Saturday, January 31, 2009

NBC's Cast of Characters Tomorrow From Start To Finish

Believe it or not, we are only 1 day away from the showdown in Tampa.

And now let me introduce you to the cast that will be talking about all of this. Ladies and gentlemen, those that will be supplying us with over 9-hours of Super Bowl coverage on NBC.....

Bob Costas (Studio Host)
Al Michaels (Game Play-by-Play)
John Madden (Game Analyst)
Andrea Kremer (Sideline Repoter)
Alex Flanagan (Sideline Reporter)
Keith Olbermann (Studio co-host)
Dan Patrick (Studio co-host)
Cris Collinsworth (Studio co-host/studio analyst)
Tiki Barber (Studio Analyst)
Jerome Bettis (Studio Analyst)
Matt Millen (Guest Studio Analyst)
Mike Holmgren (Guest Studio Analyst)
Tony Dungy (Guest Studio Analyst)
Rodney Harrison (Guest Studio Analyst)
Peter King (Reporter)
Bob Neumeier (Reporter)
Tom Colicchio (Chef)
Jim Cantore (Weatherman)
Maria Bartiroma (Financial Update perosn)**
Matt Lauer (Today Show Host* - Conducting Live Interview with President Obama)
Al Roker (Today Show - Hosting Pregame coverage from the NBC Super Suite)
Meredith Viera (Today Show)
Ann Curry (Today Show)

And unless I develop different plans, I plan watching NBC's coverage from 9 AM to end of post-game coverage. Should be a fun day!

*He's the host of the Today Show but I can't find anything that says he will actually be hosting the Today show special.
**What a CNBC business news anchor with no sports experience is doing in a Super Bowl pre-game show is beyond me.

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  1. The name in question was "Al DeRogatis", who was curt Gowdy's partner for many years on NBC.


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