Monday, March 9, 2009

Fighting In Hockey

So this seems to be a topic of intense discussion over the past month or so. Should fighting in hockey be banned? I was watching some WBC this morning on ESPN2 when after the game they went straight to Mike & Mike. And sure enough, they were talking about hockey fighting and whether or not is should be banned. Now personally as somewhat of a hockey fan, I feel like it is a part of the game and it should stay as is. Especially as a Flyer fan. Come on now, we're the Broad Street bullies! Fighting is what we do best. But even if you're not a Flyers fan, one has to appreciate what has to be one of the greatest fights brawls in hockey history. I'm not sure if any of you remember this, but it was March 5, 2004 and the Flyers took on the Ottawa Senators and at the very end of the game, got into 5 brawls over the course of 30 seconds playing time. The game set an NHL record with 419 penalty minutes and both teams ended the game with more coaches on the bench than players (although miraculously the game was played to conclusion) Appropriately enough, it was a Friday night and believe me, this forever redefined Friday Night Fights. And while you will soon figure it out, the announcers are the Flyers' announcers, Jim Jackson and Gary Dornhoefer. Watch these and tell me that fighting should not be banned in hockey. It's just way too fun to watch!

Round 1

Rounds 2 and 3

Rounds 4 and 5

"PATRICK SHARP HAMMERS HIM WITH A RIGHT! DOWN HE GOES! DOWN GOES SPEZZA! DOWN GOES SPEZZA!" Classic Jim Jackson. Jack Edwards is proud of you, JJ. Good times.....goooood times.

Fighting just adds way too much fun to the game. And I am also positive that the NHL would lose viewers en masse if they were to get rid of the fighting aspect of the game, just my thoughts (and my excuse to put up that awesome Senators-Flyers brawl from 5 years ago).

Back to the game itself, the Senators did score a goal in that last minute or so of play, but it obviously was not enough as the Flyers beat them 5-3.


  1. The only thing that I was thinking about after seeing that on SportsCenter that night was "What would Gene Hart think?" He'd probly6 do Bernie Parent saying "Some fun, 'eh?"

    Also breaking news: Tra Thomas is heading back to Florida, as he's agreed to join Jacksonville.

  2. What's the point of watching hockey then?

  3. Thanks for the tip, JamesCraven!

    @ 49er16: Without fighting, the point of hockey becomes increasingly small. Not that I watch hockey because of the fights, but to get rid of fighting would take away the physicality, allow players to get away with cheap shots, and hockey would lose a huge fanbase with the move.


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