Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reason #3446 The Drinking Age In The United States Should Be Lowered To 18

I give you 18-year old Marie-Philip Poulin at Canada Hockey Place shortly after Team Canada defeated Team USA to take the gold in women's ice hockey. And yes, my friends, that is a beer. And yes, her drinking that beer is perfectly legal where she is.

Officially, the sexiest hockey picture ever taken.

Update: Damn further research. The drinking age in parts of Canada is 18, but apparently those parts do not include British Columbia, where the drinking age is 19. That being said, her home province is Quebec where the drinking age is 18 and her 19th birthday is 31 days. So before you uptight mounties start getting on me and this, can't we consider all circumstances and accept this for the awesomely legal sexiness that I initially thought it was?

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