Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Ten Pre-Vacation Predictions Re-Visited

I'm back! Please, please, hold your applause.

Before I left on vacation I decided to make ten predictions of things I think will happen while I go on vacation. These were not the most well-thought out predictions I have ever made, but I wanted something to look back on once I got back. And looking back, I am glad I did this, as looking back on these predictions will touch on everything I wanted to touch on as I learned the news of what did happen while I was (mostly) deprived of news.

So let's see how well/poorly I did!

1. Steven Stamkos will sign a long-term contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Steven Stamkos is still a restricted free agent. The Flyers and the Maple Leafs may be sorta kinda maybe in the mix to send an offer sheet his way. No points for me on this one.

2. The NFL will agree to a new CBA.

From what little knowledge I gathered while I was away and when I got back, the NFL and NFLPA have been one week away from an agreement for the past week. No new CBA. No points for me.

3. The NBA will not agree to a new CBA.

No new CBA here, either. Point for me this time.

4. Cole Hamels will be named NL All-Star Starter.

Cole Hamels can't pitch in the All-Star Game because he pitched on Sunday. Justin, you are an idiot for not looking ahead and seeing this could happen. Instead, it is Roy Halladay who will be the 6th Phillie to pitch the start of an All-Star Game. No points here.

5. Roy Halladay will receive a standing ovation in Toronto.

They practically worship Halladay like a god of all things awesome in Toronto. Naturally, Rogers Centre gave him a standing ovation. Point here.

6. The Phillies starters will not achieve any historic in-game achievements.

Confession: When I first wrote this, I was only hinting at a no-hitter. But while I was gone, Cliff Lee homered (if you don't click that for the homer, click to hear Jair Jurrjens's call of the homer; it's the stuff of legends) making him the first Phillies pitcher to do so since Chan Ho Park in April 2009. While this prediction mentions only starters, it is worth noting that little known Phillies relief pitcher Juan Perez threw the 46th immaculate inning in baseball history. For comparisons sake, there have been 271 no-hitters thrown, 20 perfect games, and one imperfect game. But again, I specifically said starters. Is a pitcher hitting a home run a historic in-game achievement? Half a point.

7. Paul Holmgren will overpay for someone.

In the truest sense of the word, no, he did not overpay anyone. He got a great deal for Max Talbot which may or may not have circumnavigated the cap and at least as of yet, he has not given Stamkos eighty bajillion dollars. But, Homer does not get off free on this one. He signed Bryzgalov to a long-term deal at a cap hit of $5,666,667. The Washington Capitals signed Tomas Vokoun, a better goaltender, for a $1,500,000 cap hit. That is a difference of $4,166,667. And the goaltender getting $4,166,667 less per year is the better goalie. That underpay by the Caps of Vokoun pointing out how much the Flyers overpaid Bryzgalov, even though it happened before I went away, deserves half a point.

8. JP Dellacamera will tell everyone who will listen that BIMBO Bread is "packed with goodness and baked with love."

The Union played the San Jose Earthquakes on CSN three nights ago. Poor guy gets paid to say that every time. Score one.

9. Simon Gagne will sign with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Well he signed with the Los Angeles Kings Flyers West. That should count for something, right? Hello? Hello? No? Oh well. I said Philadelphia Flyers, not Flyers West. There is a difference, in spite of the fact you can't really tell that at the moment. No points here.

10. 49er16 and kt1000 will do a much better job than myself at consistently posting here.

Absolutely. They are welcome anytime. Point here.

So counting things up, I got a masterful 5/10 predictions right. I fail.

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  1. Someone said Marc Zumoff also said Bimbo bread was "packed with goodness and baked with love."


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