Friday, March 19, 2010

Villanova Survives!

What a day of hoops. And I right this completely drained of everything I have left.

2-seeded Villanova went to overtime with a 15-seed in Robert Morris and nearly lost. They only won by 3. My heart still has not recovered from watching that game. Somehow I don't think the palpitations will ever stop.

Now Villanova plays the Gaels of St. Mary's (Cal). Samhan and co. could potentially give Nova fits if the team that showed up against Robert Morris. Yarou stepped up big time for Nova today and if Nova wants to beat St. Mary's, he is going to have to have another great game. Scottie Reynolds got a total of 20 points today, but 15 of those were from the charity stripe. He has to step it up as the competition is only going to get tougher from here on out. As overrated as Duke may be, at least they can say they are a better team than Robert Morris.

Join us again tomorrow for the live blogs at Keith's Sports Journal, as the Temple Owls battle Cornell and Gus Johnson takes his turn at this wild NCAA Tournament. And yes, I am aware that Saturday's schedule has been announced. Here is the link to Fang's Bites and I will probably post an entire second round schedule after the games on Fridays.

I love March.

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