Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Congrats To Charlie Manuel!

He has now joined the class of Dan Marino, Mike Golic, Andy Reid, Chris Berman. What class is that? The class of people that used NutriSystem and lost a shitload of weight! And while Reid gained most of his back, let's hope that Charlie Manuel stays new and improved! Screengrab courtesy of The Fightins

Congrats to Charlie on the weight loss! He looks better than ever now. Now let's hope that he can keep the weight off instead of turning into Andy Reid whose weight yo-yos more than a yo-yo. I know it's tempting in Philly Charlie with all the cheesesteaks, but be strong and keep on the yummy NutriSystem food! And most importanly Charlie, channel the extra energy you have from the weight loss into a 3rd straight NLCS pennant and the Phillies 2nd World Series championship in 3 years!


  1. It's good to see Charlie lose weight. After his health problems in the past, it's good to see him get back to full strength.


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