Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 NCAA Second Round Schedule

Great thanks to Awful Announcing for compiling these together! This is the schedule for Round 2! And as soon as I receive confirmation on what CBS 3 Philly and CBS WYOU SWB is showing (in other words, what I am watching), I will pass it along to you here.

Saturday, March 21st

Villanova vs. UCLA (Philadelphia, 1:05pm)- Dick Enberg/Jay Bilas

Memphis vs. Maryland (Kansas City, 3:20pm)- Tim Brando/Mike Gminski
Connecticut vs. Texas A&M (Philadelphia, 3:35pm)- Dick Enberg/Jay Bilas

Purdue vs. Washington (Portland, 5:40pm)- Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner
North Carolina vs. LSU (Greensboro, 5:45pm)- Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg
Oklahoma vs. Michigan (Kansas City, 5:50pm)- Tim Brando/Mike Gminski

Gonzaga vs. Western Kentucky (Portland, 8pm)- Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner
Duke vs. Texas (Greensboro, 8:05pm)- Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg

Sunday, March 22nd

Syracuse vs. Arizona State (Miami, 12:10pm)- Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel

Wisconsin vs. Xavier (Boise, 2:20pm)- Craig Bolerjack/Bob Wenzel
Kansas vs. Dayton (Minneapolis, 2:30pm)- Gus Johnson/Len Elmore
Cleveland State vs. Arizona (Miami, 2:40pm)- Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel
Oklahoma State vs. Pittsburgh (Dayton, 2:50pm)- Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery

Missouri vs. Marquette (Boise, 4:50pm)- Craig Bolerjack/Bob Wenzel
Michigan State vs. USC (Minneapolis, 5pm)- Gus Johnson/Len Elmore
Siena vs. Louisville (Dayton, 5:10pm)- Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery

Update: Here is the slate of games I am getting for Saturday.
UCLA vs. Villanova (Philadelphia - Enberg/Bilas)
Texas A&M vs. UConn (Philadelphia - Enberg/Bilas)
LSU vs. UNC (Greensboro - Nantz/Kellogg)
Texas vs. Duke (Greensboro - Nantz/Kellogg)

Well, at least I'll have a pretty strong rooting interest in all 4 games...

Update 2: Here is my slate of games for Sunday. And once again, I predicted it exactly correct.
Arizona State vs. Syracuse (Miami - Eagle/Spanarkel)
Oklahoma State vs. Pittsburgh (Dayton - Lundquist/Raftery)
Siena vs. Louisville (Dayton - Lundquist/Raftery)

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