Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Eagles Continue To Mystify Me

So the Eagles just got rid of Brian Dawkins, their 35-year old Pro Bowl safety. It's time to bring someone into the defensive secondary, for after Quintin Mikell, our next starting safety is Quintin Demps, who based on his performance at safety last year, may not quite be ready. On the other side of things, the Eagles seem strong at corner with Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown the starters and Joselio Hanson, a proven nickelback and back-up cornerback. So naturally, with all that said above, the Eagles hosted 34-year old cornerback Shawn Springs for a visit. Seriously. 34-years old. Cornerback. From Bleed Eagles Green

The latest news from Eagleville is that CB Shawn Springs is in town for a visit. Big relief as I had thought the Eagles' invites to Free Agents were getting fire walled.

Springs, is it just a visit or is there a contract awaiting his signature? I guess time will tell. I guess time will also tell what this move truly means. Are there plans to move Sheldon to Safety? Are there plans to move Sheldon via trade? Are there doubts over the ability and progress of Jack Ikegwuonu? This fan is curious.
I really wish I was making this up. You get rid of your 35-year old Pro Bowl safety, and you bring in a 34-year old back up cornerback, a position that is not on a concern of the Eagles at all.

BEG does bring up a good question. Is the answer going to be to have Springs play full safety? Or will Sheldon Brown be moved? Or would it be Asante Samuel? Or will they throw some 5th round pick schmuck?

Look, I have nothing against Shawn Springs, I think he is a really good player and if the need at corner arised, I would love to have him on my team, but for goodness sakes, a 4th cornerback is not the Eagles' primary concern. Nor is it their tertiary concern. And if they are planning on moving someone to the full safety position, whomever he is, he better be ready to fill the shoes of one of the greatest Eagles of all time.

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