Friday, January 29, 2010

The High School Years: Part 2 - The Secretive Courting

Missed a part? Part 1,

And oh my, one of them was quite the looker! You want to talk about banging girls, oh man, she was certainly it. I later talked to some other people who knew her and none of them thought that she was that pretty. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And boy oh boy, I was certainly beholding.

What did she look like you ask? Well, some days she would have her in a similar manner that Jodie Sweetin had her hair on Full House, so that was certainly a turn on and that is really where the initial crush came from. Sure she was hot and all, but I am thinking here is a girl in my same zipcode that I think it pretty. Epic win for me! Her name was Alura and her friend that walked in with her’s name was Anna.

So what were they like, you ask? Well Alura and Anna were virtually inseparable. They stuck together and too each other no matter what. Often times, you would find them before and after meetings sitting around and giggling over things that intelligent teenage girls giggled about then. You know, how “hot” some celebrity guys were and the 234,565 interpretations of Harry Potter. It’s an odd combination at first, but when you get a combination of the two (see the Harry Potter movies), then that’s all you’ll ever hear about from them. Outside of each other, Anna was the much more outspoken of the two where as Alura was a little more introverted and kept to herself a lot, almost creating an aura of mystery around her. Anna once said that Alura only revealed her true self to her, and after seeing Alura, believe me, I wanted her to reveal herself to me on so many levels.

Now me being me, I was instinctively and intensely shy. What better way to get a girl to notice you than staring at her nice ass from afar and trying to get a peek at her underwear when she is sitting hunched forward, right? I just did not have the gumption to say anything to her that was notmock trials related. After all, what happened if I slipped up? You see, this was really the first time that I ever liked a girl in my school, so I am sort of new to the game here.

The year goes by and things really sort of stay like this. Because our team only met once a week (as opposed to the overly dedicated Mount St. Fiacre’s which met multiple times in a week), we communicated a lot through email correspondence. It is through this that I got both Alura’s and Anna’s email address.

When Mr. Cann made his women’s basketball decision, Mr. Zu took over the role of teaching advisor and he brought in a lawyer of his own. One night, Mr. Zu sent us an email asking us what lawyer was directing what witness and what lawyer was crossing what witness. Alura and Anna were both witnesses along with two other people and I was a lawyer this year. All of us had problems recalling exactly who was crossing and directing who, which is kind of sad when you think about it, after all, we’ve been rehearsing this for quite some time. It is this kind of thing that drives me particularly nuts and I made that quite clear in the emails that we sent back and forth.

We eventually got it all figured out through a bunch of emails and I decide to send one out summing everything up. Alura replies to me in an email:

“um . . . wow. do i detect a touch of OCD?”

Yeah, um, that’s not quite the reaction one would expect to have to such an email but such was mine. Of course, I did not type that to her, that would be stupid on so many levels. Then I thought about it for a bit. Then I realized what she accused me of. I replied as follows:

“I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do nothave OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I was just happy I was right and I can sleep tonight. You do not have to accuse me of having a mental disorder! Alura, can I ask you a question? Have you ever been tormented by not knowing something? Like you just could not place it? Well, that's how I felt with this. Maybe I do repeat myself a little, but I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD. I do not have OCD.”
You see what I did there?

Yes, that was supposed to be sarcastic. And if you looked at it from the outside, you would think that I was a complete obnoxitron. I wonder what she felt like as she was reading this. My goal was to be funny so that she would notice me and want to talk to me more. Somehow, I feel as if that this was not the way to go about that particular goal.

Regardless, she replied: “Okay, okay! Your point is well taken! Seriously though, I'm sorry. I do
get that sometimes. And then get accused of having OCD.”

Woot! This is awesome! The girl I have a crush on is actually engaging me in conversation. It would continue. I replied,

“It's okay about the OCD comment. You did not offend me. If you really did offend me, I would not have replied like I did, trust me. I do not picture you as being OCD-like. To me, you come across as being very innocent, which is great for the competition because it would be best for Taylor to come across as and nice, innocent person, like you.”
“I think there was a compliment in there somewhere?” Alura replied back to me.

“That would depend, if you think it was a compliment, then it was a compliment. In a matter of 5 hours, we go from OCD challenges to questioning compliments :-)”

“No, I changed my mind. I never really thought so in the first place.”

Woo hoo, I thought! She no longer thinks I have a mental affliction! Now we are getting somewhere.

A couple weeks would go by, and all of a sudden, I got what I thought was a rather strange email from Alura titled “1000”. 1000 had nothing to do with the trial so I was very curious as to what on earth this was.

“Guess what? You sent me my 1000th email! Congratulations! Not that you did anything, I mean, other than email me. still it is an honor where I come from.”

The honor was mine! All mine! And no one could take it away from me! I still have not figured out how exactly she counted that or how I got to be so lucky or if that number included the number of times she won the British Lottery, but still, as someone crushing on her, I certainly felt the honor.

Time would go by and we would have our mock trials competition for the year. The Prosecution side that myself and Anna were on among others lost whereas the defense side which had Alura on it won. She was a part of one of our wins! So so special for me. Sadly, our one win was not good enough to make it to the next round, but with everyone on the team except for Anna and Alura having one year left of this, we quickly set our sights on getting it done next year. Next year would be our perfect year. At least that damn sure was my goal.

Now that mock trials was over, I rarely saw Alura in the hallways. I was missing her. I was missing her big time. And the more I thought about it, the more that I really felt I liked her. While we were not the biggest talkers of the group, we did not spend every waking together at the meetings talking, but I felt that there might be some potential. At this point I got to thinking, that maybe I should forsake my thoughts and my initial instincts and actually take a chance and tell her I liked her. Believe it or not, self-pleasuring over fantasies over fantasies can get old after awhile. Wouldn’t having an actual girlfriend be nice? And besides, what could possibly go wrong?


  1. Wow. Um, wow. Words fail me.

    That OCD email was a nice touch, though. I might have to steal it.

  2. @ kt1000: I think I know what part you are speechless about.......I had meant to edit it but my Fun With Microfilm made me forget all about it.

    I still might do a word change just so as not to attract some You-Know-Whos.....


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