Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Men's Olympic Hockey Schedule

While exact game assignments have not been announced yet, your the announcer pairings for men's ice hockey this year will be Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Pierre McGuire (when not working with CTV) as the A Team and Kenny Albert and Joe Micheletti as the B Team. Instead of updating this thread once they are announced for exact games, I will make things easier for myself and just include them in my men's ice hockey open threads, which I will try to get up everyday. The 3 pools of 4 teams this year are:

Group A: Canada, Norway, Switzerland, United States
Group B: Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia
Group C: Belarus, Finland, Germany, Sweden

And here is your day-by-day schedule. The fun starts this Tuesday, February 16! (all times eastern; games listed at 12 AM indicate date of the past night, in other words, the date the game would be on if they dropped the puck a minute earlier at 11:59 PM)

February 16
Group A: United States vs. Switzerland 3:00 (USA)
Group A: Canada vs. Norway 7:30 (CNBC)
Group B: Russia vs. Latvia 12:00 AM (CNBC)

February 17
Group C: Finland vs. Belarus 3:00 (MSNBC)
Group C: Sweden vs. Germany 7:30 (CNBC)
Group B: Czech Republic vs. Slovakia 12:00 AM (CNBC)

February 18
Group A: United States vs. Norway 3:00 (USA)
Group A: Switzerland vs. Canada 7:30 (CNBC)
Group B: Slovakia vs. Russia 12:00 AM (CNBC)

February 19
Group C: Belarus vs. Sweden 3:00 (MSNBC)
Group B: Czech Republic vs. Latvia 7:30 (CNBC)
Group C: Finland vs. Germany 12:00 AM (MSNBC)

February 20
Group A: Norway vs. Switzerland 3:00 (MSNBC)
Group B: Latvia vs. Slovakia 7:30 (MSNBC)
Group C: Germany vs. Belarus 12:00 AM (MSNBC)

February 21
Group B: Russia vs. Czech Republic 3:00 (NBC)
Group A: Canada vs. United States 7:40 (MSNBC)
Group C: Sweden vs. Finland 12:00 AM (MSNBC)

February 23
Secondary Round Game: Teams TBA 3:00 (USA)
Secondary Round Game: Teams TBA 7:30 (CNBC)
Secondary Round Game: Teams TBA 10:00 (CNBC)
Secondary Round Game: Teams TBA 12:00 AM (CNBC)

February 24
Quarterfinal: Teams TBA 3:00 (NBC)
Quarterfinal: Teams TBA 7:30 (CNBC)
Quarterfinal: Teams TBA 10:00 (CNBC)
Quarterfinal: Teams TBA 12:00 AM (CNBC)

February 26
Semifinal: Teams TBA 3:00 (NBC)
Semifinal: Teams TBA 9:30 (CNBC)

February 27
Bronze Medal Game: Teams TBA 10:00 (MSNBC)

February 28
Gold Medal Game: Teams TBA 3:15 (NBC)

Now from what I have been reading a lot of curling is scheduled right before some hockey games so the chances of some the later games being joined-in-progress is quite great from the way I have understood the various schedules that I've been reading.

I love Olympic hockey so you know that I am stoked for this year's tournament, especially seeing as there are so many teams that have more than a good chance at taking home the gold. Now as far as my rooting interests go, I must say that I am quite torn this year on who to root for. But JFein, you're an American? You are right, I am. However, there are no Flyers on Team USA who decided to snub both JVR and Matt Carle. And even though they have that useless piece of shit Crybaby Cindy Crosby on their team, Team Canada can proudly boast that they have the most Flyers of any olympic team with Mike Richards and Chris Pronger on that team and as soon as Getzlaf stops Favreing around actually makes a decision on whether or not he can play, Jeff Carter will take his place. For patriotism's sake, Go Team USA! For Flyers pride sake, Go Team Canada!

Other Flyers in this year's olympics include Oskars Bartulis on Team Latvia, Kimmo Timonen on Team Finland, and former Flyer Ole-Kristian Tollefsen (OKT) is playing for Team Norway. And just a message to Team Norway, you know your team is the worst team in the Olympics when OKT is on your team.

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