Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Sad News Regarding Jim Johnson

Sad news coming out of Philadelphia. It appears that the Eagles' beloved defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson, has been diagnosed with cancer in his spine. Via the Associated Press.

Johnson was diagnosed Monday with a malignant tumor on his spine and has begun radiation treatments at Bryn Mawr Hospital, team spokesman Derek Boyko said.

The tumor developed from a melanoma in the same area where Johnson's skin cancer was diagnosed in 2001, Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder told The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Johnson also has cancer in other areas of his body, Burkholder said, but he declined to elaborate. The team did not offer a prognosis.

``Who knows where it tracked to from there, but his symptoms came from the spine,'' Burkholder told The Inquirer. ``Now there are some other areas in his body (that have cancer), but I'm not going to get into where else some other stuff is. They will all be treated together. ``

No surgery is scheduled and Johnson, who has been defensive coordinator for 10 years under coach Andy Reid, intends to continue coaching, Burkholder told the newspapers.

This is definitley sad news. Not only is he a great defensive coordinator but he also seems like he's a great person as well. And while I hope that Johnson follows through with his plans and returns as defensive coordinator, the man's health is more important. Hopefully he'll be able to beat it like he did in 2001 and everything will be all right. We're all behind you, Jim Johnson.

Jim Johnson Diagnosed With Cancer ( via the Associated Press)

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