Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allison Abbott Is Not A Fan Of March Madness

Now whenever there is a cult phenomenon in this country such as March Madness, there are bound to be detractors who do not follow the crowd. It's natural, it happens. Look at American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, for example. But I am not sure if I have ever seen an article so degrading and so mean-spirited to college sports than the one I just read. Meet Allison Abbott, a Sports Contributor. She does not like this March Madness of which we speak. And I was all set to just leave her opinion alone until I stumbled upon what may be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in a sports editorial.

Selections, stats, scores, schedules, and snores galore.

The word “bracketology” and the American public’s obsession with it makes me want to yawn and curl up in a corner somewhere. I cannot believe that grown human beings spend a month hunched over their desks at work writhing with excitement over a bitty piece of paper with some lines on it.

These drones log in every day to view their online bracket, they print out copies of their work bracket, they call their friends about their fantasy bracket. Honestly people, find another three-week hobby (might I suggest a jigsaw puzzle?).

And no, I will not join your office pool or help you think of a witty name for your bracket like “Members Only Bracket’” or “My Morning Bracket.” Go burn your $20 playing online poker somewhere and fetch me my pillow.

And the teams on these brackets … seriously? Who are these guys? Is anyone really rooting for Stephen F. Austin and Robert Morris? Are they even schools? Or are they just two dudes playing one-on-one? Is it a wrestling match?

And the athletes? Good grief they’re boring. Where’s the star? Where’s The Answer? Where’s Shaq Fu?

These college basketball guys are a herd of underwhelming cattle. No one stands out from the group … I need a star … screw it, I’ll say it: college basketball has too much team mentality. Plus, you know it’s bad when you’re less interested in the players and the game than you are in a fight between two mascots. Maybe that’s the reason why so few of these players actually get drafted into the NBA: The franchises are afraid too many of them will dull the American people into a sleep-induced coma.
"college basketball has too much team mentality."

Obviously she's entitled to her opinion about March Madness, and that's not what I am after, but to say that a sport has too much team mentality is one of the dumbest things I have ever read in a sports article. The team mentality is what makes the sport great and what makes you fall in love with some of these teams and the sport in general.

Going back to her comment though, hence the caption underneath the title of my blog.....Idicoy truly does have no limits!

March MadneZZZZZZ (

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