Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thom Brennaman Just Bought A First Class Ticket To Gainesville, Florida

Actually, Thom Brennaman may not make it onto the plane. He'll probably hyperventilate and pass out before he gets on there. Why all of the excitement from Thom Brennaman? It's because Tim Tebow's speech after the 31-30 loss to Ole Miss has been immortalized in a plaque at the University of Florida! Seriously. From the AP
Meyer had Tebow's speech engraved on a plaque and placed outside the front entrance to the new football facility at Florida Field. Although it might seem like a strange move since Tebow still has one year remaining with the Gators, Meyer said he didn't want to wait.

"I'm not interested in 10 years from now because who knows if we're — I might be toes up somewhere," Meyer said Wednesday as Florida opened spring practice. "I'm not a big fan of, 'Hey, let's wait down the road.' It was a speech that everybody in Gator Nation has a right to see on the side of the building."

Tebow's speech was an emotional promise he made after the Rebels upset Florida 31-30 on Sept. 27. Fighting back tears, Tebow vowed that no one would in the nation would work harder than him and his teammates the rest of the year. The Gators responded by running the table and beating Oklahoma 24-14 to win the program's second national title in three years.
And always remember, if you spend 15-20 minutes in Gainesville worshipping this plaque dedicated to Tim Tebow, your life will be better for it!


  1. Tebow bends over, Thom Brennaman kisses the rear end.

  2. I am better person by just reading this post.


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