Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL Week 16 Live Blog

It is Christmas Eve and for the Eagles, it will be the most tension filled afternoon of the season.  If the Jets could make an emergency trade for Michael Bush, I'd appreciate it greatly.


*If you got an email from me, please disregard it.  As I am sure you have seen, both Mookie and I sent live blog emails at around the exact same time.  Even creepier, we then notified each other that we both sent live blogs at the same time at the exact same time.  After one of us finally got a word in edgewise without the other repeating the same thought verbatim at the same time, it was agreed that Mookie would host this live blog.  If you clicked my live blog first and got worried because I deleted it, please, do not worry.  Just click on Mookie's invitation and go over there.  If you did not get an email and want to comment, click the above link and follow Mookie's instructions.  

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