Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eagles Thinking Of Moving Up In The Draft?

Apparently that may just be the case. Seeing as the Eagles got their fullback in Leonard Weaver, there is no longer a great need to settle for Chris "Beanie" Wells, so with a multitude of draft picks and cap room, the Eagles could end up being the big wheelers and dealers at this NFL Draft.

The Eagles' two first-round selections will be the 21st and 28th overall.

"Throw in the 12 picks, and we can do anything we want," Heckert said. "We can probably get up as high as we want or we can sit there and pick who's there, but we have enough ammunition to do anything we want."

Heckert believes the Eagles may be able to forge their way into the top five if that's the direction they want to go, but trade discussions have not heated up.

Speculation that the Eagles will make an attempt to trade for Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin does not figure to go away any time soon. A league source said yesterday that the Cardinals plan to have another round of contract negotiations with Boldin's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, in the near future, and if they don't go well, the team may be willing to deal the unhappy wide receiver.

If the Eagles don't make a trade for Boldin or Cleveland's Braylon Edwards, who reportedly is also available for the right deal, they could use their combination of 12 picks to move up on draft day.
We'll see what's in the works come draft day! If the Eagles use Leonard Weaver right, there is no need to take a running back in the first round, but if he is just going to be blocking, then they might need to draft Beanie Wells and NOT Knowshon Moreno. The guy is a good running back no doubt about it, but he is just another Brian Westbrook and he does not have any skill set that Westbrook does not.

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