Monday, June 1, 2009

Great Moments In Sports, #4

The Zidane headbutt.

This next one comes in 2 videos. The 2002 wildcard game between the Giants and the 49ers. The Giants were up by 24, 38-14, at one point in this game. What followed was the 2nd biggest comeback in Playoff history and arguably one of the most controversial finishes in playoff history. First off, here is the 49ers final drive of that game.

And now, the final drive of the Giants with 1 minute left. (if you want to skip the drive and get to the moment of controversy, skip to the 7:30 mark)

The fact that the Giants had 3 men illegally downfield made offsets with the pass interference, and thus the end of the game. But that has not stopped debates and anger from Giants fans.

And lastly, we will end on a high note. Literally.


  1. Thanks for showing the 02 wild card game today. I've been crying all mourning thinking about how 02 was the last time the 49ers made it to the playoffs.

  2. NY Giants fans can go screw! They are still pissed because their team blew that lead.


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