Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eagles Thinking Of Some Big Moves This Off-Season?

From the outset of things, it certainly does appear that that's the case. Especially after reading this article from Eagles Gab via The Philaelphia Inquirer describing two rumored off-season moves for the Philadelphia Eagles. One of which, for me, at least, is more of a good-riddance. While the other is a big of a surprise to me.
"If Joselio Hanson doesn’t get a lot of attention on the market, the Eagles could try to bring him back as their third cornerback, because it seems likely that they are going to cut ties with Lito Sheppard and save $3 million in salary-cap space.

The Eagles will also have a decision to make on wide receiver Reggie Brown, who did not dress for Sunday’s NFC championship game. He would be more difficult to cut because he will enter the first year of a six-year contract extension he signed in 2006, and getting rid of him would cost the team nearly $3 million."

If you can recall from earlier in the season, Lito Sheppard is not exactly my favorite Eagle and the fact that he ended last year as a starting corner and is now fourth on the depth chart is not going to help him keep his job. Much to my delight, of course. Sheppard is often injured and when he does play he sometimes a bit too eager to jump routes to make plays that just are not there.

Meanwhile, Reggie Brown does come as a bit of a surprise to me. And while he certainly has underproduced, I always thought that the Eagles were high on him and that if they were to cut a receiver, it would be Greg Lewis, who did very little this year. There's no doubt that Brown has potential and the fact that the Eagles would think about getting rid of him is somewhat odd. Unless, of course, the Eagles are planning to go after a big-money, big-name wide receiver in the off-season. The Eagles made headlines last off-season by trying to pry away Larry Fitzgerald away from the Cards and by offering Randy Moss more money than the Patriots did, which leads me to believe that although we have DeSean, the Eagles want more. In case you have not figured it out, even though he's not a free-agent, the Eagles may be more than a bit interested in Anquan Boldin....

Birds to Cut Ties w/ Sheppard and Brown? (Eagles Gab)

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