Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Have Got To Be Joking

Confession, I am not good with flowery language.  Confession, I am a college student who does not make any money off writing about sports or knowing sports documents, here or elsewhere.   But apparently I am more competent than Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and assistant GM and CBA specialist Barry Hanrahan.  I downloaded the CBA and within five minutes, I knew something the Philadelphia Flyers did not know:  As long as he is suspended, Jody Shelley does not count against the salary cap.

Article 50, Section 10 (c) of the NHL's Collective Bargaining Agreement reads as follows:  "For Players that are suspended, by a Club or by the League, the Player Salary and Bonuses that are not paid to such Players shall not count against a Club's Upper Limit or against the Players' Share for the duration of the suspension, but the Club must have Payroll Room for such Player's Player Salary and Bonuses in order for such Player to be able to return to Play for the Club."

Translation, a suspended player (in this case, Jody Shelley) does not count against the NHL's salary cap as long as he is suspended.  Seem simple enough?  I downloaded the CBA and found that paragraph in five minutes.

You have got to be joking.

Fire Paul Holmgren.  Fire Barry Hanrahan.

Update:  It appears Carchidi and the Flyers were right after all on this one.  For once.  Amazing!

Sorry guys!
Justin F.

P.S. To the idiot who thinks he can post in the comments and mock how I was wrong on this one, everyone, including CapGeek and BSH's CBA expert missed the mark on this at first.

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