Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Legend Of Mike Milbury And Jeremy Roenick's Reactions

By stating that Mike Milbury is brought in for controversy is not exactly breaking any news. He is a poor man's Don Cherry. The fact that he has been making some rather questionable these Olympics should not come as a surprise to anyone.

It is not so much the remarks that have drawn me to put these videos up, but rather the reaction to the remarks by Milbury's co-analyst, Jeremy Roenick. Take for instance his comments on Wednesday that the Germans were fire hydrants and the Canadians were peeing on them (watch JR's reaction at the end of the video)

One day later Mike Milbury would decide to step up his game, as would the reactions from Roenick. After Canada throttled the Russians 7-3 yesterday, Mike Milbury took to calling the Russian hockey team "Eurotrash", which given the meaning of the term and the context he used it in, was really more of a nonsensical insult than something people should get offended over. Again, the reaction of JR to Milbury's comment is worth noting.

I am beginning to wonder if that laugh at the end by JR was the thought going through his mind that there was a chance NBC could pull that dunce off the air for a game or two.

Oh, JR. You truly have been the one and only bright spot in NBC's piss poor Olympic coverage. Not only have you braved Bill Patrick-otron and Mike Milbury, but you have somehow managed to fight them off and give a good, honest analysis backed up with actual fact and reason. While Milbury lives for the controversy, Roenick lives for telling the viewers what is really going on and his honest, well-reasoned opinions.

Seeing as it is doubtful that NBC will do anything to fine or suspend Milbury, one can only hope that some Eurotrash American walks up to him, whips out his dong, and pees on him.

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