Friday, March 6, 2009

Illinois--Penn State 2 Was A Tad Bit More Interesting

I joked during the live blog about the boringness of this game and that I would not watch it, and man, am I kicking myself for not watching it. What a game in Happy Valley. Better yet, what an ending in Happy Valley. It was not, I repeat, it was NOT a 37-34 snoozefest (or whatever the score of that clusterfuck was). Instead it was, in all likelihood, the clincher for Penn State's first trip to the Big Dance since 2001. And boy, did it occur in dramatic fashion. Down by 10 at one point, the Nittany Lions rallied to give us this You Gotta See It To Believe It ending. Remember this is historically bad Penn State basketball at home against the #23 in the country. The video starts with the Illini up 1 with 8.4 seconds left and their forward, Mike Davis, shooting the front end of a 1-and-1.

Woot! Nova and Penn State are (most likely) going to the Big Dance! Now Penn State can't blow it in the Big 10 tourney. I'm not sure they need to win it, but in order to secure the bid, they should have a fairly impressive showing. Damn my stubborn refusal to watch boring Big 10 basketball at 9:00 at night!

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