Sunday, March 15, 2009

NCAA Tournament Spoilers Predictions

Well, I did it! I filled out my brackets, and you know what that means, if you don't know want to know who will be crowned the kings of college basketball, stop reading now! You've been warned....

Play-in-Game: Alabama State over Morehead State

Midwest Region

First Round
(1) Louisville over (16) Alabama State
(9) Siena over (8) Ohio State
(5) Utah over (12) Arizona
(4) Wake Forest over (13) Cleveland State
(11) Dayton over (6) West Virginia
(3) Kansas over (14) North Dakota State
(7) Boston College over (10) USC
(2) Michigan State over (15) Robert Morris

Second Round
Louisville over Siena
Wake over Utah
Kansas over Dayton
Boston College over Michigan State

Sweet Sixteen
Louisville over Wake
Kansas over Boston College

Elite Eight
Louisville over Kansas

Midswest Region Winner: Louisville

West Region

1st Round
(1) Connecticut over (16) Chattanooga
(8) BYU over (9) Texas A&M
(12) Northern Iowa over (5) Purdue
(4) Washington over (13) Mississippi State
(11) Utah State over (6) Marquette
(3) Missouri over (14) Cornell
(10) Maryland over (7) Cal
(2) Memphis over (15) CS Northridge

2nd Round
UConn over BYU
Northern Iowa over Washington
Missouri over Utah State
Maryland over Memphis

Sweet Sixteen
UConn over Northern Iowa
Missouri over Maryland

Elite Eight
UConn over Missouri

West Regional Winner: UConn

East Region

1st Round
(1) Pitt over (16) ETSU
(9) Tennessee over (8) Oklahoma State
(5) Florida State over (12) Wisconsin
(12) Portland State over (4) Xavier
(11) VCU (6) UCLA
(3) Villanova (14) American
(10) Minnesota over (7) Texas
(15) Binghamton over (2) Duke

2nd Round
Pitt over Tennessee
Florida State over Portland State
Villanova over VCU
Minnesota over Binghamton

Sweet Sixteen
Pitt over Florida State
Villanova over Minnesota

Elite Eight
Villanova over Pittsbugh

East Regional Winner: Villanova

South Region
1st Round
(1) UNC over (16) Radford
(8) LSU over (9) Butler
(5) Illinois over (12) Western Kentucky
(4) Gonzaga over (13) Akron
(11) Temple over (6) Arizona State
(3) Syracuse over (14) Stephen F. Austin
(7) Clemson over (10) Michigan
(2) Oklahoma over (15) Morgan State

2nd Round
North Carolina over LSU
Gonzaga over Illinois
Syracuse over Temple
Oklahoma over Clemson

Sweet Sixteen
Gonzaga over North Carolina
Oklahoma over Syracuse

Elite Eight
Gonzaga over Oklahoma

South Regional Winner: Gonzaga

Final Four
Louisville over UConn
Villanova over Gonzaga

Thus leaving Louisville and Villanova. And the 2009 Division I Men's National Basketball Champion will be.......(scroll down)


(getting closer)

(almost there)


Update: Announcer Predictions:
Greensboro: Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg
Dayton: Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery
Philadelphia: Dick Enberg/Carter Blackburn and Jay Bilas
Portland: Gus Johnson and Len Elmore
Kansas City: Kevin Harlan and Dan Bonner
Miami: Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel
Minneapolis: Craig Bolerjack and Bob Wenzel
Boise: Tim Brando and Mike Gminski


  1. I picked both Villanova-Louisville to reach the finals too, with also L'Ville winning on my ESPN bracket challenge.

  2. All right, we agree! If you have not already, check out my announcer predictions.

  3. I got Nova over UConn in the final. BTW, it's the Worst Bracket In The World!

  4. BTW, there is a College Basketball Invitational in 2009 as well as the NIT and the Tourney. All in all, 128 teams will be dancing in four tourneys.

  5. Mr. Fein, you were three-for-eight on announcers.

    Greensboro - Nantz/Kellogg
    Philly - Blackburn (Afternoon)-Enberg (Nighttime and Round 2)/Bilas

    KC - Harlan/Bonner
    Portland, OR - Eagle/Sparnarkel
    Dayton - Crazy Uncle Vern/Raferty
    Miami, FL - Brando/Gminski
    Minneapolis - GuJo/Elmore
    Boise - Bolerjack/Wentzel

    Correct picks in BOLD.

  6. Actually, you hit .500. Harlan/Bonner was also right.

  7. you guys are idiots...those were the WORST picks ive ever seen haha hey can i see your bracket? i gotta take a dump


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