Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here We Go Again .......

Howard Eskin: Just reported on TV Eagles have some interest in b farve once they trade kolb. Sources told me its possible. Not sure what farve thinks

Jeff McLane: I'm not discounting @howardeskin report about #Eagles interest in Brett Favre. But a team source told me it's still a "long shot" and ... that "a lot of things would need to fall into place" for it to happen. BTW, there's was never a denial about the #Eagles' interest.

Let's get one thing straight.  Howard Eskin is an egotistical, self-aggrandizing, butt-fucky schmuck whose opinions about Philadelphia sports are on the same level as most dogs.  But, he has been in the city awhile and is plugged in enough with "sources" where if he gets a scoop, it might just be accurate.  Now, you will notice the semantics difference.  Eskin uses the word "possible."  Jeff McLane, who is not the greatest reporter, but does have some reliability, calls it a "long shot."  But adding credence to Eskin being plugged in, specifically mentions that no one denies the Eagles interest.

So what to make of this, at this point, the Eagles are interested in Brett Favre.  Much like the Phillies are interested in Hunter Pence, Carlos Beltran, Melky Cabrera, Heath Bell, Mike Adams, and Chad Qualls.  Just because there is interest, does not mean we should be calling Bozo The Clown and reminding him the Brett Favre circus is back.

Now if this does happen, annoying media circus aside, I would not hate it.  Mike Vick is very injury prone, having 16 games in a season only once in his career, and the Eagles would be well served with a veteran back-up as opposed to an unknown like current Eagles 3rd stringer Mike Kafka who would become the back-up after Kevin Kolb is traded to Arizona and before the Eagles sign any other quarterback.  Given some of the other veteran back-up free agents on the market (Hasselbeck and Bulger, though I would be surprised if any of them do not want to start), if the price is low enough, I really would not mind seeing Brett Favre as a back-up to Mike Vick.  But again, I'll want to kill the media every time they tell me how Favre would have completed a pass Vick missed.

As I hit publish, I see this report has gone national.  Goody.

Update: Jay Glazer: Let's end the uproar now, 2 Eagles sources tell me an emphatic No to Favre coming there to back up Michael Vick. Not the option they are on

And I think that about ends that.

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