Friday, March 5, 2010

Leonard Weaver Given The Largest Contract Ever To A Fullback

I LOVE YOU ANDY REID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leonard Weaver is coming back to the Eagles, baby!!! Oh yeah!

Adam Caplan has the contract details.
Eagles and Leonard Weaver reached 3-year, $11 million deal, $6.5 million guaranteed source said. Beats Greg Jones' deal 2 years ago.
It's the largest contract ever given to a fullback and it is a damn well deserved one and one of the smartest things the Eagles could do this off-season. They know that he was awesome for them last year with his one year deal and they will look for him to continue to be awesome for the next three years.

What Weaver brings is a guy who can run the ball real effectively, especially in short-yardage situations, catch passes, and get nice yards after the catch. The presence of a guy like him was something that the Eagles never had before. Seriously? Even I, a diehard fan who has pretty much watched almost every game of the Andy Reid era, have problems of thinking of our fullback names before Weaver. That's not a testament to my memory, but rather how useless and invisible all other Eagle fullbacks were before Weaver. Granted, Weaver is not a fullback in the traditional sense of the term. I'd consider him a little more of a RB/FB hybrid than a pure FB, but his unorthodoxness is part of what makes him an all-around great football player and quite frankly, the largest contract ever given to a fullback still seems like chunk change in comparison to how much a player and a leader like him is actually worth.

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  1. I know Weaver is a massive asset but that's too much money for a FB. He better be ACTUALLY used more often than the way Reid used him towards season's end.


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