Monday, March 2, 2009

Villanova vs. Notre Dame Live Blog

"And how about Digger's dancing the other day at Cal?" - Sean McDonough

Sorry about the delay. There was a troll at AA who has worn on my last nerve and it was just the time and the place to tell him off.

Notre Dame leads Villanova 32-29 with 1:00 to go in the 1st half.


It's been a back and forth game thus far with Notre Dame getting the early edge but Nova going on a run shortly afterwards and since then we have had more lead changes and ties in this first half then most games have.

Cunningham's shot is blocked and that's the end of the first half. Villanova is tied at 32 with Notre Dame.

If you want to read what I've been working on for the past 50 minutes, here's the link to check out. Hopefully we'll never hear of "San Diego Ken" again.

And now, here's the ESPN YouTube Video Of The Day.

Gotta love the PTI boys putting this in the Happy Trails portion of their show. Why is it happy trails, you ask? Loss of dignity. Sadly, this is not the first time though, that Digger has been caught busting a move.

Did I just see The Q-Tip? Good lord, Digger, get a life. And actually, while I'm thinking about it, get a dance lesson!

"This is my audtion tape for Dancing With The Stars." - Digger Phelps
"MAKE IT STOP!" - Rece Davis

I honestly don't know what was talked about more that halftime show? Basketball or a fan's video that captured Digger Phelps dancing. It's funny and all, but was there really need to spend an entire halftime show showing it and talking about it?

Thank goodness the 2nd half is starting soon...

"I hope you enjoyed that song from Bill Ratery's iPod." - Sean McDonough

Raft would have Saliva on his iPod. The 2nd half is underway and Nova has the ball. Bad turnover.

Nice shot my Harangody. It almost looked like he pulled a Tom Brady from his buttocks type deal.

"It's a little bit danger time for Notre Dame." - Jay Bilas

Err, Jay, it's a 3-point game with 16:53 to go. And now it's a 1-point game. Why couldn't it just be McDonough and Raft?

"You've seen enough short arms, haven't you, hanging around McDonough." - Bill Raftery

+1, my friend. If only ou can call every game possible.

39-39 at the media timeout.

Wait, someone who surely has a lot of money as this David Apernathe, buys his first car at 28?

"I think, what's interesting, is that the committee is looking for the 34 best teams." - Jay Bilas

Oh gee, really, I never knew that! Thank's for the insight, Jay!

Nice rebound by Harangody. And we've gone from "danger zone" to a 4-point lead for the Irish. REYNOLDS FROM 3! One-point lead.

Gotta love Scottie Reynolds! The Wildcats now lead by 2.

"Harangody dropped it in." - Sean McDonough

I got a really bad image from that. Timeout Notre Dame, as Harangody is exhausted and the Irish are short some players.

G-Town is done. They are only talking about them because they are in The Big East. (49er16)
Georgetown is in this discussion by name recognition and reputation. (SSR)

Villanova has the lead again! Up 51-50 over the Irish.

Aspeaking of overrated, Michigan State is a likely 2-seed. A Big 10 team is going to be a 2-seed!

53-50 at the media timeout.

Villanova now leads by 5 thanks to Shane Clark. Reynolds kicks it out to REDDING WHO MAY HAVE GIVEN US A DAGGER! 8-POINT LEAD! Timeout Notre Dame.

"I hate to see the season end, but I don't have to put up with McDonough anyomre. There are some blessings." - Bill Raftery

Ah, but Grandpa Verne is only 17 days away! Cunningham misses a fadeaway and an over the back foul by Redding on the rebound attempts.


Finally, the Wildcats are playing like they should. Clark connects to bring the lead up to 13. 12-straight points for the Wildcats. Until now as Harangody makes a freebie.

He had a toenail on the ground? Jay Bilas says some weird things. (SSR)

Anderson dunks, but I'll admit, there may have been a foul there. Not that it matters. The Irish only have 6-players available, they're exhausted, and they are down by 16 with under 5 to go.

So ESPN is finally writing off Notre Dame? Yet they won't rule out Georgetown, who have a worst Big East record than the Irish.

Aires makes a 3 for the Irish! Down by 13 now and Nash is fouled.

67-54 with under 4 to go. The Wildcats are finally blowing out a team they are supposed to. REJOICE!

"Villanova when they get the ball, they gotta run some offense." - Jay Bilas

As opposed to defense? Yeah, I'd recommend rnning some offense when you have the ball as well.


Back to 13. McAlarney from 3.

Well it's on to football for the Irish fans. Oh wait.... (49er16)

That comment just won the internets! The same can be said for Michigan, who thought they were all that when they beat Duke.

Wow, winningest Villanova senior class ever. Congrats to them!

Yeah, Villanova is getting all of the desparation bubble teams to conclude the season. I'll try to have a live blog for that Providence game.

18-point lead for the Wildcats with 1:30 to go and Jay Bilas is still trying to discuss strategy for the Irish. Get over it, Jay, the Irish are going to the NIT along with Georgetown. Actually I take that back, I think if the Irish make a run in the Big East tourney i.e. semifinals or better, they might get in. G-Town needs to win it outright, in my opinion. In other words, the Hoya's odds are the same as DePaul's.

Notre Dame, down 17 is not fouling with 25 seconds to go and that's it! The Villanova Wildcats may have just burst the bubble of Notre Dame, beating them 77-60!

Sorry for the delay, I was annoyed by a spammer. Thanks for joining me as the Wildcats still have an outside prayer of a double bye and the Irish may no longer have a prayer of The Big Dance. Thanks for joining me on this banner day at Fire Andy Reid Now! 6-posts in a day, that's a new record for me. And I may have a Houshamanilly post coming.


  1. So what happened to you at AA?

  2. Nevermind, I found the post.

  3. Call me crazy, but I like Digger and his dancing. At least he has a personality.

    He's not over the top like Dukie V and he's not a robot like Bob Knight.

  4. He's been saying the same thing for about a month and with the last one he just left himself so open for me to poke fun of him that, I'm sorry, but I just could not resist. He deserved it.

  5. I am not sure if you are talking about Digger or "San Diego Ken"?

  6. Sorry, but it must be said.....


    Meanwhile in Philly.......

  7. In the comments section, San Diego Ken.

  8. I am glad I don't go to the comments section of the tv schedules.

  9. So SSR, the 49ers signed Nathon Jones.

  10. ...we are still grieving over the loss of Brian Dawkins. I'm not sure who are going to buy more Brian Dawkins jerseys, Bronco fans or Eagles fans. Seriously.

    Maybe I'll get one to go along with my Eagles' Dawkins jersey...

  11. Reynolds is channeling his inner Patrick Christopher.

  12. Who the hell is Nathan Jones? Is he a relative of Brandon Jones, the guy the 49ers actually signed?


    This, combined with Washington clinching a share of the Pac-10 reg. season title, and Manchester United winning the Carling Cup makes for a fantastic 3 days of sports.

    Umm, I really think Notre Dame should be put to bed tonight by 'Nova. Them and Georgetown shouldn't even be remotely mentioned among Big East teams "on the bubble" when we know the NIT is where they belong.

  13. @ 49er16: Yeah, that guy has been coming on for at least a month now.

    I can't believe they are still talking about Georgetown as a bubble team. The only thing in their favor is a S.o.S. of 1.

  14. G-Town is done. They are only talking about them because they are in The Big East.

  15. @ SSR: ESPN was about to resign to that. But then the Hoyas beat Villanova so now it's "OMG! THEY'RE STILL IN IT!"

    They'll be in the NIT, I think, right where they deserve to be. Unless of course, they run the Big East tournament, which is highly unlikely.

  16. I don't now Jfein, remember Syracuse a couple of years ago?

  17. I'm just glad Washington finally got its dues in the polls, shot up to #13 in the coaches poll and #16 in the AP.

    Georgetown is in this discussion by name recognition and reputation.

  18. The Big East, is in my opinion, the best conference in college basketball, but not ever team deserves to go to The Big Dance. Georgetown is one of those teams. If they can't beat Cincinnati, what makes them think they'll beat a 5-seed.

  19. Stop opining Sean!

  20. @NathanBrice, in the words of James Craven, "Stay classy"

  21. Why isn't Villanova blowing out this mediocre team?

    UConn couldn't do it, now Nova?

    What's going on?

  22. @ SSR: I don't know what's going on with Nova anymore. They barely beat Rutgers and DePaul (yes, the same DePaul who is winless in the Big East. That game came down to the wire). And they loss to Georgetown on Sunday.

    They're as aggrevating and inconsistent as about every other team not named the Philadelphia Phillies in Philly.

  23. I can't believe that Nathan Brice actually remembers this blog. Anyway, it's at commercial so it's time to work on deleting.

  24. I personally believe that Marquette is dead, the Big East beat each other up and only UConn and Louisville seem good enough to make it to the Final 4.

  25. @ SSR: That always seems to happen with the Big East. The regular season and the Big East tourney just wares the teams out so much that they are easy pickings for everyone else come March Madness.

  26. Ugh, I did not even link this live blog over at AA. How have the spammers stumbled upon it all of a sudden?

  27. This game is over. ND isn't good enough to make a comeback.

  28. He had a toenail on the ground?

    Jay Bilas says some weird things.

  29. Yeah, ND is officially done.

    Jon Brockman > Luke Harangody

  30. "Yeah it's tough to play an elimination game after elimination game"- Captain obvious Jay Bilas.

  31. Mike Brey has dressed up for the occasion. He looks like an Undertaker.


  33. And isn't that fitting, seeing as this is the burial of his season. Now if only they can finally say the same about Georgtown. Oh wait, they have a #1 S.o.S. They can't be eliminated!!!!!!!!

  34. I'd delete "Chris Brown"'s comment, but that actually made me laugh.

  35. Well it's on to football for the Irish fans. Oh wait....

  36. This week is the first week of conference title games.

    Big South is one of them.

  37. I turned my back for one second, and the stands were already empty. Nice fans in South Bend.

  38. Yay, the Big South championship! Somebody better live blog that!

  39. Nice work on San Diego Ken (I wish this would've worked on Brad James' BCS "takes").

  40. Thanks, RJBO! My only hope is is that he actually checks back in the thread and reads it (the poster before him slammed him nicely as well., so I don't know how eager he'll be to read what I said). I spent nearly 50 minutes on it! But alas, if he doesn't, I think it gave some of people some laughs because he's been around for awhile, so I'm content with that.


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