Monday, March 30, 2009

The NFL Pre-Season Schedule Has Been Released

One of my favorite parts about this time of year (other than the Men's Final Four and readling all 464 of Mel Kiper's mock drafts) is the releasing of the NFL schedules, and this year's pre-season is actually chock-full of epic match-ups that most would die for. Assuming the starters played the whole game that is. I have listed below the Eagles schedule, but in case you are curious about your team or what not, I have provided at the bottom of the page the link to the entire pre-season schedule (which includes a separate section for national TV games in case you did not see them over at AA yet). So here you go. The Eagles 2009 pre-season schedule! (all times eastern)

Week 1: August 13: New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles 7:30 (ETN)
Week 2: August 20: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts 8:00 (Fox)
Week 3: August 27: Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles 7:00 (ETN)
Week 4: September 3: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets 7:00 (ETN)

It's nice to see the Eagles are going to get some stiff competition in the pre-season, especially in the first couple of weeks. Generally the Eagles schedule teams such as the Ravens and the Bengals so this is a nice change of pace. And keeping with tradition, the Eagles and the Jets are playing each other the last week of the pre-season, which in case you're not an Eagles or Jets fan, is pretty much a tradition for these two teams. Every year you can write it in. Pre-season week 4: Eagles vs. Jets.

2009 NFL Pre-Season Schedule (

Update: A belated congratulations to me! It took me over 12 hours, but I just now realized that this was my 200th blog post! It won't be long until my numbers reach AA levels......


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  2. I wonder if Gus will go through the double-duty rigmarole with the Eagles & Lions like he did last preseason.

  3. Hopefully he stays with the Eagles, at least (although with the way the Lions season went last year, they may best without him; it could have been he who caused the 0-16 season_. He actually had a going crazy moment during one game last year.

    After 2 Eagles rookies got a punt and kickoff return, respecitvely, Gus screamed, "ROOKIE AFTER ROOKIE!" He is the sole reason why I sit through entire pre-season games.

  4. If you have a chance, Jay Wright will once again be on the Jim Rome show at the 1:00PM hour.

  5. The NFL released its 2009 NFL Preseason Schedule with action set to begin on Aug. 9 at the traditional Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. AFC foes Buffalo and Tennessee will take the field on that night, with kickoff set for 8 PM ET on NBC.


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