Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tears Of Kendra

Oh, Kendra! How long ago it was when all we did in Philly was worship your hotness and hope that Hank overcame his lack of skills to make you the happiest girl in all of Philly! And oh, how we have lost you and reduced to laughing at your husband for his unforgivable folly of not catching the onside kick that turned the game around at the start of the 2nd half! But whatever you, do Kendra, please don't cry! No! It's not worth it! None of it's worth it! Wait? It's too late. She did cry last night? What a shame.

Nothing is sadder than the tears of a wife who for the first time realizes that her husband is a complete waste of space.

But oh, for us, Eagles fans, how Hank can provide us with glory after all! For releasing Hank Baskett, we were able to add Michael Vick to the roster, and with Vick, oh, the Eagles can do so much with him this off-season! Pick up his option and then do the glorious trade! And what a glorious trade it will be! Yes! Yes, Kendra, your useless husband may have started a chain of events that gives your husband's ex-team a 3rd round draft pick! How we love you so!

Update:: We have a statement from Kendra via her Twitter account! She tweets: "I wasn't cryin cuz of the damn game it's cuz the paparazzi have no soul..they wouldn't leave me n family alone!!!!" and "people like to twist this stuff..we asked them to stop cuz of the baby n they were way too close n they didn't care at allllllll"

Well, the Paparazzi are about as soulless as her husband is useless on a football field.

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