmed through an apology today from NBC to Andy Reid.  But if your only source for football news is Pro Football Talk, you would not know about this happened.  One would think that a broadcast network admitting a fuck up that had a big impact on the game would be enough to make it on a site that collects news and notes from around the NFL at a ridiculous note.  But it's not there.  Strange.

Instant Update:  Seven hours after Les Bowen's first blog post on the matter linked above and three hours after Jeff McLane obtained quotes from NBC producer Fred Gaudelli, but PFT finally has something up, though   And it just so happens to have come up right when as Monday Night Football has started and the football watching world's focus is on something else oh how strange.  Mike Florio, journalist*.

*In this case "journalist" is a synonym for "hack."

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