Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maybe The UFL Know What They Are Doing After All

I, like many, have pretty much laughed out loud at the notion of the United Football League (UFL). And I do not think I've made much of a secret about that on here. However, despite some of the idiotic things they are doing in going about this, they may actually be on to something. Could it be that Michael Vick may not play in the NFL this year, after all? Could it be that he goes to the UFL?

According to this article by Howard Balzer of Comcast.net (Comcast.net does not let me copy their article and I do not feel like typing a block quote), they are trying to persuade him to come to the UFL. The article also goes on to identify who the head coaches of each team will be (the official announcement is coming on Wednesday).

Las Vegas/Los Angeles: Jim Fassel
San Francisco/Sacramento: Dennis Green (I wonder who he thinks they are)
Orlando: Jim Haslett
New York/Hartford: Ted Cottrell

The biggest way to draw attention to yourselves and get people to watch is to bring in some big names, and that appears to be what the UFL is trying to do. If only I got Versus on campus, I might check it out. Then again, I'd tune in the first week to watch the trainwreck anyway, so that's not really saying much, I guess.

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