Friday, March 20, 2009

The Eagles Have Actually Done Something Right This Off Season!

Seahawks fans are currently shedding tears right now because they just lost one of their more valuable players. So why is this getting a spot on my blog (other than to laugh at SSR)? It's because he signed with the Eagles! And who exactly is this player? Why, it's none other than Leonard Weaver! Seriously....the Eagles signed Leonard Weaver. Seriously, the Eagles actually made a good move this off-season! Via CSN Philly

After it appeared that he would sign elsewhere, Weaver on Friday agreed to a one-year deal with the Eagles that can be worth up to $2.5 million.

The Eagles tried a litany of fullbacks last season, from Jason Davis, Jed Collins and Luke Lawton in the preseason to Tony Hunt, Dan Klecko and Kyle Eckel in the regular season.

“No. 1 for me was opportunity,” Weaver said. “I looked at Philly as a great opportunity for me as a fullback to play a position that was well needed.”

In addition to considering a return to Seattle, where he had spent all four of his NFL seasons, Weaver was also talking with Tampa Bay, Houston and Minnesota.

However, the Eagles not only would give him a chance to start but also do so in the familiar West Coast offense. The 26-year-old Weaver had spent his entire career playing for Mike Holmgren.

“My thing was, when I looked at Philly, was the type of offense they run. In free agency, a lot of guys look at the money. For me, that wasn’t really the case,” Weaver said. “I looked at more the opportunity.”
And as if it was not enough for the Seahawks and other teams interested, he was actually willing to take less money to come to Philly. And now, for the first time since the age of Jon Ritchie, THE EAGLES HAVE A FULLBACK! THE EAGLES HAVE A FULLBACK! THE EAGLES HAVE A FULLBACK!

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