Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Bracket Finally Revealed And Some March Madness Links

(Editor's Note: Apologies for the dearth of posts during this week but when I have not been simulating games for Stupid Sideline Reporters, I have been swamped with work and trying to get it all done before the tourney begins. You can rest easy knowing that I have not gone AA on you. The schedule post has been updated to include the games I am getting on Friday. I successfully guessed all 8 games correctly. See the end of this post for another editor's note.)

Are you ready? Here you go! Earlier this week I gave you all a sneak preview on Twitter by naming my Final and now I am going to reveal my whole bracket to you. Listed below are my projected matchups for the 2nd round, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, and National Championship with my Nat'l championship winner listed at the end. And now, the moment you've all been waiting are my brackets.

Midwest Region

2nd Round
Kansas vs. Northern Iowa
New Mexico State vs. Maryland
Tennessee vs. Georgetown
Oklahoma State vs. Ohio State

Sweet 16
Kansas vs. Maryland
Georgetown vs. Ohio State

Elite 8
Kansas vs. Georgetown

Midwest Region winner: Kansas

East Region

2nd Round
Kentucky vs. Wake Forest
Temple vs. Wisconsin
Washington vs. New Mexico
Clemson vs. West Virginia

Sweet 16
Kentucky vs. Temple
Washington vs. West Virginia

Elite 8
Kentucky vs. West Virginia

East Region winner: West Virginia

South Region

2nd Round
Duke vs. Louisville
Utah State vs. Siena
Notre Dame vs. Baylor
St. Mary's vs. Villanova

Sweet 16
Duke vs. Siena
Baylor vs. Villanova

Elite 8
Duke vs. Villanova

South Region winner: Villanova

West Region

2nd Round
Syracuse vs. Gonzaga
UTEP vs. Murray State
Xavier vs. Pittsburgh
BYU vs. Kansas State

Sweet 16
Gonzaga vs. Murray State
Pittsburgh vs. Kansas State

Elite 8
Gonzaga vs. Pittsburgh

West Region winner: Pittsburgh

Final Four
Kansas vs. Pittsburgh
West Virginia vs. Villanova

National Championship Game
Kansas vs. West Virginia

National Champion: Kansas

Kansas may not be as good as the 2008 team (or any other 2008 #1 seed, for that matter), but they will be able to survive and win this tournament, though it will by no means be a dominating performance. This is an experienced team that always finds a way to pull out a win in the end. Last year was a chalk year, this year is shaping up to be an upset year, but even through the upsets, Kansas will prevail this year. And now it's time for some March Madness links!

Don't like my picks? Get advice from a true expert in this field: Dan Levy's 3-year old daughter! (On The DL Podcast)

Or you can ask the Predictalator, which simulated the tournament 50,000 times and came up with these results. (Prediction Machine)

Check out the job Mookie and I did at simulating the tournament with the help of WhatIfSports! East Region, Midwest Region, South Region, West Region, Final Four (Stupid Sideline Reporters)

The first round schedule has been edited to include all of the maps for Friday's games as well. (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

Villanova and Robert Morris are already very familiar with each other (The Nova Blog)

Think Cornell is going to upset Temple? Before you lock it in your bracket, consider Fran Dunphy's record against his former assistants (Soft Pretzel Logic)

A breakdown of every game in the first round: Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday afternoon, Friday evening (Rush the Court)

A breakdown of every region: South Region, West Region, East Region, Midwest Region (Keith's Sports Journal)

65 Phillies Blogs square off in a single elimination tournament to determine the best of the best (The Phield)

Still have not had enough March Madness and brackets? Check out Mammal Madness! (I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay)

(Editor's Note: Thanks to my fine professor of my 12:30 PM ET Tuesday-Thursday Literature class that I was originally going to skip to watch the Nova game for moving the midterm up at the last minute from next Tuesday to tomorrow. Now I will sadly have to miss the start of the game as there is no skipping the midterm. He showed us the exam in class yesterday and I am reasonably hopeful that I can finish it in 35-40 minutes, thus meaning I will probably be tuning into Nova and joining you guys at the live blog sometime at Keith's Sports Journal sometime around the back end of the first half, at which point the game will either be a boring blowout or at a Nova Panic stage, neither of which have me giddy with anticipation right now.)

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