Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Athletes Opening Their Big Mouths

Let’s check in on two athletes who maybe should have thought before opening their mouths in recent press appearances:

Here’s Bryce Harper, a multi-millionaire at 18. He drives a giant truck. Most people assume he’s the next big thing in baseball. But, boy does he seem like a guy who has no idea how to make friends and influence people. Courtesy of the DC Sports Bog, here are Bryce’s thoughts on his recent promotion to AA Harrisburg:

“’Those last 20 games, I was really, you know, really not too focused,” Harper said. “You know, I was wanting to get out of there, doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing. And once I got [to Harrisburg Monday night], baseball was fun again. It was a lot of fun being out here, being in this kind of crowd, this type of atmosphere. You know, that’s what you live for.’”

Now, I can see for a kid from Las Vegas how a town like Hagerstown, Maryland can be beyond boring. I mean, Maryland is struggling to even put in nickel slots, which could possibly enliven that town. But, to take a shot at a small town like that? I’m guessing Bryce won’t be doing any rehab assignments in Hagerstown. It should be incredibly entertaining to watch Harper as he chases ARod’s mark as the most hated douchebag in baseball.

Now, here’s PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson. Bubba’s just a simple country boy from the backwoods of America who, like Justin, decided he wanted to spend his Independence Day weekend over in Europe, by playing a tournament in Paris, France. After bombing out and missing the cut, he had some, well, interesting things to say about his visit to gay Paree…

“’I think this might be the only time I play in Europe. I miss my home," Watson said.

"I love France. France is a nice place. Paris is a beautiful city. I went to the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, somthing like that, and the arch way, and saw the castle that we are staying next to (Versailles Palace)."

Watson described the Eiffel Tower as 'that big tower' and the Arc de Triomphe as 'this arch I drove round in a circle' and in riding past the Louvre on his motorised push bike, Watson described it as 'a building starting with L'.’”

Watson also ripped the security at the golf course. Even though he later apologized for his behavior, it’s safe to say Watson hasn’t made any fans among the notoriously welcoming French citizenry. I think it also exposed the weaknesses in the American educational system. I thought everyone knew about the Louve and Versailles by the time they finished high school. At least he’s provided some material for Woody Allen to use in his next movie about Americans visiting Paris.

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  1. Remember when Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes were in the Tampa Bay system and complained that that major leaguers got to shower in "Avian" while the minor leaguers showered "with a hose"?


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