Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NFL Week 17 Schedule

It's the last week of what can only be described as an infuriating NFL Season on so many levels.  This is one season I will not miss any time soon.  I will probably have some sort of lengthy end of year reflection on the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, but for now, here is the Week 17 Schedule.  There is nothing more depressing than on Week 17 turning on the TV to watch your team's last game of the season and hearing the words "Along with my partner Charles Davis, I'm Ron Pitts."

Maps of who gets what Sunday afternoon games

CBS early games

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins  1:00 (CBS - Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf)
Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans  1:00 (CBS - Bill Macatee and Steve Tasker)
Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars  1:00 (CBS - Spero Dedes and Steve Beuerlein)
Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots  1:00 (CBS - Don Criqui and Randy Cross)

Fox early games

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints  1:00 (Fox - Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, SR: Pam Oliver)
Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings  1:00 (Fox - Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, SA: Tony Siragusa)
Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers  1:00 (Fox - Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick, SR: Laura Okmin)
San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams  1:00 (Fox - Chris Myers and Tim Ryan)
Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles  1:00 (Fox - Ron Pitts and Charles Davis)

CBS late games

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos  4:15 (CBS - Jim Nantz and Phil Simms)
Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals  4:15 (CBS - Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts)
San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders  4:15 (CBS - Marv Albert and Rich Gannon)
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns  4:15 (CBS - Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots)

Fox late games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons  4:15 (Fox - Dick Stockton and John Lynch)
Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals  4:15 (Fox - Sam Rosen and Chad Pennington)

Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants  8:20 (NBC - Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, SR: Michele Tafoya)


  1. I would actually relish Ron Pitts & Charles Davis rather than a 3-hour sermon about how my favorite team's full of thugs and how easy an out they'll be in the playoffs because they're undisciplined. #T-hom

  2. T-hom would get along great with Jim Nantz, wouldn't he?


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