Sunday, January 22, 2012

Multiple Reasons Why I Am Rooting For The Patriots To Win Super Bowl XLVI

a). Penn State's new head coach is New England's offensive coordinator.

b).  The Giants sucked for 15 weeks, improved only on defense, and all anyone is talking about how Eli Manning is ELIte and what not.  Eli Manning has been very good (not elite) and very steady.  But his propelled eliteness in the story.

c). I don't care if this is a very BCS-ian argument or not, but the New England Patriots have been one of the best teams this year.  Several New York Giants players (Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Antrel Rolle to name a few) are way over-confident and think they are much better than they are.  They are underdogs but they are not very likable underdogs.  The best thing that can happen this year is for one of the three best teams in the league to win the Super Bowl.  I am speaking, of course, about the New England Patriots.

d). Belichick is a great coach.  Brady is a great QB.  The Patriots should have won a 4th Super Bowl in Glendale.  They are already going down as one of the greatest dynasties in league history.  What harm is one more Super Bowl for New England?

e). The Patriots' last Super Bowl win was against the Eagles.  I'd like this fact changed.

f). This Patriots team......gulp......has actually been somewhat likable this year, media hype aside.

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