Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being An Idiot Has A Price, Folks

Helpful tip:  If you see a post on Facebook searching for people who committed a crime, don't respond saying you did it.

This concept sounds so obvious and so simple.  If you actually did do it and you confess, then you are an idiot. If you didn't do it, but instead just trying to be "funny," then you are an idiot.  Under no circumstances do you come out looking good.  Either you just gave yourself up on the internet for everyone to see and will be fined and do some time, or you are going to be highly inconvenienced by the police and have your false confession show up every time someone Googles your name.  And possibly get fined in the process.  This is simple.  Don't admit to doing something that is a crime on the internet.  I just wasted a paragraph on something a concept a 3rd grader would understand.  You know this.  I know this.

But amazingly enough, Edward Neary does not know this.  For if he did, he would not have responded to a Broad Street Hockey post searching for people who assaulted Rangers fans outside of Geno's Steaks following Monday's Winter Classic.  He has since deleted his posts, but thanks to the magic of screenshots, are still available online for all to see. You have to read this to believe it.

Edward Neary has spoken to the police.  He has since denied all involvement.  Someone who went to high school with Edward Neary tweeted to me that this is something he would do because he finds it "funny."  In case you have not yet figured out, at best, Edward Neary is guilty of being one of Philadelphia's dumbest people.  At worst, he is one of Philadelphia's dumbest criminals.  Because innocent and just trying to be "funny," or not, this has been on the internet and the top hits when you Google "Edward Neary".  Employers know what Google is.  His future employment may or may not have a few roadblocks in the future.

As for the Rangers fan that got beat up?  The Purple Heart recipient and off-duty cop has been released from the hospital after suffering bruises and a concussion.

The stupidity of humanity never ceases to amaze me, though by this point, it really should.

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