Monday, February 22, 2010

Eddie Olczyk's Entry Into The Announcer Quote Hall Of Fame


Going right up there with Tim Brando's puns, Joe Buck's "disgusting act", Ron Thulin's Touchdown USC (when it was Stanford's GW TD), and just about everything Mike Milbury says, comes the newest entry to the Announcer Quote Hall of Fame, or Shame, depending on how you look at it. Here is Eddie Olczyk describing how good of a hockey game this was. As you listen, you might note the phrase, "tremendously tremendous".

Wow, Edzo. Just wow. I know it was an exciting game, but really, "tremendously tremendous"? You could not have spared yourself some infamy and gone with "tremendously exciting".

Well from what I understand your quote became a Twitter Trending Topic (cotdamn my walk and shower shortly after the game!), so congrats Edzo on that tremendously tremendous achievement.


  1. IMO,Edzo's "that's a bunch of happy humans" after the Kesler goal is almost as bad.

  2. That was from The Department of Redundant Redundancy Department according to Stuart Scott.

  3. Anyone else bugged by Eddie Olczyk's annoying habit of saying "Doc" repeatedly when he is announcing with Mike "Doc" Emrick during the Olympic Hockey games? I started counting 4 min. into the Canada/Germany game last night and got to 45. Note: Doc never repeats Eddie's name.....


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