Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Links

TGIF, everyone! Here are some links that I think you should check out (especially #1, if you like bloggers tearing apart rich NFL franchise owners).

Joe Banner has some strange logic. (Russakoff Rules)

This just in: Brent Musburger is still drunk. (Awful Announcing)

The Eagles actually made a move at wide receiver! Okay, fine, it's just trading Greg Lewis to the Patriots. (ALL THINGS PHILLY SPORTS)

And now, some videos that you should check out.

A longer, better quality video of PSU's 2nd upset over the Illini.

Greg Paulus kissed a boy and he liked it!

And lastly, some classic March Madness finishes from the past few years!

Remember George Mason?

Love UCLA or hate them, their comeback win over Gonzaga was classic.

So, this is what it takes to get Jim Nantz excited!

I'll have more classic moments next Friday.

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